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Progress in Development of the Analogue Read-out Chip for Silicon Strip Detector Modules for LHC Experiments

D Ferrère, S Roe, W Dabrowski, A Rudge, Enrico Guido Chesi, A Zsenei, R Szczygiel, J Kaplon, Peter Weilhammer, C Lacasta, J A Clark & J Lozano-Bahilo

Multiprocessor system controlling power supply distribution for the ATLAS SCT

M Morrissey, E Spencer, H Pernegger, G F Moorhead, E Stanecka, A A Grillo, S Koperny, Piotr Malecki, P W Philips, H Sandaker, E Górnicki, P Ferrari, J Böhm, S Roe, R Brenner & J Stastny

Neutrino Physics (CERN-2014-001)

Zhi-Zhong Xing
I give a theoretical overview of some basic properties of massive neutrinos in these lectures. Particular attention is paid to the origin of neutrino masses, the pattern of lepton flavor mixing, the feature of leptonic CP violation and the electromagnetic properties of massive neutrinos. I highlight the TeV seesaw mechanisms as a possible bridge between neutrino physics and collider physics in the era characterized by the Large Hadron Collider.

Calibration boards for the ATLAS LAr calorimeters

N Dumont-Dayot, M Moynot, K Jakobs, I Wingerter-Seez, P Perrodo, L Serin, G Perrot, N Seguin-Moreau, C De La Taille, J P Richer, D Schroff & U Schäfer

Physics of the Cosmic Microwave Background and the Planck Mission

Hannu Kurki-Suonio
This lecture is a sketch of the physics of the cosmic microwave background. The observed anisotropy can be divided into four main contributions: variations in the temperature and gravitational potential of the primordial plasma, Doppler effect from its motion, and a net red/blueshift the photons accumulate from traveling through evolving gravitational potentials on their way from the primordial plasma to here. These variations are due to primordial perturbations, probably caused by quantum fluctuations in the...

Shifts of the spherical single particle levels

R A Sørensen
Studies the shifts of spherical single-particle levels in medium to heavy nuclei. The calculation uses the Bruechner G matrix derived from the Reid soft core nucleon-nucleon potential. Not all of the nuclei are spherical, but spherical levels may be used as a basis for a self- consistent calculation to see which nuclei should be deformed. (12 refs).

High Radiation Resistant DC-DC Converter Regulators for use in Magnetic fields for LHC High Luminosity Silicon Trackers

S Dhawan, S Rescia, P Tipton, D Lynn, O Baker, M Weber & J Kierstead
For more efficient power transport to the electronics embedded inside large colliding beam detectors, we explore the feasibility of supplying higher DC voltage and using local DC-DC conversion to 1.3 V (or lower, depending upon on the lithography of the embedded electronics) using switch mode regulators located very close to the front end electronics. These devices will be exposed to high radiation and high magnetic fields, 10 – 100 Mrads and 2 - 4 Tesla...

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