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Laser-driven metal alteration for glucose detection sensor

A. Kondrateva, V. Babyuk, D. Strekalovskaya, L. Filatov, P. Gabdullin, O. Kvashenkina, Y. Prokopenko, A. Gruzdev, K. Petruhno & A. Kuznetsov
In this work, an experimental comparison of the laser-driven alteration of nickel, copper, and steel surface efficiency was carried out. The selection of the material most suitable for non-enzymatic measurement of the glucose amount in the medium was carried with respect to surface modification efficiency. The electrooxidative activity of the fabricated structures with a modified surface was investigated with respect to the glucose addition to a 0.1 M solution NaOH by potentiostatic method. The modified...

Data from: Expanding the described metabolome of the marine cyanobacterium Moorea producens JHB through orthogonal natural products workflows

Paul D. Boudreau, Emily A. Monroe, Suneet Mehrotra, Shane Desfor, Anton Korobeynikov, David H. Sherman, Thomas F. Murray, Lena Gerwick, Pieter C. Dorrestein & William H. Gerwick
Moorea producens JHB, a Jamaican strain of tropical filamentous marine cyanobacteria, has been extensively studied by traditional natural products techniques. These previous bioassay and structure guided isolations led to the discovery of two exciting classes of natural products, hectochlorin (1) and jamaicamides A (2) and B (3). In the current study, mass spectrometry-based ‘molecular networking’ was used to visualize the metabolome of Moorea producens JHB, and both guided and enhanced the isolation workflow, revealing additional...

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