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Data from: Forests as promoters of terrestrial life history strategies in East African amphibians

Hendrik Müller, Michele Menegon, Jan Beck, Liliana Ballesteros-Mejia, Peter Nagel, Simon P. Loader & H. Christoph Liedtke
Many amphibian lineages show terrestrialization of their reproductive strategy and breeding is partially or completely independent of water. A number of causal factors have been proposed for the evolution of terrestrialized breeding. While predation has received repeated attention as a potential factor, the influence of others such as habitat has never been tested using appropriate data or methods. Using a dataset that comprises 180 amphibian species from various East African habitats, we tested whether species...

Data from: Linking the evolution of body shape and locomotor biomechanics in bird-line archosaurs

Vivian Allen, Karl T. Bates, Zhiheng Li & John R. Hutchinson
Locomotion in living birds (Neornithes) has two remarkable features: feather-assisted flight, and the use of unusually crouched hindlimbs for bipedal support and movement. When and how these defining functional traits evolved remains controversial. However, the advent of computer modelling approaches and the discoveries of exceptionally preserved key specimens now make it possible to use quantitative data on whole-body morphology to address the biomechanics underlying this issue. Here we use digital body reconstructions to quantify evolutionary...

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  • 2013

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