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Communicating Copyright: An Exploration of Copyright Discourses in the Digital Age

Bethany Klein

National Travel Survey, 2002-2014

Becoming a Channel swimmer: embodiment and identity in an extreme sporting culture

Karen Throsby

OECD Economic Outlook: Statistics and Projections, 1960-2021

<p>The OECD Economic Outlook analyses the major economic trends over the coming 2 years. It provides in-depth coverage of the main economic issues and the policy measures required to foster growth in each member country. Forthcoming developments in selected non-OECD economies are also evaluated in detail. Each edition of the Outlook provides a unique resource to keep abreast of world economic developments. The OECD Economic Outlook database is a comprehensive and consistent macroeconomic database of...

Health Survey for England, 2016

& Department Of Epidemiology University College London
For the third edition (December 2019),&nbsp;corrections have been made for two equivalised income&nbsp;derived variables (Eqv3 and Eqv5); in the previous editions the number of cases coded to -1 was incorrectly higher than normal, and some cases have been coded with the wrong score. <div>The <span style="font-style: italic;">Health Survey for England </span>(HSE)<span style="font-style: italic;">&nbsp;</span>is a series of surveys designed to monitor trends in the nation's health.&nbsp; It was commissioned by NHS Digital and carried out by...

Continuous Recording of Social Housing Lettings and Sales (CORE), 2007/08-2017/18: Special Licence Access

Communities Ministry Of Housing
The CORE datasets contained in the study cover annual official statistics on new lettings of the stock owned by local authorities and private registered providers of social housing in England, as well as sales of the social stock owned by private registered providers. For each year, data is structured into five datasets, four based on type of letting (social rent general needs and supported needs, and affordable rent general needs and supported needs) and one...

Self-building in the UK: Interview and survey data

Michaela Benson

Assuming identities online: Experimental chatlogs

Timothy David Grant

Provenance of social media: survey data, 2016

Peter Edwards, David Corsar & Milan Markovic

National Diet and Nutrition Survey Years 1-8, 2008/09-2015/16

<p>The study currently includes Years 1-8 of the NDNS RP. Information on <a title="NDNS results from years 7 and 8 combined" href="https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/ndns-results-from-years-7-and-8-combined">NDNS results from years 7 and 8 combined</a> are available from the GOV.UK website.</p><p>For the 12th edition (December 2018), IMD variables for years 5-6 were added to the study.</p>

Crime Survey for England and Wales, 2014-2015

<i>2014-2015 self-completion modules</i>:<br> The low-level geographic variables, the children's self-completion module and data from the adult self-completion modules on drinking behaviour and drug use, are held under Special Licence access conditions under SNs 7890, 7891, 7892 and 7893 respectively. The interpersonal violence data (comprising the module on domestic violence, sexual victimisation and stalking) are now available only under Secure Access conditions. See also 'Access' section below.<br> <br> <i>Background</i>:<br> The <i>Crime Survey for England and Wales</i>...

Cite the data communications campaign toolkit 2020

UK Data Service

Family Resources Survey, 2016-2017

Social Office For National Statistics, &
<p>The FRS aims to:</p> <ul><li>support the monitoring of the social security programme</li><li>support the costing and modelling of changes to National Insurance contributions and social security benefits</li><li>provide better information for the forecasting of benefit expenditure</li></ul> <p>From April 2002, the FRS was extended to include Northern Ireland.<br> <br>In August 2019, at the depositor's request, the Pensioners' Income (PI) dataset (pianon) previously held with the FRS was moved to a separate PI series study, SN 8503.<br></p> <p>The Family...

Immigrant work strategies and networks interviews, 2005

Ellie Vasta

Collaborative governance in cities under austerity: Barcelona case study 2015-2018

Yunailis Salazar & Ismael Blanco

Harm reduction and smoking: interviews and focus groups

Amanda Amos, Catriona Rooke & Sarah Cunningham-Burley

Computerised life assessment record: measuring stressful life events, 2015-2016

Antonia Bifulco

Narrative interviews with internally displaced people in four Somali cities 2017-2019

Jutta Bakonyi, Abdirahman Edle Ali, Peter Chonka & Kirsti Stuvoy

DIY Heart Health: Accounting for the Use of Statins, 2010-2011

C. Will & K. Weiner
This is a qualitative data collection.<br> <br> This project was designed to investigate lay ideas/practices concerning heart health in the context of debates about appropriate regulation of preventive drugs (i.e. sale direct to consumers; sale ‘over-the-counter’ (OTC) in pharmacies; or prescription). The initial proposal centered on users of statins purchased direct from pharmacists, but the research was extended to consider people who had been offered prescription statins for primary prevention. The researchers set out to...

Seshat: Global History dataset

Harvey Whitehouse, Peter Turchin, Pieter Francois, Thomas Currie & Kevin Feeney

Continuous Household Survey, 2013-2014

Northern Ireland Statistics
<p>The <i>Continuous Household Survey</i> (CHS) is one of the largest continuous surveys carried out in Northern Ireland. The survey is designed, conducted and analysed by the Central Survey Unit of the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA). It is based on a sample of the general population resident in private households and has been running since 1983. The Survey is designed to provide a regular source of information on a wide range of social...

Scottish Health Survey, 2014

<div>The Scottish Health Survey, 2014 was the tenth survey in the series.</div><div><br></div><div>For the third edition (January 2019),&nbsp;corrections have been made to the class variable (scallxg2) contained in the individual 2014 data file.</div> The <I>Scottish Health Survey</I> (SHeS) series was established in 1995. Commissioned by the Scottish Government Health Directorates, the series provides regular information on aspects of the public's health and factors related to health which cannot be obtained from other sources. The SHeS series...

UK Omnibus 2012 (Poverty and Social Exclusion module)

David Gordon

Understanding Society: Waves 1-8, 2009-2017 and Harmonised BHPS: Waves 1-18, 1991-2009: Secure Access

Institute For Social University Of Essex
<p>For full details of the main Understanding Society study, see SN 6614.<strong><br></strong></p> <p><strong>Secure Access Dataset:</strong><br> The <em>Understanding Society: Waves 1-8, 2009-2017 and Harmonised BHPS: Waves 1-18, 1991-2009: Secure Access</em> dataset contains British National Grid postcode grid references (at 1m resolution) for the unit postcode of each household surveyed, derived from the ONS National Statistics Postcode Directory (NSPD). Grid references are presented in terms of Eastings and Northings, which are distances in metres (east and north,...

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