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Multituberculate mammals from the Middle Jurassic of Western Siberia, Russia, and the origin of Multituberculata

Alexander O. Averianov, Thomas Martin, Alexey V. Lopatin, Julia A. Schultz, Rico Schellhorn, Sergei Krasnolutskii, Pavel Skutschas & Stepan Ivantsov
Tashtykia primaeva gen. et sp. nov. and Tagaria antiqua gen. et sp. nov. (Multituberculata incertae sedis) are described based on isolated teeth from the Middle Jurassic (Bathonian) Itat Formation from the Berezovsk coal mine in Krasnoyarsk Territory, Western Siberia, Russia. Tashtykia primaeva gen. et sp. nov. is characterized by a P5 with three rows of cusps (cusp formula 2B:4M:6L) and a high sectorial p4 with two triangular lobes, five serrations associated with labial and lingual...

Успехи петербургской школы горения и взрыва как области научно-технического прогресса. Вклад Санкт-Петербургского научного совета по горению и взрыву: 1999–2019 гг.

Вячеслав Борисович Улыбин, Татьяна Федоровна Пименова & Тарас Петрович Гайдей
Дан краткий анализ становления и развития современной науки о горении, показано, что основополагающие принципы были заложены в городе на Неве. Проанализированы успехи петербургской школы горения и взрыва, продолжающей оставаться одним из столпов развития данных исследований как в теоретическом плане, так и в прикладных аспектах. Описаны успехи петербургской школы в области энергетического горения, несанкционированного горения, технологического горения и взрыва, химической безопасности. Рассмотрен вклад Санкт-Петербургского научного совета по горению и взрыву за последние двадцать лет с момента...

Data from: Phylogenetic structure in the Sphagnum recurvum complex (Bryophyta: Sphagnaceae) relative to taxonomy and geography

Aaron Duffy, Blanka Aguero, Hans Stenoien, Kjell Ivar Flatberg, Michael S. Ignatov, Kristian Hassel & Jonathan Shaw
METHODS RADseq analyses were applied to a sample of 384 collections representing the European, North American, and (to a lesser extent) Asian ranges of the complex. The data were subjected to maximum likelihood phylogenetic analyses and analyses of genetic structure using the software, STRUCTURE, and multivariate ordination approaches. RESULTS Defined phylogenetically, the S. recurvum complex includes S. angustifolium , S. fallax , S. flexuosum , S. pacificum , and S. recurvum , as distinct clades...

Harrison’s rule scales up to entire parasite assemblages but is determined by environmental factors

Renan Maestri, Maico Fiedler, Georgy Shenbrot, Elena Surkova, Sergei Medvedev, Irina Khokhlova & Boris Krasnov
Harrison’s rule states that parasite body size and the body size of their hosts tend to be positively correlated. After it was proposed a century ago, a number of studies have investigated this trend, but the support level has varied greatly between parasite/host associations. Moreover, while the rule has been tested at the individual species level, we still lack knowledge on whether Harrison’s rule holds at the scale of parasite and host communities. Here, we...

Digital core simulator - a promising method for developming hard-to-recover oil reserves technology

V.B. Betelin, V.A. Galkin, A.V. Shpilman & N.N. Smirnova
Territory of Russia, which occupies 12.8% of the Earth's territory, contains 12-13% of the forecast resources, and about 12% of the discovered oil reserves. Russia's proven oil reserves amount to approximately 13.9 billion tons of oil as of January 1, 2017 (~101 billion barrels). Oil recovery factor for proved reserves is ~17%. The increase of oil recovery factor represents a huge stockpile for raising the level of oil production in the country at low costs....

Technology as a new Language of Communication between the Human Being and the World

Andrey Pavlenko
This essay for the inaugural issue of Technology and Language is based on an analysis of the ‚epistemological turn‘ in modern cosmology and modern science, more generally. In view of another epistemological turn towards technology and a combinatorial approach to the creation of artefacts, the question regarding the languages of science and technology suggests itself. - When human beings relate to the world, they effectively address the world or talk to it, and the world...

Environmental drivers of Sphagnum growth in peatlands across the Holarctic region

Fia Bengtsson, Håkan Rydin, Jennifer Baltzer, Luca Bragazza, Zhao-Jun Bu, Simon Caporn, Ellen Dorrepaal, Kjell Ivar Flatberg, Olga Galanina, Mariusz Gałka, Anna Ganeva, Irina Goia, Nadezhda Goncharova, Michal Hajek, Akira Haraguchi, Lorna Harris, Elyn Humphreys, Martin Jiroušek, Katarzyna Kajukało, Edgar Karofeld, Natalia Koronatova, Natalia Kosykh, Anna Laine, Mariusz Lamentowicz, Elena Lapshina … & Richard J. Payne
The relative importance of global versus local environmental factors for growth and thus carbon uptake of the bryophyte genus Sphagnum – the main peat-former and ecosystem engineer in northern peatlands – remains unclear. 2) We measured length growth and net primary production (NPP) of two abundant Sphagnum species across 99 Holarctic peatlands. We tested the importance of previously proposed abiotic and biotic drivers for peatland carbon uptake (climate, N deposition, water table depth, and vascular...

Complex post-breeding moult strategies in a songbird migrating along the East Asian flyway, the Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler Locustella certhiola

Wieland Heim, Hans-Jürgen Eilts, Philip D. Round, Oleg Bourski, Batmunkh Davaasuren, Tuvshinjargal Erdenechimeg & Jong-Gil Park
Moult strategies have received relatively little attention in current ornithology, and knowledge concerning the evolution, variability and extent of moult is sparse in many bird species. This is especially true for East Asian Locustella species where assumptions on moult patterns are based on incomplete information. We provide evidence indicating a complex post-breeding moult strategy and variable moult extent among Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler Locustella certhiola, based on data from six ringing sites situated along its flyway...

Numerical optimization of the cantilever piezoelectric generator

A.N. Soloviev, V.A. Chebanenko, I.V. Zhilyaev, A.V. Cherpakov & I.A. Parinov
In this paper, we consider the adequacy of the use of the straight normal hypothesis in the applied theory for the calculation of a cantilever-type piezoelectric generator that takes into account the incomplete piezo-element coating of the substrate, which was obtained earlier, and a numerical optimization procedure for piezoelectric generator is given, taking into account critical failure stresses.

Катализаторы разложения однокомпонентных топлив и изделия на их основе, применяемые в технике

Тарас Петрович Гайдей, Вячеслав Алексеевич Дидык, Татьяна Федоровна Пименова & Татьяна Васильевна Здухова
На основе литературных данных приведены наименования и составы катализаторов разложения однокомпонентных топлив и изделия, разработанные на их основе, применяемые в настоящее время в ракетно-космической технике.


Koczegarow Kirył
During the Russian-Polish negotiations at the end of 1671 – the beginning of 1672, several Russian memorandums were handed over to Polish-Lithuanian diplomats. All these original documents are preserved in the Library of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Kórnik, Poland, and are studied as some of the most important forms of diplomatic communications between the Muscovite State and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The memorandums clearly reveal the Muscovite diplomatic tactic against the Polish-Lithuanian side. They...

Genotypes of Swan Geese Anser cygnoides using 17 nuclear microsatellite loci at 14 locations.

Qin Zhu, Iderbat Damaba, Qingshan Zhao, Kunpeng Yi, Nyambayar Batbayar, Tseveenmyadag Natsagdorj, Davaasuren Batmunkh, Xin Wang, Sonia Rozenfeld, Sachiko Moriguchi, Aibin Zhan, Lei Cao & Anthony David Fox
Dispersal affects the spatial distribution and population structure of species.Dispersal is often male-biased in mammals while female-biased in birds, with the notable exception of the Anatidae. In this study, we tested genetic evidence for sex-biased dispersal (SBD) in the Swan Goose Anser cygnoides, an Asian endemic and IUCN vulnerable species, which has been increasingly restricted to breeding on Mongolian steppe wetlands. We analyzed the genotypes of 278 Swan Geese samples from 14 locations at 14...


Алена Исаханян
В статье рассматривается история текста Слова Евсевия «О сошествии Иоанна Предтечи во ад». Наблюдения над трансформациями этого компилятивного переводного сочинения в рукописных и старопечатных сборниках позволяют проследить то, как древнерусскими книжниками был усвоен и осмыслен сюжет, пустивший глубокие корни в мировой литературной традиции. Ключевые слова: древнерусские сборники, апокрифы, Сошествие во ад, гомилии, Соборник.

Data from: Testing macroecological abundance patterns: the relationship between local abundance and range size, range position and climatic suitability among European vascular plants

Maria Sporbert, Petr Keil, Gunnar Seidler, Helge Bruelheide, Ute Jandt, Svetlana Aćić, Idoia Biurrun, Juan Antonio Campos, Andraž Čarni, Milan Chytrý, Renata Custerevska, Jürgen Dengler, Valentin Golub, Florian Jansen, Anna Kuzemko, Jonathan Lenoir, Corrado Marcenò, Jesper Erenskjold Moeslund, Aaron Pérez-Haase, Solvita Rūsiņa, Urban Šilc, Ioannis Tsiripidis, Vigdis Vandvik, Kiril Vassilev, Risto Virtanen … & Erik Welk
Aim: A fundamental question in macroecology centres around understanding the relationship between species’ local abundance and their distribution in geographic and climatic space (i.e. the multi-dimensional climatic space or climatic niche). Here, we tested three macroecological hypotheses that link local abundance to the following range properties: (1) the abundance-range size relationship, (2) the abundance-range centre relationship, and (3) the abundance-suitability relationship. Location: Europe Taxon: Vascular plants Methods: Distribution range maps were extracted from the Chorological...

Tree canopy accession strategy changes along the latitudinal gradient of temperate Northeast Asia

Jan Altman, Pavel Janda, Olga Ukhvatkina, Anna Vozmishcheva, Alexander Omelko, Jiří Doležal, Pavel Krestov, Alexander Zhmerenetsky & Jong-Suk Song
Aim: Understanding how natural forest disturbances control tree regeneration is key to predict the consequences of globally accelerating forest diebacks on carbon stocks and forest biodiversity. Tropical cyclones (TCs) are important drivers of forest dynamics in Eastern Asia and it is predicted that their importance will increase. However, little is known about TC impact on forest regeneration. Location: Latitudinal gradient from south Korea (33°N) to the Russian Far East (45°N). Time period: Last 300 years....

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