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Review of Animal Remains from the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age of Southern Britain (4000 BC - 1500 BC)

A4 heat-bound report of 168pp.

Archaeological Evaluation Report: Trial Trenching on land off Heath Road, Hockering, Norfolk

Allen Archaeology Ltd

South Gilmerton Farm, Edinburgh Archaeological Evaluation: Data Structure Report

A4 Black typeface

Bourne Farm, Piddlehinton, Dorset, Magnetometer Survey Report

Heritage Impact Assessment at Acton Bank Farm, 13 Brockton, Lydbury North, Shropshire

A4 ring bind with glossy front cover and/or single pdf format

1 High Street Poole Dorset Archaeological Monitoring and Recording

11 pages A4

Land Rear of Bay Tree South Street Castle Cary Somerset

11 pages A4


A4 paper, card covers

Strategic Assessment And Conservation Measures For Wanstead Park, London Borough of Redbridge

A4 bound report of 65pp.

Gosport Historic Urban Characterisation Study

A4 bound report of 142pp.

Sidmouth Church of St Giles and St Nicholas, Sidmouth, Devon. Results of an Archaeological Monitoring & Recording. (OASIS ID: southwes1-204395)

This report presents the results of an archaeological monitoring and recording carried out by South West Archaeology Ltd. (SWARCH) at the Church of St Giles and St Nicholas, Sidmouth, Devon during ground works associated with an extension for welfare purposes on the north side of the tower and improved and associated drainage. A substantial amount of ground disturbance had occurred through the 19th and 20th centuries. Similarities of foundations in the north aisle to earlier...

The Fortifications of Hull between 1321 and 1864

Dave Evans &
This project examined all of the historical and archaeological evidence for the defences on the west bank of the River Hull, surrounding the Old Town. It brought together for the first time the results of at least 10 excavations and watching-briefs that had been carried out between 1964 and the early 1990s at various points around the Town Defences, along with a number of chance exposures of parts of the Town Wall, and integrated these...

Boundary Wall of Former Cinema Site, Sandgate: Archaeological Recording Report (OASIS ID: wardella2-327338 )

Wardell Armstrong Archaeology
Wardell Armstrong Archaeology was commissioned by Walsingham Planning to undertake an archaeological recording of the north-west boundary wall of the former cinema site, Sandgate, Berwick-upon-Tweed (NT 99853 52699) in advance of its demolition as part of the approved and ongoing redevelopment of the site. This report summarises the results of the site work and the accompanying archive, to be deposited in a suitable repository provides a permanent record of the structure prior to its demolition....

Sutton Town Centre Historic Area Assessment

Jack Hanson, Adam Partington, Olivia Morrill & Thomas Linington
A 'Level 3' Historic Area Assessment (HAA) undertaken in support of the Sutton Town Centre Heritage Action Zone programme. The HAA provides an evidence base for the centre's historic environment and distinctive historic townscape. It can be used to: " Understand what defines the heritage significance of the town centre. " Identify the architectural and historic interest of the town centre's heritage assets. " Understand the distinctive historic character and appearance of the centre, and...

Whitemoor Haye Quarry Alrewas South Proposed Extension Alrewas Staffordshire. Geophysical Survey Report

Geophysical survey report

Bennetston Hall, Dove Holes, Derbyshire Building Survey (OASIS ID: jwconser1-328745)

To carry out a primarily Level 2 photographic, written and drawn survey of the impacted structures at Bennetston Hall, with supplemental elements of a Level 3 survey. To identify and record the surviving historic features of the buildings to be impacted during the conversion project, prepare a developmental history of the site through a written description and to produce an ordered project archive.

Mill Bank, Mill Bank Street, Wem, Shropshire: Archaeological Evaluation

A4 PDF booklet

Archaeological Evaluation. The Rifleman Public House, Rifle Hill, Braintree, Essex

A4.Thirteen pages of text. Three pages of photographs and illustrations

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