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Archaeological Potential of Cave and Fissure Deposits in Limestone

Archaeological Research And Consultancy At The University Of Sheffield: ARCUS
This project undertook as study of the archaeological potential of cave and fissure deposits and assessed current protection to such deposits as afforded through the planning process. The study areas included the carboniferous limestone of the Southern Pennines and the southern end of the Magnesian Limestone in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire. Current practice was assessed for the assessment, evaluation and mitigation of the impacts of quarrying on cave and fissure deposits.

Identification and Quantification of Projects Arising From Aggregates Extraction: Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Oxfordshire

Archaeological Research And Consultancy At The University Of Sheffield: ARCUS
A pilot study has been carried out as part of an ALSF commission to assemble a database of known archaeological fieldwork projects on hard and soft aggregates extraction sites in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Oxfordshire. The aim of the project was to identify those sites with incomplete or inadequate levels of dissemination, and to assess the potential of these sites.

Aggregates Extraction and Archaeology Backlogs: North-West Region

This project comprised a desk-based study of aggregate sites the in north-west of England. The study covered the counties of Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside. The study was undertaken to identify and quantify archaeological projects arising from aggregates extraction which currently have incomplete or inappropriately low levels of dissemination. The study was concerned with the extraction of aggregates from both hard rock (crushed rock) and soft rocks (sand and gravel). The project was funded...

The Virtual Amarna Project

Barry Kemp
The pieces in the Virtual Amarna Museum come from the site of Tell el-Amarna in Egypt, the city built around 1350 BC by Pharaoh Akhenaten, as a place where he could centre his austere view of the cult of the sun, the Aten. The pieces illustrate not Akhenaten's own concerns, but the spiritual interests of the many thousands of people who came to live in the city. Although we can count Akhenaten as a monotheist,...

Weoley Castle Ruins

Barbican Research Associates
Weoley Castle is a fortified, medieval manor-house situated four miles to the southwest of Birmingham city centre in the historic county of Worcestershire (National Grid Reference SP 02158275). The site entered into the ownership of Birmingham City Council in c.1930 and thereafter two campaigns of archaeological excavation were undertaken; between 1932 and 1940 and 1955 and 1962. More recently the site has been subject to an ambitious initiative, "The Weoley Castle Development Project", joint funded...

Medieval Britain and Ireland

Society For Medieval Archaeology
The dataset consists of the annual excavation round-up for the journal Medieval Archaeology. The aim is to keep readers and researchers informed of fieldwork and other findings relating to the period c.400-1550 AD on a yearly and up-to-date basis. The format for this particular project is temporary; from 2007 the submitted information is presented in the form of a searchable database.

Wharram Percy Archive

Stuart Wrathmell
The primary aim of the project has been to disseminate, by the most appropriate means, the results of the excavations carried out at the deserted medieval village site of Wharram Percy, North Yorkshire, between 1950 and 1990. The current phase of the project began in 2000, and has resulted in the publication of six printed volumes detailing the principal findings of excavations carried out in various parts of the village site during the 1970s and...

Geophysical Survey: Warburton, Warrington, Cheshire

Geophysical Surveys Of Bradford (GSB Prospection)
A4 Wire Bound, Archive CD

Identifying coastal archaeology using multi-spectral satellite imagery of the intertidal zone

Ole Gron, Helene Burningham, Julie Satchell & Tomas Hunniche
This project is a desk-based assessment to test the value of using multispectral high-resolution data to examine intertidal archaeology and morphology. The project takes advantage of recent advances in remote-sensing technologies and GIS spatial mapping capabilities to identify archaeological features, integrate a wide range of archaeological, morphological and palaeoenvironmental data, and to reconstruct the coastal prehistory of the Solent, on the southern coast of England. The project focuses on the development and assessment of the...

Society of Antiquaries of London Catalogue of Drawings and Museum Objects

Society Of Antiquaries Of London
In its early years, the Society of Antiquaries of London (founded in 1707), acted as a centre for gathering information on archaeological discoveries and historical objects in private hands. Many items were drawn for its meetings and publications in the 18th and 19th centuries. As a result, its library holds the most important national collection of historic drawings of portable antiquities found in Britain. The Society commissioned draughtsmen who were especially noted for their skills...

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