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Nest of hatched eggs of Wilson Phalarope

Harold C. Bryant


Joseph Grinnell

Sierra Marmot in rocks

Tracy I. Storer

Old female mule deer taken by R. Gilmore

Chester C. Lamb

Polar Bear crowd (smoke blurred)

Joseph S. Dixon

Tattler, Wandering - hiding in rocks

Joseph S. Dixon

Tattler, Wandering - on bare willow

Joseph S. Dixon

nest of Golden-crowned Sparrow (Swarth, n 2/4)

Joyce Gross

Gray fox scarf, 1 skin, natural color and tail $8.00 Oliver's furs

Joseph S. Dixon

Deer (mule) - doe licking back

Joseph S. Dixon

Condor and nest hole in Redwood tree. See field notes Koford 1946-1950

Eben McMillan

Gopher (T. monticola) food, plant peppermint

Joseph S. Dixon

Site of the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology with the compliments of Miss Carol Day July 30, 1929

Joyce Gross

Monterey pine, partly dead at margin of Mound Meadow

Lawrence V. Compton

Mountain sheep - young ram on cliff

Joseph S. Dixon

'Panamint Tom's' sweat house

Joseph S. Dixon

Immature Calif. Condor, sunset shot with shadow, on take off point of landing

Carl B. Koford

Spoonbill Sanpiper nest 1s at 16

Joseph S. Dixon

Grey Bushy-tailed Woodrat

Charles D. Holliger

Young trees cut by Aplodontia

Charles D. Holliger

View of camp from East; Rocky hill habitat of Perognathus spinatus

Seth B. Benson

Squirrel, Red - on base tree

Joseph S. Dixon

General view across Merced River Valley - showing beaver ponds in pasture

Joseph S. Dixon

Niche of Hydromantes platycephalus

Robert C. Stebbins

Captive Pikas (44-45) at birth (2)

Joye H. Severaid

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