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Data from: Landscape complexity promotes resilience of biological pest control to climate change

Benjamin Feit, Nico Blüthgen, Eirini Daouti, Cory Straub, Michael Traugott & Mattias Jonsson
Increased climate variability as a result of anthropogenic climate change can threaten the functioning of ecosystem services. However, diverse responses to climate change among species (response diversity) can provide ecosystems with resilience to this growing threat. Measuring and managing response diversity and resilience to global change are key ecological challenges. Here, we develop a novel index of climate resilience of ecosystem services, exemplified by calculating the thermal resilience of predator communities providing biological pest control....

Towards a sediment budget of Permo-Triassic successions in the Central European Basin - implications for terrestrial perturbations around the Permian-Triassic Boundary (PTB)

Maryam Mansouri & Matthias Hinderer
Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany

For the first time, we quantified the erosional pulse around the Permian-Triassic Boundary (PTB) over an entire sedimentary basin. Our GIS-based analysis relies on basin-wide homogenized seismic, sedimentary and stratigraphic data of the Petroleum Geological Atlas of the Southern Permian Basin. We calculated sediment volumes, sediment fluxes and sedimentation rates (SR) averaged over the entire basin from isopach maps of the Rotliegend, the Zechstein, the Lower, Middle and Upper...


Charlotte Cochard & Torsten Granzow

Datenschutz und informationelle Selbstbestimmung in der Schule

Franco Rau, Britta Galanamatis, Lars Gerber, Petra Grell, Johannes Konert, Kathrin Rheinländer & Daniel Scholl
Datenschutz und informationelle Selbstbestimmung sind Bestandteile aktueller Leitbilder einer Digitalen Bildung in der Schule. Im Kontext der Schulschließungen und der vorrangigen Nutzung digitaler Medien zeigte sich jedoch, dass Datenschutz weder als Thema noch als Gestaltungsprinzip digitaler Lernumgebungen in der bildungsadministrativen und pädagogisch-praktischen Schulwirklichkeit systematisch verankert ist. Die Diskrepanz zwischen aktuellen Leitbildern einer digitalen Bildung und der sichtbar problematischen Praxis des digitalen Notfalldistanzunterrichts markiert den Ausgangspunkt des Beitrages, der sich der übergeordneten Frage widmet, welche Herausforderungen...

Deep geothermal potentials of Hesse as derived from geological 3D models and thermo-hydraulic simulations

Nora Koltzer, Judith Bott, Kristian Bär, Maximilian Frick, Mauro Cacace & Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth
GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences (1), Germany; TU Darmstadt (2)

Geothermal power plants require reservoirs of high temperature, high flow rates and sustainable recharge. Typically, there is a trade-off between increasing temperatures and decreasing fluid availability (due to pore space limitations) with depth. Predictions of the working conditions in reservoir formations at greater depth are challenging due to uncertainties in the underlying geology and because of the complex interaction of heat and fluid...

5G in der Industrie

Jürgen Fleischer, Albert Albers, Reiner Anderl & Jan Aurich
Der neue Mobilfunkstandard der fünften Generation (5G) bietet weitreichende Potenziale für die deutsche Wirtschaft. Wertschöpfungsnetzwerke können sich einfacher austauschen und rücken damit näher zusammen. Insbesondere die Industrie profitiert durch den Einsatz von 5G. Prozesse können leichter digitalisiert und flexibler gestaltet werden, das Arbeiten wird mobiler und durch den Einsatz von augmentierter und virtueller Realität effizienter. 5G vereinfacht die Vernetzung von Geräten und Maschinen und damit die Erfassung von Daten und ihre Auswertung mithilfe von künstlicher...

Infinity: Divine Paradigm

Chandrima Christiansen
“In the Beginning was the Word” provides the biblical reference to the word ‘Word,’ and ‘Infinity’ touches upon the traditional philosophical conventions that refer to God as the ‘Infinite’ and the creations of God as the ‘finites.’ Infinity as a technical artefact, engages the mind with its abstractness and metaphorical rendition as in Basic Metaphor of Infinity (BMI), but also with its concreteness as in programming, modelling and topography. ‘Infinity’ as a concept and as...

How scarce is our water? An analysis of the present and future world water situation

Randolf Rausch
Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany

If you look at the media, you come across new horror stories about water almost every day. Experts warn of a life-threatening global water crisis. Reports of droughts, wars for water, poisoned water and the end of our water resources are fuelling fears to die of thirst or of running out of water. How realistic is this news? Is this the truth or is this information the typical hype...

First and Last Things: The Signatures of Visualization-Artists

Alfred Nordmann
Nanotechnology began for real when Don Eigler and Erhard Schweizer used 35 xenon-atoms to spell the name of their sponsor “IBM.” The resulting image has since been called “The Beginning” and, indeed, physical processes at the molecular level have since been used countless times to write the names of laboratories and sponsors and sometimes logos (including, of course, the White House and the American Flag). Indeed, when we conquer new territory, we tend to mark...

Pflanzengesellschaft des Jahres 2021: Hartholz-Auenwald (Ficario-Ulmetum)

Werner Härdtle, Erwin Bergmeier, Andreas Fichtner, Thilo Heinken, Norbert Hölzel, Dominique Remy, Simone Schneider, Angelika Schwabe, Sabine Tischew & Hartmut Dierschke
Hardwood floodplain forests (Ficario-Ulmetum, Syn.: Querco-Ulmetum), being amongst the most endangered plant communities in Germany, have been selected as ‘Plant community of the year 2021’ by the Floristisch-soziologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft. Hardwood floodplain forests are temperate low-land broad-leaved forest ecosystems typical of extensive river valleys. In Central Europe, stands represent biodiversity hotspots for woody species (as habitats for rare tree species such as Ulmus laevis and Populus nigra), but also host numerous fungi and animal species typical...

In the Beginning was the Word

Alfred Nordmann & Daria Bylieva
The problem of modernity haunts the Western tradition of philosophy and moves us from disenchantment and disempowerment of the word to its reenchantment. If critical reasoning exorcised the magic power of the word, technological achievements of control reinstated it. More straightforwardly, perhaps, Russian thought traditionally viewed the word as a "technical" or "magical" artifact capable of changing the world. In the beginning was God‘s word but are also the words which open the world of...

Ackerwildkraut-Vegetation der Kalkäcker (Caucalidion): Pflanzengesellschaft des Jahres 2022

Erwin Bergmeier, Stefan Meyer, Fionn Pape, Hartmut Dierschke, Werner Härdtle, Thilo Heinken, Norbert Hölzel, Dominique Remy, Angelika Schwabe, Sabine Tischew & Simone Schneider
Als Pflanzengesellschaft des Jahres 2022 ist die Ackerwildkraut-Vegetation der Kalkäcker, der Ver- band Caucalidion, ausgewählt worden. In diesem Übersichtsartikel stellen wir den Verband vor und betrachten dabei seine Artenzusammensetzung und -diversität, Verbreitung, standörtliche und pflanzen- soziologische Variabilität, das Ökosystem „Kalkacker”, die früher und heute wirksamen Faktoren des Ackerbaus und die Ursachen des massiven Rückgangs in den letzten Jahrzehnten. Schließlich beleuch- ten wir Optionen zur Erhaltung und Wiederherstellung artenreicher Caucalidion-Vegetation und der von ihnen abhängigen Lebensgemeinschaften....

Rapid ant community re-assembly in a Neotropical forest: recovery dynamics and land-use legacy

Philipp Hoenle, David Donoso, Adriana Argoti, Michael Staab, Christoph Von Beeren & Nico Blüthgen
Regrowing secondary forests dominate tropical regions today, and a mechanistic understanding of their recovery dynamics provides important insights for conservation. In particular, land-use legacy effects on the fauna have rarely been investigated. One of the most ecologically dominant and functionally important animal groups in tropical forests are ants. Here, we investigated the recovery of ant communities in a forest – agricultural habitat mosaic in the Ecuadorian Chocó region. We used a replicated chronosequence of previously...

Politics of Usernames

Matthias Hess
We interact with usernames every day to communicate on the Internet. We are so familiar with this practice that it seems banal and we therefore fail to see the political implications associated with it. This article aims to help uncover this political dimension of the username. At first, the article follows the argumentation of two texts by Jacques Derrida, from where I establish a connection between the phenomena of proper names and usernames. Derrida deconstructed...

Learning Analytics Anwendungen für den Hochschuleinsatz

Tim Steuer, Oliver Herrmann, Christoph Rensing & Hendrik Drachsler

Stabian Baths in Pompeii. New Research on the Archaic Defenses of the City

Mark Robinson, Monika Trümper, Clemens Brünenberg, Jens-Arne Dickmann, Domenico Esposito, Antonio F. Ferrandes, Giacomo Pardini, Alessandra Pegurri & Christoph Rummel
The plan of the Archaic city of Pompeii and the existence of a distinct walled Altstadt have been much debated in scholarship. The area of the Stabian Baths plays a key role in this debate. Based on a series of excavations in the palaestra of the baths, Heinrich Sulze (1940) and particularly Hans Eschebach (1970s) reconstructed a defensive wall and parallel ditch in this area. Eschebach also identified an Archaic street and city gate in...

Plurilingual School and University Curricula

Schlabach Joachim & Britta Hufeisen
This contribution introduces plurilingual curricula as a development tool geared both to linking up the curricula of individual languages and fostering cross-linkages between language and content subject curricula. This approach represents a solid fundament for tertiary language didactics and can also supply a common foundation for school and university language learning policies and relevant school-university cooperation projects. The principle underlying (genuinely!) plurilingual university courses based on research and featuring a doubly multilingual didactic approach is...

Processed line aerogravity data from the FISS 2016 surveys covering the Filchner and Halley Ice Shelves, and the English Coast (western Palmer Land), West Antarctica (2016/2017)

David Becker, Tom Jordan, Carl Robinson & Hugh Corr
Three separate airborne radar surveys were flown during the austral summer of 2016/17 over the Filchner Ice Shelf and Halley Ice Shelf (West Antarctica), and over the outlet glacier flows of the English Coast (western Palmer Land, Antarctic Peninsula) during the Filchner Ice Shelf System (FISS) project. This project was a NERC-funded (grant reference number: NE/L013770/1) collaborative initiative between the British Antarctic Survey, the National Oceanography Centre, the Met Office Hadley Centre, University College London,...

Teaching English as a Language for Mechanical Engineering

Eduard Krylov, Liudmila Khalyapina & Alfred Nordmann
Engineering education usually includes the acquisition of a foreign language for a transnational professional discourse. Engineering education also involves the acquisition of competencies to compose functional technical systems from component parts. This paper provides a conceptual and empirical exploration of a synergistic effect between these two learning processes. It proposes that engineering education draw upon and incorporates this synergy. A pilot training course confirms that this leads to a faster development of the overall engineering...

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