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Data from: Species but not genotype diversity strongly impacts the establishment of rare colonisers

Christian Schöb, Sara Hortal, Alison J. Karley, Luna Morcillo, Adrian C. Newton, Robin J. Pakeman, Jeff R. Powell, Ian C. Anderson & Rob W. Brooker
1. Understanding species coexistence and regulation of biodiversity are major research challenges, yet there is no consensus on the effects of diversity on diversity, including their mediation through plant–plant interactions. 2. We examined how the diversity of recipient communities impacted on the establishment of colonising species. We ran a greenhouse-based community experiment, creating artificial arable crop communities with varying levels of barley genotype and weed species diversity, analysed with structural equation modelling of responses across...

Data from: A camera-based method for estimating absolute density in animals displaying home range behaviour

Andrea Campos-Candela, Miquel Palmer, Salvador Balle & Josep Alós
1.The measurement of animal density may take advantage of recent technological achievements in wildlife video recording. Fostering the theoretical links between the patterns depicted by cameras and absolute density is required to exploit this potential. 2.We explore the applicability of the Hutchinson-Waser's postulate (i.e., when animal density is stationary at a given temporal and spatial scale, the absolute density is given by the average number of animals counted per frame), which is a counter-intuitive statement...

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  • 2017

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  • University of Alicante
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  • University of the Balearic Islands
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