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Young Lives: School Survey, Vietnam, 2016-2017

Department Of International Development University Of Oxford
<b>School Survey:</b><br> A school survey was introduced into Young Lives in 2010, following the third round of the household survey, in order to capture detailed information about children's experiences of schooling, and to improve our understanding of:<ul><li>the relationships between learning outcomes, and children's home backgrounds, gender, work, schools, teachers and class and school peer-groups</li><li>school effectiveness, by analysing factors explaining the development of cognitive and non-cognitive skills in school, including value-added analysis of schooling and comparative...

Young Lives: an International Study of Childhood Poverty: Round 2, 2006

J. Boyden

Young Lives: School Survey, Vietnam, 2011-2012

New Baltic Barometer I-VI Trend Dataset, 1993-2004

R. Rose

New Democracies Barometer II-V: Belarus, 1992-1998

R. Rose

New Democracies Barometer II-V: Croatia, 1992-1998

R. Rose

New Democracies Barometer I-V: Poland, 1991-1998

R. Rose

Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, 1997-2018: Secure Access

The <i>Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings</i> (ASHE) is one of the largest surveys of the earnings of individuals in the UK. Data on the wages, paid hours of work, and pensions arrangements of nearly one per cent of the working population are collected. Other variables relating to age, occupation and industrial classification are also available. The ASHE sample is drawn from National Insurance records for working individuals, and the survey forms are sent to...

Low birth weight in South Asia, trial dataset

Naomi M. Saville

Parent-infant concurrent EEG and looking data

Victoria Leong & Sam Wass

Test Dataset: a Comparative Test, December 2017; Subtitle

Northern Ireland Statistics

Employer Perspectives Survey, 2016: Special Licence Access

The <I>Employer Perspectives Survey, 2016: Special Licence Access</I> was conducted between May and August 2016, and captured the views of over 18,000 employers across the United Kingdom. Interviews were conducted at an establishment level with the most senior person at the site with responsibility for human resources.<br> <br> Prior to the 2016 EPS, a statistical review of the sampling strategy was conducted to weigh up the relative merits of different approaches to the sampling; this...

English Housing Survey, 2014-2016: Secure Access

Futuretrack: a Longitudinal Study of Applicants to UK Higher Education, 2006-2012

P. Purcell Elias

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