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Data from: Demography and speciation history of the homoploid hybrid pine Pinus densata on the Tibetan Plateau

Jie Gao, Baosheng Wang, Jian-Feng Mao, Pär Ingvarsson, Qing-Ying Zeng & Xiao-Ru Wang
Pinus densata is an ecologically successful homoploid hybrid that inhabits vast areas of heterogeneous terrain on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau as a result of multiple waves of colonization. Its region of origin, route of colonization onto the plateau and the directions of introgression with its parental species have previously been defined, but little is known about the isolation and divergence history of its populations. In this study, we surveyed nucleotide polymorphism over eight nuclear loci...

Data from: Influence of asymmetrical mating patterns and male reproductive success on the maintenance of sexual polymorphism in Acer pictum subsp. mono (Aceraceae)

Hui Shang, Yi-Bo Luo & Wei-Ning Bai
Populations of Acer species often contain more than three sexual phenotypes with very complex sexual polymorphism such as duodichogamy, protandry, and protogyny. We investigated whether mating patterns and male reproductive success are important factors that maintain sexual polymorphism in Acer. Paternity analyses were used to estimate rates of outcrossing and disassortative mating, as well as male reproductive success, in Acer pictum subsp. mono. A pollen-transfer model was modified to investigate whether the unequal ratios of...

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  • 2012

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