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Census and Poor Law Union Data, 1871-1891

I. Plewis
The paper Udny Yule read to the Royal Statistical Society at the end of the nineteenth century (Yule, 1899) was a landmark in social statistics. He applied multiple regression analysis to a question of social policy, namely reforms to the 19th century system of poverty alleviation in England. To do this, Yule created a dataset from administrative and Census data. Yule’s original dataset was not preserved, but because his data were drawn from public sources,...

Labour Force Survey Five-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, October 2010 - December 2011

Social Survey Division Office For National Statistics & Northern Ireland Statistics
For the third edition (August 2015) an updated version of the data file was deposited, weighted to 2014 population figures (based on Census 2011). <br> <br> <b>Background</b><br> The <i>Labour Force Survey</i> (LFS) is a unique source of information using international definitions of employment and unemployment and economic inactivity, together with a wide range of related topics such as occupation, training, hours of work and personal characteristics of household members aged 16 years and over. It...

Multiple environmental deprivation and physical activity

Niamh Shortt

Experimental data from studies of human decision making under risk and perception of randomness

Paul Warren

Labour Force Survey Five-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, April 2012 - June 2013

Office For National Statistics. Social Survey Division

Millennium Cohort Study: Geographical Identifiers, Second Survey: Secure Access

University Of London. Institute Of Education. Centre For Longitudinal Studies

Understanding Society: Innovation Panel, Waves 1-7, 2008-2014

University Of Essex. Institute For Social And Economic Research NatCen Social Research

Street children's life paths and family relations in Cape Town, South Africa

Lorraine VanBlerk

Taking Part: the National Survey of Culture, Leisure and Sport, 2013-2014; Adult and Child Data: Special Licence Access

Media Department For Culture
For <i>Taking Part, 2013-2014</i>, also known as Year 9 of the continuous survey, 10,355 adults and 829 children aged 11-15 were interviewed. Interviews were conducted face-to-face in home by specially trained interviewers working on behalf of TNS BMRB using Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI). From Year 8, a longitudinal element was included in the survey; see documentation for further details.<br> <br> This study is subject to restrictive Special Licence (SL) access conditions as it contains...

The support priorities of multiply excluded homeless people and their compatibility with support agency agendas

Peter Dwyer, Mark Weinstein, Graham Bowpitt & Eva Sundin

Labour Force Survey Two-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, October 2012 - March 2013

Office For National Statistics. Social Survey Division

Understanding Society: Waves 1-4, 2009-2013: Special Licence Access, Census 2001 Lower Layer Super Output Areas

University Of Essex. Institute For Social And Economic Research NatCen Social Research

The Politics of Competence: Longitudinal and Comparative Analysis

Jane Green

English Housing Survey, 2012-2013: Household Data Teaching Dataset

University Of Manchester, Cathie Marsh Institute For Social Research (CMIST), UK Data Service
The <i>English Housing Survey 2012-2013 Household Data Teaching Dataset</i> is based on the <i>English Housing Survey, 2012-2013: Household Data</i> (held under SN 7512) and constitutes real data which are used by the Department for Communities and Local Government and are behind many headlines. The teaching dataset is a subset which has been subjected to certain simplifications and additions for the purpose of learning and teaching.<br> <br> The main differences are:<ul><li>the number of variables has been...

Inattentive Consumers in Markets of Services

Stefania Sitzia, Daniel John Zizzo, Catherine Waddams & Morten Hviid

PolicyGrid II - Supporting Interdisciplinary Evidence Bases for Scientific Collaboration & Policy Making

Peter Edwards

Left behind in transition? Poverty, social networks and social support amongst older people in Central Asia and the Caucasus.

Jane Falkingham & Maria Evandrou

A local bias in attention.

Jules Davidoff

Monitoring data streams: Using judgment to detect regime change and to assess the effectiveness of interventions

Nigel Harvey

Data from Social Networks and Infant Mortality: the impact of bonding and bridging on birth outcomes for women from diverse backgrounds

Ghazala Mir & Katie Fermor

Quarterly Labour Force Survey, October - December, 2014

Office For National Statistics. Social Survey Division Northern Ireland Statistics And Research Agency. Central Survey Unit

Opinions and Lifestyle Survey, Charitable Giving Module, May, June and November 2013

Social Office For National Statistics
The <i>Opinions and Lifestyle Survey</i>, formerly known as <i>ONS Opinions Survey</i> or <i>Omnibus</i>, is a regular, multi-purpose survey which was carried out in eight months of the year from 1990 until April 2005, when it began to run monthly. Following the 'Fit for Future' consultation carried out by ONS at the beginning of 2014, the decision was taken to revert to running the survey in eight months of the year only; therefore from April 2014...

Labour Force Survey Five-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, July 2011 - September 2012

Office For National Statistics. Social Survey Division

Semantic Grid Tools for Rural Policy Development and Appraisal

Peter Edwards

Labour Force Survey Five-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, July 2012 - September 2013

Office For National Statistics. Social Survey Division

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