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Quarterly Labour Force Survey, January - March, 2012: Special Licence Access

Households Below Average Income, 1994/95-2011/12

Annual Population Survey, July 2012 - June 2013

Quarterly Capital Expenditure Survey, 1998-2013: Secure Access

Quarterly Labour Force Survey, April - June, 2013

Road Accident Data, 2011

Road Accident Statistics Branch Department For Transport
Road accident statistics are collected from information about personal injury road accidents and their consequent casualties, to a common national standard. The aim of collecting and publishing national road accident statistics is to inform public debate and to provide the basis for determining and monitoring effective road safety policies to reduce the road accident casualty toll. They are an essential requirement for monitoring targeted reductions in road accident casualties. The credible monitoring of targeted reductions...

Employer Skills Survey, 2011

National Child Measurement Programme, 2010-2011

The <i>National Child Measurement Programme</i> (NCMP) was first established in 2005. It is an annual programme which measures the height and weight of children in Reception and Year 6 within state maintained schools. Some independent and special schools also choose to participate.<br> <br> The measurement process is overseen by trained healthcare professionals in schools and not shared with school staff or pupils. Data are captured and validated by Primary Care Trusts (PCTs). The Health and...

Health and Lifestyle Survey: Seven-Year Follow-Up, 1991-1992

B. D. Cox
Following a number of feasibility studies and pilot surveys carried out in 1978, the first <i>Health and Lifestyle Survey</i> (HALS1) (held at the UKDA under SN 2218), funded by the Health Promotion Research Trust, was carried out in 1984-1985 on a random sample of the population of England, Scotland and Wales. A follow-up survey, HALS2, was conducted in 1991-1992. Ethical approval for the initial pilot studies was obtained locally, and ethical approval for the main...

Growing Up in Scotland: Cohort 1, Sweeps 1-6, 2005-2011

Quarterly Labour Force Survey, October - December, 2012: Special Licence Access

Labour Force Survey Two-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, July - December, 2012

Social Participation and Identity, 2007-2010

A. Miles, J. Elliott, S. Parsons & M. Savage
The <i>Social Participation and Identity</i> project combined quantitative longitudinal data with a qualitative investigation of a sub-sample of the NCDS cohort when they were aged 50, presented here as a mixed-methods data collection containing both qualitative and quantitative data. This was the first attempt to interview members of a national, longitudinal cohort study in depth, with the possibility of linking such biographical narratives to structured survey data collected throughout the life course. Interviews were conducted...

National Survey of Charities and Social Enterprises, 2010

Office For Civil Society Cabinet Office
The <i>National Survey of Charities and Social Enterprises, 2010</i> (NSCSE), formerly known as the <i>National Survey of Third Sector Organisations</i> (NSTSO) measures the views of civil society organisations across 151 top tier local authority areas. The survey had two aims: to measure progress and identify if there has been significant change since the NSTSO 2008 survey (held at the UK Data Archive under SN 6381), and to understand the issues which comprise civil society organisations’...

Annual Population Survey, January - December, 2012

Crime Survey for England and Wales, 2011-2012

<i>2011-2012 self-completion modules</i>:<br> Data from the adult self-completion modules on drinking behaviour and drug use, the children's self-completion module and the low-level geographic variables, are held under Special Licence access conditions under SNs 7256, 7257, 7255 and 7254 respectively. The interpersonal violence data (comprising the module on domestic violence, sexual victimisation and stalking) are now available only under Secure Access conditions. See also 'Access' section below.<br> <br> For the second edition (May 2013), an extra...

Living in Wales: Property Survey, 2008

Statistical Directorate Welsh Assembly Government
The <i>Living in Wales</i> (LIW) survey series, which ran from 2004-2008, was the main general source of statistical information about households and the condition of homes in Wales. The LIW survey was also referred to as the <i>Welsh Household and Dwelling Survey</i> and replaced the former <i>Welsh House Condition Survey</i> (WHCS), which was last conducted in 1997 and 1998, when a Household Survey was completed in 1997 and a Property Survey in 1998.<br> <br> The...

Understanding Society: Wave 1, 2009-2010: Special Licence Access, School Codes

ONS Opinions Survey, December 2011

Social Survey Division Office For National Statistics
The <i>Opinions and Lifestyle Survey</i>, formerly known as <i>ONS Opinions Survey</i> or <i>Omnibus</i>, is a regular, multi-purpose survey which was carried out in eight months of the year from 1990 until April 2005, when it began to run monthly. Following the 'Fit for Future' consultation carried out by ONS at the beginning of 2014, the decision was taken to revert to running the survey in eight months of the year only; therefore from April 2014...

Census 2001: Individual Licenced Sample of Anonymised Records for Imputation Analysis (I-SAR)

Census Division Office For National Statistics & Cathie Marsh Centre For Census University Of Manchester
The 2001 <i>Individual Licenced Sample of Anonymised Records for Imputation Analysis</i> (I-SAR) is a 3% sample of individuals for all countries of the United Kingdom, with approximately 1.84 million records. The data are available for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Information is included for each individual on the main demographic, health, socio-economic and household variables. The 3% sample is an increase by comparison with 2% in 1991. Some variables have been broad-banded to reduce...

Census 2001: Small Area Microdata for Imputation Analysis (SAM)

Census Division Office For National Statistics & Cathie Marsh Centre For Census University Of Manchester
The <i> Census 2001: Small Area Microdata for Imputation Analysis</i> (SAM) is a 5% sample of individuals for all countries of the UK, with 2.96 million cases. Local Authority is the lowest level of geography for England and Wales, Council Areas for Scotland and Parliamentary Constituencies for Northern Ireland. The Scilly Isles have been merged with Penwith and the City of London with Westminster. Orkney and Shetland are merged into one area. All other areas...

Workplace Employee Relations Survey, 2011

Innovation Department For Business

Census 1991: Household Sample of Anonymised Records for Northern Ireland (SARs)

Census Division Office For National Statistics & Cathie Marsh Centre For Census University Of Manchester
The <i>Northern Ireland Household Sample of Anonymised Records</i> (SAR) is a 1% sample of households and all individuals in those households. It is a hierarchical file allowing linkages between individuals. The SARs were drawn from the fully coded set of Census records returned by households and institutions. They therefore omit wholly imputed households and also households that were missed by the Census. <br> <br> The NI Household SAR contains 81 variables, similar to those in...

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