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Innovation in journalism: How technology affects the news media, publication formats, and the journalist profession

Leen d’Haenens, Wai Han Lo & Martin Moore

The role of affective teacher-student relationships in peer bullying and victimization: A meta-analysis

Isabel ten Bokkel, Hilde Colpin, Debora Roorda, Karine Verschueren & Marlies Maes
Preregistration for 'The role of affective teacher-student relationships in peer bullying and victimization: A meta-analysis'

The role of age in somatosensory attenuation

Konstantina Kilteni, Lili Timar, Xavier Job & Jean-Jacques Orban de Xivry
Self-generated touch feels less intense than externally generated touch and this phenomenon is called somatosensory attenuation. Though there is evidence to suggest that somatosensory attenuation increases with age (Wolpe et al., 2016; Parthasharathy et al., 2020), its relationship to deficits in somatosensation in older adults remains unclear. We will use a psychophysics force discrimination task (Bays et al., 2005; Kilteni et al., 2020) to quantify the somatosensory perception of both self-generated and externally generated touches...

Comparing news media reach: Exploring effects of asymmetric news media consumption

Heinz Bonfadelli, Valgerður Jóhannsdóttir, Lars Nord & Hanne Vandenberghe

Survey Replication on Beliefs Surrounding Child Sexual Abuse and Related Phenomena

Paulien Bauwens & Charlotte Bücken
The goal of the research is to look at students’ beliefs surrounding topics related to child sexual abuse, including false denials and recantations, and to replicate and extend the survey by McGuire & London (2017) from a US sample to Belgium and the Netherlands.

Investigating the effects of hope appeals in social media posts about mental health

Kathrin Karsay & Elien Beelen
Prior studies have shown that content related to mental health on social media is often positive, with a pronounced focus on hope (Lindgren & Johansson, 2021). Past research has shown that media stories focusing on hope and recovery from suicidal crises appear to have a beneficial effect on suicidal ideation among vulnerable individuals (Niederkrothenthaler et al., 2022). However, little is known about the effects of general hope appeals, sometimes also referred to as inspirational quotes,...

Is dry needling safe in stroke patients? A Scoping review protocol.

Iris Malfait
Spasticity is a common problem in stroke patients, 17-43% of stroke survivals are affected. Spasticity has a major impact on pain, functionality and QoL (Quality of live). Current therapies often have side effects or are insufficiently effective. There is an ongoing search for new, additional therapeutic options. In this regard, dry needling is also investigated as a potential treatment for post-stroke spasticity. However, can dry needling be safely applied in a population such as stroke...

Experiment LLERC18 - Reduction of cued fear expression with propranolol

Laura Luyten & Tom Beckers

Pressure to not feel bad among romantic partners: prevalence, context, emotional correlates, and relation with relational well-being

Otto Versyp
Within contemporary western society, being happy in itself is a goal many strive for. While being happy bears a considerable amount of benefits (Myers & Diener, 2018), research has indicated that this “pursuit of happiness” might not always be in our best interest. As it turns out, individuals who value happiness highly, and devalue experiencing negative emotions, seem to exhibit more depressive symptoms (Ford et al., 2014), higher values of loneliness (Maus et al., 2012),...


Sarah Kasran, Sean Hughes, Tom Beckers & Jan De Houwer

eDNA quantification to evaluate bullfrog management

Teun Everts, Charlotte Van Driessche, Sabrina Neyrinck, Nico De Regge, Sarah Descamps, Alain De Vocht, Hans Jacquemyn & Rein Brys
Biological invasions contribute now more than ever to the global homogenization of fauna and flora. Large-scale monitoring programs are therefore needed to detect incipient invasions and to evaluate management interventions. As conventional monitoring methods are constrained by large costs, environmental DNA (eDNA)-based methods are increasingly recognized as valuable monitoring tools. However, accurately estimating species abundance from eDNA concentrations in natural systems remains challenging and consequently hinders their integration in management applications. Here, we used droplet...

First language effects on incidental vocabulary learning through bimodal input: A multisite, preregistered, and close replication of Malone (2018)

Ryo Maie, Bronson Hui, Yingzhao Chen, Jianwu Gao, Benjamin Kremmel, Shuang Ma, Eva Puimège & John Rogers

PhD - Onderdeel 1: Oxytocin, state trust and SBS

Bien Cuyvers, Guy Bosmans & Marinus van IJzendoorn
With this research, we want to test the role of oxytocin and cortisol release and state trust increase in Secure Base Script development. This, we will do through four research questions: 1) Does maternal care after distress decrease the release of cortisol in the child? 2) Does maternal care after distress increase the release of oxytocin in the child? 3) Does maternal care after distress increase state trust in the child? 4) Does trait attachment...

Genetic composition and diversity of Arabica coffee in the crop’s center of origin and its impact on four major fungal diseases

Beyene Hailu & Yves Bawin
Conventional wisdom states that genetic variation reduces disease levels in plant populations. Nevertheless, crop species have been subject to a gradual loss of genetic variation through selection for specific traits during breeding, thereby increasing their vulnerability to biotic stresses such as pathogens. We explored how genetic variation in Arabica coffee sites in southwestern Ethiopia was related to the incidence of four major fungal diseases. Sixty sites were selected along a gradient of management intensity, ranging...

Identified or conflicted: a latent class and regression tree analysis explaining how identity constructs cluster within smokers

E. Meijer, W. A. Gebhardt, C. van Laar, N. H. Chavannes & B. van den Putte
Abstract Identity, or ‘who I am’, is important for smoking behaviour. Identity constructs (parts of a person’s identity) are typically examined as separate entities, but emerging evidence suggests that the multifaceted nature of identity is relevant in the context of smoking. This cross-sectional study examined how smoking-related self- and group-identity constructs cluster within adult daily smokers (N = 231), whether classes of smokers can be distinguished based on clusters of identity constructs, and which factors...

Adverse events of iron and/or erythropoiesis-stimulating agent therapy in preoperatively anemic elective surgery patients: a systematic review

Jorien Laermans, Hans Van Remoortel, Bert Avau, Geertruida Bekkering, Jørgen Georgsen, Paola Maria Manzini, Patrick Meybohm, Yves Ozier, Emmy De Buck, Veerle Compernolle & Philippe Vandekerckhove
Abstract Background Iron supplementation and erythropoiesis-stimulating agent (ESA) administration represent the hallmark therapies in preoperative anemia treatment, as reflected in a set of evidence-based treatment recommendations made during the 2018 International Consensus Conference on Patient Blood Management. However, little is known about the safety of these therapies. This systematic review investigated the occurrence of adverse events (AEs) during or after treatment with iron and/or ESAs. Methods Five databases (The Cochrane Library, MEDLINE, Embase, Transfusion Evidence...

Additional file 1 of COVID-19 surveillance in the Flemish school system: development of systematic data collection within the public health school system and descriptive analysis of cases reported between October 2020 and June 2021

Joanna Merckx, Jonas Crèvecoeur, Kristiaan Proesmans, Naïma Hammami, Hilde Denys & Niel Hens
Additional file 1: Supplement Figure 1. Flow chart Surveillance network and Study sample. Supplement Figure 2. Surveillance system data flow and components. Supplement Figure 3. Relative difference in reported COVID-19 cases per week per 100,000 by grade relative to grade 7–8. Supplement Figure 4. Evolution number of confirmed SARS-CoV-2 PCR and antigen tests (left Y-axis) and positive tests (right Y-axis) in children 6-18 years old and in adults 19-79 years old in Flanders. Supplement Figure...

Additional file 1 of Influence of experience on dental implant placement: an in vitro comparison of freehand, static guided and dynamic navigation approaches

Xiaotong Wang, Eman Shaheen, Sohaib Shujaat, Jan Meeus, Paul Legrand, Pierre Lahoud, Maurício do Nascimento Gerhardt, Constantinus Politis & Reinhilde Jacobs
Additional file 1: Questionnaire for evaluating practitioner’s self-confidence.

Additional file 1 of Risk factors of in-home unintentional injuries among 0-6-year-old children in Changsha city of China: a cross-sectional survey based on Bronfenbrenner’s ecological system theory

Yihan Ma, Juan Song, Ming Hu, Rusi Yang & Panzi Yang
Additional file 1: Supplementary Table 1. Standardized factor loading for latent variables in the measurement model. Supplementary Table 2. AVE, correlations, and squared correlations of the latent variables. Supplementary Table 3. Fit values of each latent variable in the measurement model. Supplementary Table 4. The indirect, direct, and total effects of parental supervision and home environmental risks on IUIs.


Elisabeth Dewispelaere
A scoping review is an important tool to summarize existing evidence about a specific topic and define evidence gaps, for which future research is needed. The scoping review will be made, using the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses extension for Scoping Reviews (PRISMA-ScR) Checklist. Varenicline (Shampix°) is a partial agonist of the nicotine acetylcholine receptor (NAchR). It is one of the most widely used drugs for smoking cessation worldwide. However, it was...


Sarah Kasran, Sean Hughes, Tom Beckers & Jan De Houwer


Sarah Kasran, Sean Hughes, Tom Beckers & Jan De Houwer


Eline Van Geert & Johan Wagemans

The effect of teacher-student interaction on primary school children's working memory performance: A microtrial study

Simona Sankalaite, Mariette Huizinga, saskia van der oord & Dieter Baeyens
Executive functions (EF) are fundamental for children's learning, school functioning and academic achievement (Huizinga et al., 2018; for a review see Cortés Pascual, Moyano Muñoz, & Quílez Robres, 2019). However, working memory (WM) – the ability to temporarily store, update and manipulate information is considered to be the most predictive (out of all EF subcomponents) of academic performance, especially in domains of reading, writing, and mathematics (Fanari, Meloni, & Massidda, 2019; for a meta-analysis see...

Additional file 2 of Parental genomes segregate into distinct blastomeres during multipolar zygotic divisions leading to mixoploid and chimeric blastocysts

Tine De Coster, Heleen Masset, Olga Tšuiko, Maaike Catteeuw, Yan Zhao, Nicolas Dierckxsens, Ainhoa Larreategui Aparicio, Eftychia Dimitriadou, Sophie Debrock, Karen Peeraer, Marta de Ruijter-Villani, Katrien Smits, Ann Van Soom & Joris Robert Vermeesch
Additional file 2: Figure S2. Analysis of blastomeres following multipolar zygotic division. A) Interpretation of haplarithm plots. Overview of chromosome-wise haplarithm patterns for distinct genomic constitutions (i.e. biparental disomy, paternal monosomy and paternal meiotic/dispermic uniparental heterodisomy). Corresponding whole-genome errors (i.e. biparental diploid or androgenetic) are characterized by the manifestation of those patterns throughout the (majority of the) genome. Defined single-cell BAF values of the segmented P1, P2, M1 and M2, form haplotype blocks, demarcated by...

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