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Credit Finance in the Middle Ages: Loans to the English Crown, 1272-1340

A. Bell, T. K. Moore & C. Brooks
The project investigated the credit arrangements of a series of English kings (Edwards I, II and III) with a number of Italian merchant societies (mainly but not exclusively the Ricciardi of Lucca, the Frescobaldi of Florence, and the Bardi and Peruzzi of Florence) between 1270 and 1345. The key research questions were: how important was credit to the functioning of the medieval English government and how these credit relationships were managed; what happened in cases...

Integrated Household Survey, April 2011 - March 2012: Special Licence Access

Quarterly Labour Force Survey, July - September, 2012

Millennium Cohort Study: Fourth Survey, 2008

Integrated Household Survey, January - December, 2011

Social Survey Division Office For National Statistics
The Special Licence version of the IHS January - December, 2011 is available under SN 7062.<br> <br> The <i>Integrated Household Survey</i> (IHS), which ran from 2009-2014, was a composite survey combining questions asked on a number of social surveys conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to produce a dataset of 'core' variables. The ONS stopped producing IHS datasets from 2015 onwards; variables covering health, smoking prevalence, forces veterans, sexual identity and well-being will...

Millennium Cohort Study: Fourth Survey, 2008

Estimating the Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Conditions in Adults: Extending the 2007 Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey

T. Brugha & N. Spiers
The main aim of the survey was to extend the 2007 <i>Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey</i> (APMS) prevalence estimate of autism among adults aged 18 years or over, to include adults with learning disabilities aged 18 years and over living in private households or communal care establishments. Fieldwork was carried out in Leicestershire, Lambeth and Sheffield between August 2010 and April 2011. <br> <br> The specific objectives of the study were:<ul><li>to identify a representative group of...

1970 British Cohort Study: Ten-Year Special Needs Survey, 1980

Effects of Taxes and Benefits on Household Income, 1978

Effects of Taxes and Benefits on Household Income, 1985

Annual Population Survey Household Dataset, January - December, 2011

Parliamentary Socialisation: the Learning Process of New Members of Parliament, 1992-2001

M. Rush
This project studies how UK Members of Parliament (MPs) learn about their job and whether and to what extent they are socialised into various parliamentary roles and types of parliamentary activity. The research was based on surveys of newly-elected MPs and a control group of longer-serving MPs in the 1992-1997 and 1997-2001 Parliaments and an analysis of their parliamentary behaviour, plus interviews with selected MPs, parliamentary and party officials. The research found that MPs face...

International Passenger Survey, 2012

Labour Force Survey Two-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, April - September, 2012

ONS Opinions Survey, October 2011

Social Survey Division Office For National Statistics
The <i>Opinions and Lifestyle Survey</i>, formerly known as <i>ONS Opinions Survey</i> or <i>Omnibus</i>, is a regular, multi-purpose survey which was carried out in eight months of the year from 1990 until April 2005, when it began to run monthly. Following the 'Fit for Future' consultation carried out by ONS at the beginning of 2014, the decision was taken to revert to running the survey in eight months of the year only; therefore from April 2014...

Annual Population Survey, April 2010 - March 2011: Special Licence Access

Young People's Behaviour and Attitudes Survey, 2010

ONS Opinions Survey, Working Conditions Module, March and April, 2010

1970 British Cohort Study: Activity Histories, 1986-2008

Annual Population Survey, January - December, 2004: Special Licence Access

Annual Population Survey, January - December, 2008: Special Licence Access

Annual Population Survey, April 2009 - March 2010: Special Licence Access

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