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Intermediate disturbance by off-road vehicles promotes endangered pioneer cryptogam species of acid inland dunes

Piotr Zaniewski, Łukasz Kozub & Małgorzata Wierzbicka
Psammophilous grassland communities of inland dunes often occurring together with common juniper scrub are among the most threatened habitat types in Central Europe. Once they were related to disturbance caused by traditional agriculture and forest management (sheep grazing, burning, litter raking and overexploitation of forests). Currently, after the above-mentioned drivers have disappeared, those communities are subjected to secondary succession leading to loss of their typical biodiversity, an importantcomponent of which are cryptogams (bryophytes and lichens)....

Domestic Tourism in Poland: State, Development, and Prospects before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ewa Bąk-Filipek & Katarzyna Podhorodecka
The aim of the study was to show tourist movement in Poland and its importance in the tourism and national economy. The analysis of the results confirms a several-year trend of further increases in the number of arrivals for both foreigners and foreign tourists. In parallel to the positive trend in terms of the number of trips, unfortunately a decreasing trend is observed in the level of average spending of tourists and one-day visitors. Therefore,...

Methodology evaluation of computer vision small dimension hole localization

Patryk Król
The collection consists of 5 series of scans of MDF samples with holes of different diameters made in different positions (see Samples.tif).The samples were made on a self-made milling machine and scanned with a flatbed scanner (Canon CanoScan LiDE 200, CIS technology, 4800 dpi).Samples with the MVC prefix have the selected holes offset by 0.005 inches. The numerical designation after the prefix indicates the diameter of the drill used to make the holes: 0.5, 1.0,...

Fish fluoxetine reaction time

Małgorzata Grzesiuk & Alicja Pawelec
Fluoxetine is an antidepressant medicine causing relaxation and mood improvement in people, with silencing certain personality traits in some cases. The question arise if such phenomena can be observed in non-target organisms like fish. Fluoxetine affects fishes behaviour, however, it is not known if the medicine affects its “personality”. This study aimed to evaluate the reaction of the invasive Neogobius fluviatilis and native Gobio gobio individuals to fluoxetine at environmental concentration of 360 ng L-1....

Data from: N-mixture models estimate abundance reliably: a field test on Marsh Tit using time-for-space substitution

Grzegorz Neubauer, Alicja Wolska, Patryk Rowiński & Tomasz Wesołowski
Imperfect detection in field studies on animal abundance, including birds, is common and can be corrected for in various ways. The binomial N-mixture (hereafter binmix) model developed for this task is widely used in ecological studies owing to its simplicity: it requires replicated count results as the input. However, it may overestimate abundance and be sensitive to even small violations of its assumptions. We used a 33-year dataset on the Marsh Tit, Poecile palustris, a...

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