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Collection of tweets mentioning the UK petitions

Helen Z. Margetts, Scott A. Hale & Taha Yasseri

Collection of tweets mentioning the US petitions

Helen Z. Margetts, Scott A. Hale & Taha Yasseri

BBC Great British Class Survey, 2011-2013

F. Devine & M. Savage
The aim of the <I>Great British Class Survey</I> project was to understand the landscape of class and stratification in contemporary Great Britain. It was a joint project between the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Lab UK, BBC Current Affairs, and a team of academic researchers. The BBC initiated the research as part of an interest in exploring class dynamics in the UK in a new way, both theoretically and methodologically. Theoretically, the set of questions was...

Mathematics learning, identity and educational practice: the transition into Higher Education

Julian Williams, Laura Black, Geoffrey Wake, Pauline Davis & Birgit Pepin

Labour Force Survey Annual Eurostat Dataset, 2012

Northern Ireland Statistics & Social Survey Division Office For National Statistics
The <i>Labour Force Survey Annual Eurostat Datasets</i> form the UK component of the <i>European Union Labour Force Survey</i> (EU LFS), and consist of a subset of core variables from the UK Quarterly Labour Force Survey (held at the UK Data Archive under GN 33246), alongside primary and secondary derived variables computed by Eurostat from the core variables supplied. The data comprise seasonal or calendar quarters, depending on the date, and are not directly comparable with...

Field experiment on the behavioural foundations of inter-group discrimination and its effects on public good provision in India

Miguel A Fonseca & Surajeet Chakravarty

Black Immigrants to Britain, 1890-1975

P. Thompson
This study is available via the UK Data Service <a href='http://discover.ukdataservice.ac.uk/QualiBank'>QualiBank</a>, an online tool for browsing, searching and citing the content of selected qualitative data collections held at the UK Data Service.<br> <br> Life-history interviews with black immigrants born before 1911 focusing on family life, community and work experience in England and Wales before 1918. The interview schedule covered first impressions of Britain; domestic routine, including the roles of husbands, wives and children; meals; the...

Quarterly Labour Force Survey, April - June, 2015

New metrics for exploring the relationship between mobility and successful ageing

Lynn McInnes

Identifying the wider, non-linguistic, benefits of gestural communication with infants.

Karen Pine

War trophies in the Western military

Simon Harrison

Vicarious learning of children's fears: mechanisms, prevention and reversal

Chris Askew, Andy Field & Gemma Reynolds

New methods for forecasting inflation and its sub-components: Applications to the UK, USA and South Africa

Janine Aron

Labour Force Survey Two-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, April - September, 2002

Social Office For National Statistics & Northern Ireland Statistics
This study was deposited in 2008, as a result of the move from seasonal to calendar quarters for the QLFS, and the reweighting process to 2007-2008 population figures. It combines data from previously-available QLFS seasonal two-quarter longitudinal datasets. The depositor has advised that small revisions to the data may have been made during this process, but they should not be significant.<br> <br> For the second edition (July 2015) an updated version of the data file...

Beyond clusters: the implications of life science commodity chains for less-favoured regions

Kean Birch

Labour Force Survey Five-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, April 2013 - June 2014

Creativity and Performativity in Teaching and Learning (CAPITAL) Version 2

Bob Jeffrey

Sleepiness-Related 'Distractability' Under Monotonous Work Settings

James Horne

When the Going Gets Tough: Motivation and Goal Self-Regulation

Nikos Ntoumanis

Effects of Taxes and Benefits on Household Income, 2013-2014

Effects of Taxes and Benefits on Household Income, 2012-2013

Exploring abusive behaviours in lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender relationships

Catherine Donovan & Rebecca Barnes

National Survey for Wales, 2013-2014

The <i> National Survey for Wales, 2013-2014</i> is the second year of the survey. The Year 2 dataset is based on a household questionnaire; it was asked of one randomly selected adult aged 16 or over in each randomly selected household.<br> <br> For the second edition (August 2015) an updated version of the data file was deposited, with some revisions to variables. See the change and revisions file in the documentation for full details.<br> <br>...

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