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Data from: Positive species diversity and above-ground biomass relationships are ubiquitous across forest strata despite interference from overstorey trees

Yu Zhang, Han Y. H. Chen & Anthony R. Taylor
There is growing concern over rates of global species diversity loss and its implications on healthy ecosystem functioning. While positive relationships between tree species diversity and forest biomass production have been observed, forests are structurally complex, consisting of understorey vegetation layers that also contribute to ecosystem functioning as they often account for the majority of species richness. However, relationships between understorey vegetation diversity and function are largely unexplored. Further, few studies have simultaneously assessed how...

Data from: Ten-year responses of ground-dwelling spiders to retention harvest in the boreal forest

Jaime Pinzon, John R. Spence, David W. Langor & David P. Shorthouse
The Ecosystem Management Emulating Natural Disturbances (EMEND) project tests the hypothesis that varying levels of green tree retention maintain and retain forest biodiversity better than conventional clear-cutting. We studied epigaeic spiders to assess biodiversity changes two, five and ten years following a range of partial retention harvests (clear-cut, 10-75% retention) and unharvested controls in four boreal mixedwood cover-types. A total of 56, 371 adult spiders representing 220 species was collected using pitfall traps. Lasting effects...

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  • 2016

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