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К вопросу о влиянии уголовно-процессуального законодательства на эффективность реализации уголовной ответственности

Петр Леонидович Сурихин & Лариса Александровна Попова
В статье на основе междисциплинарного подхода рассмотрены проблемы повышения эффективности уголовного закона с позиции реализации положений Уголовно-процессуального кодекса Российской Федерации (УПК РФ) в процессе привлечения лица к уголовной ответственности, влияние норм УПК РФ, обеспечивающих реализацию положений Уголовного кодекса Российской Федерации (УК РФ), на решение задач, стоящих перед уголовным законодательством России.

Analysis of seismic waves excited in near-surface soils by means of the electromagnetic pulse source \"Yenisei\"

V.M. Sadovskii, O.V. Sadovskaya & E.A. Efimov
The northern territories of Eastern Siberia are characterized by a permafrost-taiga structure of the surface layer of soil, which reduces the efficiency of geological exploration using seismic sources of explosive and vibratory types. Therefore, Geotech Holding Company developed a special eco-friendly electromagnetic pulse source "Yenisei", which seismic waves are the subject of analysis using high-performance computing in this paper. Computational technology, worked out previously for solving the problems of the dynamics of viscoelastic, elastic-plastic, granular...

The compatibility of deformation of the hollow-core slab with beams

Alexander Koyankin, Valery Mitasov & Sergey Deordiev
The features of deformation of the key joint of a hollow core slab with precast-monolithic (monolithic) beam of a frame constructive system, including the Saret series. Experimental studies have been performed and numerical research of the stress-strain state of the slab and beam precast monolithic frame joint are carried out. Based on the obtained data, a comparative analysis of the results of numerical studies with experimental research has been performed, which showed a satisfactory convergence...

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