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Physics at HERA

J Meyer

HOM Damping in SBLC Accelerating Section Using Input Coupler

D V Kostin, S N Yarigin, N Holtkamp, S V Ivanov, N P Sobenin, A N Parfenov, M Dohlus, V E Kaljuzhny, A A Zavadtsev & O S Milovanov

Longitudinal Emittance from the Fermilab 400 MeV Linac

C W Schmidt, M Popovic, E S McCrory & L Allen

Thermo-Mechanical Design of a CW Sweep Plate Emittance Scanner

J Rathke, J J Sredniawski & M Peacock

Critical Temperatures for Crystalline Beam

Andrew M Sessler, X P Rutgers & J Wei

Jet characteristics at TeV energies

P N Burrows & G Ingelman

Present and future computer architectures

R P Mount

Design and manufacture of an accurate composite piece

L López, C Esnault, F Navarro, M Raymond & L Martin

RF Structure Design for the TBNLC

T L Houck, E Henestroza, J S Kim, G A Westenskow, S Eylon, S S Yu & B Kulke

Simulation of Linac Operation Using the Tracking Code L

M Timm, T Weiland & M Drevlak

High Performance Computing: Past, Present and Future

Anthony J G Hey

Operational aspects and exploitation

J P Potier

Cooled Beam Intensity Limits in the IUCF Cooler

D Anderson, P Schwandt, G East, V P Derenchuk, Terence Sloan, M Ellison, B J Hamilton, S S Nagaitsev, T Ellison, D L Friesel & M S Ball

Emittance exchange insertion

P J Bryant

Space-Charge Neutralization Experiment with a Low-Energy Proton Beam

N Pichoff, P Chaix, G Haouat, Pierre Yves Beauvais & J M Lagniel

Quench protection

K H Mess

Software engineering

Gottfried Kellner

The practice of SA-SD

S Fisher

Large scale production of scintillator crystals

K Matthews

High and low rate irradiations of scintillators and wave length shifters

U Holm, T Marckmann, K Wick, A Dannemann & M Rohde

The Architecture of the high performance storage system (HPSS)

D Teaff, B Coyne & D Watson

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