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Dataset associated with \"Volcanic ash ice nucleation activity is variably reduced by aging in water and sulfuric acid: the effects of leaching, dissolution, and precipitation\"

William Fahy, Elena Maters, Rona Giese-Miranda, Michael P. Adams, Leif G. Jahn, Ryan Sullivan & Benjamin Murray
Volcanic ash nucleates ice when immersed in supercooled water, giving it the potential to influence weather and climate from local to global scales. However, the ice nucleation activity (INA) of ash can be modified by interaction with various chemical species during atmospheric transport. In the experimental study associated with this dataset, we show that the INA of two mineralogically distinct ash samples from Fuego and Astroni volcanoes is variably reduced when immersed in water or...

Supplemental Material - Clinical vignette and substance use stratified by age

Angelina Pei-Tzu Tsai, Eric Youngstrom, Stacey Daughters, Jennifer Youngstrom, Ruth Smith, Michelle Gonzalez & Robert Findling

Search Strategies

Melanie Gainey & Sarah Young

More Evidence on Gender Gaps in Self-Promotion and Ways to Close Them

Jana Gallus, Silvia Saccardo & Jae Chang
This study is designed to investigate gender differences in self-promotion and possible ways to close these gaps.

Method to obtain precise timing data in Qualtrics

Keela Thomson, Michael Sun & Stephanie Rifai
This study will investigate the performance of two new tools for administering timed experiments in Qualtrics. QualtricsRT is a tool created to give more accurate and more precise timing data than the native Qualtrics timer. QualtricsST is a tool created to give a rough approximation of participants' internet speed before admitting them to a study.

The Factors Affecting End Stage Renal Disease Patients' Willingness to Seek Live Kidney Donations (NKF population)

Ania Jaroszewicz, George Loewenstein & Amit Tevar
Despite major benefits, comparatively few patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD) receive live kidney donations, instead staying on dialysis and/or awaiting deceased-donor transplants. We argue that one possible reason for this may be that patients face potent psychological costs to asking friends, family members, and strangers for help. In this study, we aim to identify the factors that contribute to an ESRD patient's unwillingness to approach an individual to ask them to consider becoming...

Advisor for Goals

Julia Hur, Rachel Ruttan & Catherine Shea

Event-Level Risk for Negative Alcohol Consequences in Emerging Adults: The Role of Affect, Motivation, and Context

Jack Waddell, Scott King, Sarah Okey & William Corbin
Objective: Decades of research has found support for the motivational model of alcohol use, such that positive/negative affect are indirectly associated with drinking behavior through drinking motives. However, research on event-level drinking motives is in its nascent stage, and studies have yet to consider how drinking context plays a role in the motivational pathway to both event- and person-level drinking behavior. Therefore, the current study seeks to test whether drinking context mediates the effect of...

Worldwide List of News Provider Accounts on TikTok

Daniel Klug & Ulla Autenrieth
This project contains the datasets for the worldwide list of news provider accounts on TikTok. This includes accounts of legacy print news, digital first news, legacy television news channels and format, and journalists. The lists can be freely accessed in the corresponding database: https://tiktokjournalism.glideapp.io/. Currently the dataset includes 1,400+ accounts. It will be updated regularly and newer versions will be released in this project whenever the app gets updated. Currently the dataset does not include...

UntitledBehavioral Display Advertisements and consumer welfare: an empirical investigation (second study)

Eduardo Mustri, Alessandro Acquisti & Idris Adjerid
We investigate the impact of behavioral advertising on consumer welfare in a within-subjects online experiment. While the vast majority of empirical work on the impact of online advertising focuses on click and conversion rates of behaviorally targeted ads, we propose a counterfactual approach, in which online consumers are presented with alternative offers: products associated with targeted ads they were served online, competing products, and random products. Participants are asked to compare these alternatives along a...

Open for Climate Justice (including research funding information) - OA Week 2022

Judy Mielke, Priya Donti & Claire Monteleoni
As part of Open Access Week 2022, scientifyRESEARCH.org hosted a webinar on "Open for Climate Justice", with Dr. Priya Donti, Executive Director of Climate Change AI and Dr. Claire Monteleoni, Editor in Chief of the Open Access journal, Environmental Data Science, Cambridge University Press and co-founder of Climate Informatics as the guest speakers. The slides from the presentation are included here.

Framework of Improvement Opportunities and Redesigns. Digest version

Katsiaryna Lashkevich, Fredrik P. Milani & Alexander Nolte
The digest version of the Framework of Improvement Opportunities and Redesigns for the paper "Business Process Improvement Opportunities and Redesign Options: A Structured Overview".

Framework of Improvement Opportunities and Redesigns. Full version

Katsiaryna Lashkevich, Fredrik P. Milani & Alexander Nolte
The full version of the Framework of Improvement Opportunities and Redesigns for the paper "Business Process Improvement Opportunities and Redesign Options: A Structured Overview".

Framework of Improvement Opportunities and Redesigns. Full version

Katsiaryna Lashkevich, Fredrik P. Milani & Alexander Nolte
The full version of the Framework of Improvement Opportunities and Redesigns for the paper "Business Process Improvement Opportunities and Redesign Options: A Structured Overview".

RDF Frameworks for Extensible Data Ingestion and Porting

Dom Jebbia, Xiaojun Wang, Yasin Bakis & Henry L. Bart Jr.
A presentation at the the Ohio State University Imageomics Institute. The work describes collaboration between Drexel University’s Metadata Research Center and the Tulane University Biodiversity Research Institute to redesign database structures and computational workflows for the NSF supported Harnessing the Data Revolution, Biology Guided Neural Networks (HDR-BGNN) project. The work makes database management easier and improves computationally derived metadata for over 300,000 fish specimen images. This work provides proof-of-concept for resource description framework (RDF) in...

System-level impact and behavior of coordinated vehicle fleets in transportation networks

Matthew Battifarano
Over the past decade, travelers have increasingly utilized technology to aid their use of transportation systems, from real-time navigation apps like Google Maps, to ride-sourcing apps like Uber and Lyft, to bike and scootershare apps like Lime and Spin. These applications of technology to mobility systems have fundamentally changed the way in which people travel by offering them the ability to navigate the physical world by first navigating a virtual representation of it. The layers...

High-density Flexible Neurophotonic Implants

Jay Reddy
From research to clinical neuroscience, high-resolution and minimally invasive neural interfaces are needed to study and treat brain function and dysfunction. Recently, optical techniques such as optogenetics and functional fluorescent imaging have enabled unprecedented throughput and specificity for interrogating neural circuits. However, the scattering and absorption of light in the brain tissue limits the resolution and depth of penetration of light-based methods. Therefore, implantable devices are used to deliver or collect light deep in the...

Solid Interfaces in Lithium Ion Batteries

Victor Venturi
It is difficult to imagine modern life without batteries: they are present in our mobile phones, laptop computers, automotive vehicles, and even more vital devices, such as pacemakers. Most of these gadgets are powered by lithium (Li) ion batteries, in part due to their high voltage window and relative longevity. While this technology has had major successes, at the current rate of progress, it is unlikely to meet the mid-century global demands related to full...

Heart Transplant Tradeoff Study: 5-Condition Layperson Study

Alison Butler & Gretchen Chapman
5-Condition Layperson Study

Orbit equivalence relations and anti-classification results

Shaun Allison
Classification problems, such as determining when two topological spaces are the same, are central to many fields of mathematics. Invariant descriptive set theory provides a framework with which to measure and compare the difficulty of these problems, which can help determine if certain methods are strong enough to approach them. In this thesis, we study the classification problems which are induced by continuous actions of Polish groups on Polish spaces, which includes most problems arising...

Adaptive Optimization Methods for Machine Learning

Han Nguyen
This thesis studies the adaptive optimization algorithms to solve convex and non-convex optimization problems in machine learning. Specifically, we focus on the utilization of adaptive step sizes and adaptive sampling in gradient-based optimization methods. In the first part of this thesis, we analyze the algorithmic stability of the well-known adaptive optimization methods such as Adagrad, RMsprop,. . . , which utilize the adaptivity of the step sizes to speed up convergence. Algorithmic stability measures the...

Phonon properties calculated with lattice dynamics using 2D models, rigid molecule models, and neural network potentials

Hyun-young Kim
In design of electronic devices, one of the key factors is their thermal management and thus it is important to know their thermal properties. Fortunately, it is becoming increasingly easier to obtain ab-initio thermal properties by obtaining atomic force interactions with density functional theory (DFT) and combining it with the solution to the Boltzmann transport equation (BTE) in anharmonic lattice dynamics (ALD). However, the usage of these methods can have limitations due to either their...

Analysis of a Variational Model for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Kerrek Stinson
The Cahn-Hilliard reaction model, a nonlinear, evolutionary system of PDEs, was introduced to model phase separation in lithium-ion batteries. Using Butler-Volmer kinetics for electrochemical consistency, this model incorporates a nonlinear Robin-type boundary condition ∂νµ = R(c, µ) for the chemical potential µ, with c designating the lithium-ion density. Importantly, R depends exponentially on µ. For the static analysis, a singular perturbation of the underlying phase field energy with elasticity is studied. In dimension 2, it...

Cosmological simulations from the cosmic web to supermassive black holes

Yueying Ni
This thesis presents an investigation of the evolution of supermassive black holes (SMBHs) and galaxies through cosmological hydrodynamic simulations on petascale supercomputers. With the large volume, high-resolution cosmological simulation BlueTides and ASTRID, we study the local and large scale environment of the first quasars, mass assembly and dynamics of the SMBHs over cosmic history, as well as the interplay between SMBHs and galaxy formation. We also diagnose the high redshift galaxy population predicted by cosmological...

Algorithmic Improvements for Extracting Lipid Bilayer Elastic Moduli from Height and Director Fluctuations

Muhammed Erguder
Many important cellular processes take place at membranes, for example signaling and sensing, energy conversion, and metabolism. In order to understand how the physical properties of cell membranes enable these processes, we focus on bilayer shape changes. Shape changes in biomembranes arise in many circumstances, such as endocytosis, along the fusion pathway, and when accommodating transmembrane proteins. When they occur at a scale not much larger than the membrane thickness, standard curvature elasticity needs to...

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