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GreyGuide, GreyNet’s web access portal and lobby for change in Grey Literature

Dominic Farace, Jerry Frantzen, stefania biagioni, Carlo Carlesi, Roberto Ponti & Christiane Stock
In December 2013, the GreyGuide was formerly launched as an online forum and repository of good practice in grey literature. The project partners then turned to the acquisition of both proposed and published good practices. During this same timeframe, GreyNet – one of the project partners – welcomed far reaching developments in its infrastructure. Three new committees were established alongside its Program Committee in line with GreyNet’s fourfold mission dedicated to research, publication, open access,...

Semantic Query Analysis from the Global Science Gateway

SARA GOGGI, Pardelli Gabriella, Roberto Bartolini, MONICA MONACHINI, stefania biagioni & Carlo Carlesi
Nowadays web portals play an essential role in searching and retrieving information in the several fields of knowledge: they are ever more technologically advanced and designed for supporting the storage of a huge amount of information in natural language originating from the queries launched by users worldwide. Given this scenario, we focused on building a corpus constituted by the query logs registered by the GreyGuide: Repository and Portal to Good Practices and Resources in Grey...

GreyGuide - Guide to Good Practice in Grey Literature: A Community Driven Open Resource Project

Stefania Biagioni, Carlo Carlesi, Joachim Schopfel, Dominic Farace & Jerry Frantzen
The goal of this project is to develop an open source repository of good practices in the field of grey literature. That which originated in monographic form will now open and expand to include content from the global grey literature community. Such practices will range from the production and processing of grey literature through to its distribution, uses, and preservation. The repository will contain guidelines such as those in handling theses and dissertations, how to...

Leveraging Grey Literature – Capitalizing on Value and the Return on Investment: A Cumulative Case Study

Dominic Farace, Jerry Frantzen, stefania biagioni, Carlo Carlesi & Christiane Stock

Policy Development for Grey Literature Resources: An Assessment of the Pisa Declaration

Dobrica Savic, Dominic Farace, Jerry Frantzen, Stefania Biagioni, Carlo Carlesi, Herbert Gruttemeier & Christiane Stock

Mapping Italian Grey Communities. What is there beyond the Academy?

Silvia Giannini, stefania biagioni, SARA GOGGI & Pardelli Gabriella
The following title was published on an influential Italian newspaper, La Stampa, on November 7, 2013. “Tra i tesori della ‘Letteratura Grigia’ un’Eneide in napoletano del ‘600”. The article is about the presentation of the “Fondo De Mauro” on the Italian Network of Popular Culture: this fund originates from a private collection built up in several decades and donated to the Network by Tullio De Mauro and his wife Silvana Ferreri in 2011; it is...

A Social Networking Research Environment for Scientific Data Sharing: The D4Science Offering

Massimiliano Assante, Leonardo Candela, Donatella Castelli & Pasquale Pagano
Modern science calls for innovative practices to facilitate research collaborations that span institutions, disciplines, and countries. Scientists and practitioners are called to produce enhanced forms of scientific communication thus to make it possible for others to identify errors, to support, reject or refine theories and to reuse data for further understanding and knowledge. This scenario can benefit a lot from Internet-based services aiming at providing individual users having at their disposal scarce resources with interaction-oriented...

Grey Literature citations in the age of Digital Repositories and Open Access

Silvia Giannini, stefania biagioni, SARA GOGGI & Pardelli Gabriella

The data librarian: myth, reality or utopia?

Silvia Giannini & ANNA MOLINO
The emergence of e-science and e-research has opened new paths and trends in scholarly communication and management. In the academic environment, the need for opening research products to a wider audience has become increasingly urgent. In this perspective, the Open Science (OS) movement is growing considerably in academia and among scientists worldwide. Two fundamental aspects of OS are the Open Access (OA) to scientific publication and the possibility of discovery, sharing and exploit the data...

A terminological “journey” in the Grey Literature domain

Roberto Bartolini, Pardelli Gabriella, SARA GOGGI, Silvia Giannini & stefania biagioni

Grey Literature in European Commission Projects

SARA GOGGI, Pardelli Gabriella, Silvia Giannini & stefania biagioni
The survey is focused on the documentation produced by the European Commission (EC) projects involved in the Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (hereafter FP7) and managed by the Italian National Research Council (hereafter CNR). In particular, the Grey Literature (GL) available on CORDIS1 and European Projects websites was analysed. In order to verify how it is managed and whether it is compliant with EC recommendations, some categories were introduced to identify, measure and...

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