Data from: Towards a better understanding of the Chenopodium album aggregate (Amaranthaceae) in the Middle East: a karyological, cytometric and morphometric investigation

Farzaneh Habibi, Petr Vit, Mohammadreza Rahiminejad & Bohumil Mandak
The study of variation in nuclear genome size, especially when combined with common garden experiments, significantly contributes to disentangling interspecies relationships within taxonomically complicated plant groups. The Chenopodium album aggregate is among the morphologically most variable groups and consists of many weakly differentiated cosmopolitan entities. We analysed nuclear genome size variation in diploid and polyploid species of the aggregate from Iran using flow cytometry of 282 accessions from 88 populations of 7 species. To this...

Registration Year

  • 2018

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  • Dataset


  • Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
  • University of Isfahan