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Sleepiness-Related 'Distractability' Under Monotonous Work Settings

James Horne

Incubation processes during problem solving

Kenneth Gilhooly

Creativity and Performativity in Teaching and Learning (CAPITAL) Version 2

Bob Jeffrey

The role of inhibition in response selection with endogenous and socially-relevant cues

Robin Walker

Exploring justice issues in chronic pain: sufferer and partner perspectives

Joanna McParland

Animals in Bushman Medicine

Christopher Low

Beyond clusters: the implications of life science commodity chains for less-favoured regions

Kean Birch

Cognitive Interference and control adjustments in speeded reaction time tasks

Ines Jentzsch

The role of perceptual modalities in conceptual processing

Louise Connell

The Impacts of Work-Life Balance on Learning & Innovation in Regional Economies

Alan James

Learning to read words: what's meaning got to do with it?

Kate Nation

Search and the development of competition in UK electricity supply

Michael Waterson

Effects of perspective taking on attitudes towards outgroups: the moderating role of group identification

Mark Tarrant

Associability processes in human learning: Tests of a hybrid model

Michael Le Pelley

Learning to care for children: training, and the acquisition of a 'vocational habitus'.

Carol Vincent

The neuroscience of conventions and norms (Society, Social Behaviour, and the Neurosciences highlight notice)

Francesco Guala

Masked Priming of Continuous Movement Parameters: Exploring Boundary Conditions

Friederike Schlaghecken

Information and Time in Absolute Identification

James Adelman

Procedural Fairness as a Buffer and Resource against Undesirable Information

Constantine Sedikides

An ultrasound study of lingual coarticulation in children and adults

Natalia Zharkova

Children's eyewitness testimony: social contamination of memory and theory of mind development.

Alexandra Bright-Paul

Digital Literacies in Higher Education

Mary Lea

Friends of the Earth International: Negotiating a North-South Identity

Brian Doherty

Skills for Managing Spatial Diversity

Brendan Murtagh

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