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Perpetual Happiness

Shih-shan Henry Tsai
The reign of Emperor Yongle, or “Perpetual Happiness,” was one of the most dramatic and significant in Chinese history. It began with civil war and a bloody coup, saw the construction of the Forbidden City, the completion of the Grand Canal, consolidation of the imperial bureaucracy, and expansion of China’s territory into Mongolia, Manchuria, and Vietnam. Beginning with an hour-by-hour account of one day in Yongle’s court, Shih-shan Henry Tsai presents the multiple dimensions of...

Data for: Evolutionary history limits species' ability to match color sensitivity to available habitat light

Matthew Murphy & Erica Westerman
The spectrum of light that an animal sees – from ultraviolet to far red light – is governed by the number and wavelength sensitivity of a family of retinal proteins called opsins. It has been hypothesized that the spectrum of light available in an environment influences the range of colors that a species has evolved to see. However, invertebrates and vertebrates use phylogenetically distinct opsins in their retinae, and it remains unclear whether these distinct...

Simulated infection alters the behavior of pair bonded songbirds and their healthy neighbors

Ashley Love, Anna Anthony, Aimee Nash, Angel Campos-Melara, Jahnavi Kodali & Sarah DuRant
While infection and perceived infection risk can influence social and reproductive behavior in several taxa, relatively little is known about how infection specifically affects pair bond behaviors. Some pair bond maintenance behaviors may be costly to maintain during infection, and infection could promote avoidance behaviors within an established pair. Many species exhibiting pair bonds are part of larger social groups, and behavioral shifts in established pairs can result in altered extra-pair contact rates that could...

High Tech | Low Tech: Teaching Augmented Fabrication in the Zoom Era

Emily Baker
High Tech | Low Tech: Experiments in Spatial Computing for Design and Fabrication was an advanced elective offered in online format in Fall 2020. The class sought both to introduce computational skills and lead students in explorations and discussions around the emerging potential of design and fabrication that incorporate augmented reality (AR). While AR and the free Fologram mobile app that connects to Rhino/Grasshopper were the central focus, the course content was meant to foster...

Six years of wild bee monitoring collections data using Blue Vane traps in Southern Pennsylvania, USA

Nash Turley, David Biddinger, Neelendra Joshi & Margarita López-Uribe
Turley NE, Biddinger DJ, Joshi NK, López-Uribe MM. 2022. Six years of wild bee monitoring shows changes in biodiversity within and across years and declines in abundance. Ecology and Evolution. Wild bees form diverse communities that pollinate plants in both native and agricultural ecosystems making them both ecologically and economically important. The growing evidence of bee declines has sparked increased interest in monitoring bee community and population dynamics using standardized methods. Here, we studied the...

Impact of Extended Recess: A Grounded Theory Study

Kristi Perryman, Timothy Schoonover, Julia Conroy, Joseph Moretta, Meredith W. Moore & Erin Howie

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