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Phylogenetically diverse diets favor more complex venoms in North American pitvipers

Matthew Holding & Christopher Parkinson
The role of natural selection in the evolution of trait complexity can be characterized by testing hypothesized links between complex forms and their functions across species. Predatory venoms are traits composed of multiple proteins that collectively function to incapacitate prey. Venom complexity fluctuates considerably over evolutionary timescales, with apparent increases and decreases in complexity, yet the evolutionary causes of this variation is unclear. Here, we tested alternative hypotheses for the link between venom complexity and...

Individual variation in marine larval-fish swimming speed and the emergence of dispersal kernels

Scott Burgess, Michael Bode, Jeffrey Leis & Luciano Mason
Dispersal emerges as a consequence of how an individual’s phenotype interacts with the environment. Not all dispersing individuals have the same phenotype, and variation among individuals can generate complex variation in the distribution of dispersal distances and directions. While active locomotion performance is an obvious candidate for a dispersal phenotype, its effects on dispersal are difficult to measure or predict, especially in small organisms dispersing in wind or currents. Therefore, we analyzed the effects of...

P15998_Reactivity of Triplet Excited States of Dissolved Natural Organic Matter in Stormflow from Mixed-Use Watersheds

Amy Mckenna
Dissolved organic matter (DOM) quantity and composition control the rate of formation (Rf,T) of triplet excited states of dissolved natural organic matter (3DOM*) and the efficiency of 3DOM* formation (the apparent quantum yield, AQYT). Here, the reactivity of 3DOM* in stormflow samples collected from watersheds with variable land covers is examined. Stormflow DOM reflects variability in DOM quantity and composition as a function of land cover and may be important in controlling the fate of...

The rose-colored glasses of fake news: The impacts of prior attitudes and information cues on people’s evaluation of “color-blind” university admissions policies

Dongfang Gaozhao & Daniel Fay
This study investigates how correct and incorrect performance information influence individuals’ beliefs about merit-based and affirmative action college admissions policies, and how each policy is related to the perceived performance and equity of elite public universities. The implications of this study inform a general understanding of how genuine and false information in combination with individuals’ existing views influences their perceptions of institutional policies and performance.

Public Documents

Sherry Lake, Susan Parham, Jennifer Doty, Renaine Julian, Ximin Mi, Joel Herndon, Mandy Swygart-Hobaugh, Nick Ruhs & Ximin Mi
Symposium Logo, 2018 Slide Deck & Group Discussion documentation

P14672_Organic Coating on Biochar Explains its Nutrient Retention and Stimulation of Soil Fertility

Amy Mckenna, Robert Young & Thomas Borch

P14963_Structural Characterization of Natural Nickel and Copper Binding Ligands along the US GEOTRACES Eastern Pacific Zonal Transect

Amy Mckenna & Rene boiteau
Organic ligands form strong complexes with many trace elements in seawater. Various metals can compete for the same ligand chelation sites, and the final speciation of bound metals is determined by relative binding affinities, concentrations of binding sites, uncomplexed metal concentrations, and association/dissociation kinetics. Different ligands have a wide range of metal affinities and specificities. However, the chemical composition of these ligands in the marine environment remains poorly constrained, which has hindered progress in modeling...

P14740_Adsorptive Fractionation of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) by Mineral Soil: Macroscale Approach and Molecular Insight

Amy Mckenna, Robert Young & Thomas Borch

P14973_Hydrocarbons to Carboxyl-Rich Alicyclic Molecules: A Continuum Model to Describe Biodegradation of Petroleum-Derived Dissolved Organic Matter in Contaminated Groundwater Plumes

Amy Mckenna, Robert Spencer & David Podgorski
Relationships between dissolved organic matter (DOM) reactivity and chemical composition in a groundwater plume containing petroleum-derived DOM (DOMHC) were examined by quantitative and qualitative measure-ments to determine the source and chemical composition of the compounds that persist downgradient. Samples were collected from a transect down the core of the plume in the direction of groundwater flow. An exponential decrease in dissolved organic carbon concentration resulting from biodegradation along the transect correlated with a continuous shift...

Examining the Relationship Between Teacher Math-Gender Stereotypes and Students’ Math Outcomes

Rachel Conlon & Colleen Ganley
Common stereotypes contend that boys have more natural ability and interest in math, which may contribute to the underrepresentation of women in some STEM fields. Research suggests that many teachers endorse these stereotypes to some extent. These stereotypes have the potential to be transferred to their students over the school year, which may impact math self-concept and achievement, particularly in girls. In a sample of approximately 2200 Kindergarten through 3rd grade students and their 225...

Causatives - Lemma Cause - Made - Because (as Between-Subject Design)

Kevin Reuter, Shaun Nichols, Justin Sytsma, Pascale Willemsen, John Schwenkler, Eric Sievers & Lavaris McCellion
Using the cancellability test, we investigate the relation between responsibility and four different ways of expressing causal relations: (a) through the use of the lemma 'cause', (b) through the use of causatives like 'crack', (c) through the use of 'made + causative' like made something crack, and (d) through the use of 'because'.

P17817_Data for Pan-Arctic riverine dissolved organic matter: Synchronous molecular stability, shifting sources and subsidies

Megan Behnke, Robert Spencer & Amy Mckenna

P19124_Plastic formulation is an emerging control of its photochemical fate in the ocean

Amy Mckenna, Collin Ward & Sydney Niles

P11461_21 Tesla FT-ICR Mass Spectrometer for Ultrahigh-Resolution Analysis of Complex Organic Mixtures

Amy Mckenna & Greg Blakney

P14799_Combating selective ionization in the high resolution mass spectral characterization of complex mixtures

Amy Mckenna, Martha Chacon-Patino, Sydney Niles & Ryan Rodgers

De-stereotyping in Public Performance Information (Study 2a)

Yixin Liu & Chengxin Xu
We study solution of reducing stereotyping in public performance perception.

P16113_ Identifying the Molecular Signatures of Agricultural Expansion in Amazonian Headwater Streams

Amy Mckenna & David Podgorski

Social Identity and Political Donation: An Experimental Study

Karen Cyphers, Hans Hassell & Kai Ou
Political donations are an essential part of politics, yet political donors are a small and unrepresentative slice of the American electorate. In the proposed study we will conduct a natural field experiment to examine causal relationships between well-defined stimuli and individual political donations.

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