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Advanced computer modelling of hominin dispersal from Africa: integrating archaeological and palaeoclimatic simulations

Paul Valdes, Steven Mithen, Bruce Sellwood, Sam Smith, Alan Haywood & John Hughes
The project aim was to develop process-based computer simulations of the dispersal of Homo erectus out of Africa. This involved developing realistic constraints on the patterns of vegetation and the effects of changes in global sea level. It was assumed that this migration out of Africa could be investigated through the paradigm of a single migration event, starting around 2 millions of years ago and arriving in Dmanisi around 1.8 millions of years ago. The...

WAMAP: Wessex Archaeology Metric Archive Project

Jessica Grimm
Database of animal bone metrics covering a number of UK sites. The full dataset is available to download and a subset is available to search online in ABMAP.

Landscape Archaeology and Community in Devon: An Oral History Approach

David Harvey
The project uses oral history in order to advance and enhance existing knowledge of landscape change, to test and challenge the formation of this knowledge and thereby bring greater understanding to our study of the meaning of landscape. The project has three specific research questions: To document the nature of farming history within the areas of Devon that are currently under investigation in the landscape archaeology projects. To relate landscape changes produced by the WW2...

Pig Measurements from Durrington Walls (Wiltshire, England)

Umberto Albarella & Sebastian Payne
Excavations at the late Neolithic site of Durrington Walls, Wiltshire, in 1966-67 unearthed large numbers of well-preserved pig teeth and bones. This has provided the opportunity to build up a data set of measurements that can be of great use as a comparative baseline for other European material. Tables of measurements from 12 skeletal elements are available for download as ASCII comma separated value (.csv) files suitable for loading into spreadsheets or databases. Explanations of...

London Archaeologist

London Archaeologist Association
For anyone interested in the history, heritage or archaeology of the capital, London Archaeologist is essential reading. Published by the London Archaeologist Association since 1968, it is the periodical of record for the London area, covering every major archaeological discovery, period, event and issue. Content includes excavation reports, historical articles, artefact and finds studies, environmental archaeology reports, exhibition reports, book reviews, news and commentary. It has recently been redesigned and expanded to cover interviews, profiles...

CBA Research Reports

Council For British Archaeology
Report numbers 1 to 100 of the Council for British Archaeology Research Reports (including microfiche), has been digitised and is being archived and made available by the CBA via the Archaeology Data Service. The reports are available in PDF format, which preserves the layout of the original publication. More recent Research Reports are being added to this collection on an ad hoc basis.

Sussex Archaeological Collections: Relating to the history and antiquities of the counties of East and West Sussex

Sussex Archaeological Society
Sussex Archaeological Collections is the journal of the Sussex Archaeological Society. The Society is archiving digital versions of the journal from volume 137 (1999) onwards. The digital versions are being made available by the Archaeology Data Service.

The Ancient Saar Project: London-Bahrain Archaeological Expedition

Robert C Killick
The excavations at Saar, Bahrain, took place between 1990 and 1999. The work was undertaken by the London-Bahrain Archaeological Expedition which was formed specifically for the purpose. The UK academic supporter of the project was the Institute of Archaeology, University College, London. In Bahrain, the Expedition received the patronage of the Amir, the late Shaikh Isa bin Sulman Al-Khalifa. The project was funded mainly by the business community in Bahrain, as well as by the...

Data Archive for plant and invertebrate remains from Anglo-Scandinavian 16-22 Coppergate, York

Harry Kenward & Allan Hall
The Environmental Archaeology Unit at the University of York has, since 1975, been providing advice concerning all aspects of environmental archaeology, carrying out assessments and main phase site projects, and executing programmes of research and review. A considerable archive of digital reports and data has been built up over this period which is being archived and made available by the Archaeology Data Service.

Analysis of Roman Silver Coins, Augustus to Nero (27 BC - AD 69)

Matthew Ponting & Kevin Butcher
In 2001 funding was obtained from the Leverhulme Trust (Grant No. RF&G/6/2002/0336) and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Research Committee and the University Research Board of the American University of Beirut, Lebanon to undertake a one year project to apply this methodology to the coinage of the first Imperial dynasty, that of the Julio-Claudians. A more sensitive analytical technique was employed, inductively-coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES), that enabled much better quality data for...

Roman Amphorae: a digital resource

University Of Southampton
This website is an online and introductory resource for the study of Roman amphorae, rather than a definitive study of all amphorae for specialists. It encompasses most of the principal types manufactured throughout the Roman empire between the late third century BC and the early seventh century AD. It builds upon two works published in the 1980s (Peacock and Williams, 1986; Keay, 1984) and presents basic typological information for c. 250 forms. There are basically...

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