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Can age-related changes in parental care modulate inbreeding depression? A test using the burying beetle, Nicrophorus orbicollis

Matthew Schrader, Parker Hughes, Samuel Jenkins, Ian Kusher, Jonathan Lopez, Harriet Oglesby & Katie McGhee
Parental care has been shown to reduce the magnitude of inbreeding depression in some species with facultative care. However, parents often vary in the quality or amount of care they provide to their offspring and it is less clear whether this variation also impacts the magnitude of inbreeding depression. Here, we tested whether age related changes in parental care modulate the expression of inbreeding depression in the burying beetle, Nicrophorus orbicollis. Consistent with previous studies,...

An Empirical Investigation of Real Farm Incomes Across Indian States Between 1987-88 and 2011-12

Deepankar Basu & Kartik Misra
Using unit-level data from various rounds of the Employment and Unemployment Survey of the National Sample Survey Organisation, we present the first consistent time series of average real farm income per cultivator for 18 major Indian states for 1987-88, 1993-94, 1999-00, 2004-05, 2007-08, 2009-10, and 2011-12. Using this data, we study two sets of issues. First, how did real farm income evolve across these 18 Indian states? Which states have high levels and growth rates...

To Reform and to Procure: An Analysis of the Role of the State and the Market in Indian Agriculture

Kartik Misra & Deepankar Basu
Since the early 2000s, many Indian states started reforming their agricultural marketing policies and allowed private traders to buy directly from farmers outside the state-regulated market system. The experience of these states during the period 2000 - 2012 can shed light on the impact of market-oriented reforms and the role of public procurement. Using individual-level National Sample Survey Data on agricultural wages and a new dataset on state-level average real farm income per cultivator for...

Data accompanying Polyphenisms and polymorphisms: genetic variation in plasticity and color variation within and among bluefin killifish populations

Rebecca Fuller, Joseph Travis, Benjamin Sandkam, Katherine McGhee & Matthew Schrader
The presence of stable color polymorphisms within populations begs the question of how genetic variation is maintained. Consistent variation among populations in coloration, especially when correlated with environmental variation, raises questions about whether environmental conditions affect either the fulcrum of those balanced polymorphisms, the plastic expression of coloration, or both. Color patterns in male bluefin killifish provoke both types of questions. Red and yellow morphs are common in all populations. Blue males are more common...

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