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Post – Operative Analgesia In Patients Under Thoracotomy

Evangelos Giavasopoulos
The thoracotomy is one of the most painful surgery operations, and the final outcome is directly associated with the postoperative pain control, because it allows quick mobilization, intense respiratory physiotherapy and reduces postoperative morbidity. Unfortunately, patients under thoracotomy, incur a significant risk of chronic pain. Although there are guidelines for the management of post-operative pain relief in these patients, however there is no widespread surgical or anesthetic "gold standard." In the present article it has...

A program for searching optimal root parameters in plant water uptake modeling

Xuejun Dong
This is a Fortran 77 program designed to search for optimal root distribution and rooting depth parameters useful for modeling plant root uptake and soil water dynamics. A full documentation of the utilities of the program is in X. Dong. 2016. How to put plant root uptake into a soil water
flow model. F1000Research, 5:43 (doi: 10.12688/f1000research.7686.1) and X. Dong, B. Patton, A. Nyren, P. Nyren and L. Prunty. 2010. Quantifying root water extraction by...

Romanimperialcoins: Production Release

Daniel Pett
This is the current version of the MicroPasts crowdsourcing application for assignation of RIC identifiers to PAS coins

Association Between Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation And Distress - Anxiety - Depression

Asimina Kiropoulou & Maria Polykandrioti
Introduction: In recent decades, more and more studies indicate that haematopoietic stem cell transplantation triggers numerous mental disorders to the haematological patient. Aim: The aim of the present study was to review the literature on the occurrence of mental disorders, such as distress, anxiety and depression in hematological patients undergoing haematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Material-Method: The method of this study included research of the literature from reviews and researches in «pubmed» and «google scholar» databases,...

Loquat: Loquat V2.0.0-M6

Alexey Alekhin, Eduardo Pareja Tobes, Evdokim Kovach & Marina Manrique
Milestone release. See notes for 2.0.0. #35 add artifact org to S3 object metadata #22 support different AWS regions update to datasets 0.3.0 #28 Strings as input data #40 check input S3 object existence #17 simplify configuration

Cat-Icecream: First Release

Bill Mills
this is the first release of cat-icecream; please see the readme for contribution instructions if you'd like to get involved in future development!

Aspiring International Standards: Challenges And Outcomes Of Project Management In The Context Of Kazakhstan Higher Education

Anar Mukhtarova & Altynay Smith
Universities in Kazakhstan are striving to improve their practices in a highly competitive education environment. The purpose of this paper is to review the progress of the project initiated by the senior management of Turar Ryskulov Kazakh Economic University to introduce changes based on accreditation agencies’ standards. The results of the critical review indicate that the anticipated results of the change process were not fully achieved due to lack of consistency in management decisions, low...

Real-Time Monitoring Of Building Energy Metering Networks

Diogo Anjos, Paulo Carreira & Alexandre P Francisco
Energy Management Systems (EMSs) are used to monitor energy consumption in buildings with the purpose of improving energy efficiency, by identifying savings opportunities and misuse situations. To achieve that, an EMS collects energy metering data streams from a network of energy meters in the building. Sensor data must be processed in (near) real-time, to support a timely decision making process. Currently, EMSs are using traditional DBMSs to process such data, introducing a persistence step that...

Scikit-Cuda 0.5.1

Lev Givon, Thomas Unterthiner, N. Benjamin Erichson, David Wei Chiang, Eric Larson, Luke A. Pfister, Sander Dieleman, Gregory R. Lee, Stefan Van Der Walt, Teodor Mihai Moldovan, Frédéric Bastien, Jz1536, Xing Shi, Jan Schlüter, Brian Thomas, Chris Capdevila & Alex Rubinsteyn
Python interface to GPU-powered libraries

Bayesian Analysis Of Resolved Stellar Spectra: Application To Mmt/Hectochelle Observations Of The Draco Dwarf Spheroidal

Matthew G. Walker, Edward W. Olszewski & Mario Mateo
supplementary data products, including all sky-subtracted spectra from individual targets, as well as random draws from posterior PDFs for model parameters (see enclosed README file)

Differential Interferogram Of The Lefkada 17 November 2015 Earthquake

Nikos Svigkas, Papoutsis Ioannis & Charalambos (Haris) Kontoes
On the 17th of November 2015, an earthquake of Mw 6.4 hit the western Greek island of Lefkada, located in Ionian Sea, an area that is well known for its active tectonics. A second earthquake of Mw 5.0 successively followed. These events induced rock falls and landslides having as consequences two life losses and extensive damages to roads and buildings.
Shortly after the events, BEYOND acquired a set of Sentinel-1 TOPSAR scenes, one before and...

Laketrophicmodelling: Ecosphere Publication

Jeffrey W. Hollister, Betty J. Kreakie & W. Bryan Milstead
This release represents the work as it was accepted by Ecosphere for final publication. Changes after this release reflect only small updates (i.e. adding DOI of this release to paper).

Drivers And Barriers To Introducing Knowledge Management Initiatives In Hotel Enterprises In Croatia

Kristina Črnjar
The introduction of knowledge management (KM) initiatives should result in the creation of added value, that is, wealth for the enterprise, its employees and, ultimately society at large. In the hotel industry the importance of human resources and knowledge, that is, intangible assets, is immense. Despite this, hotel enterprises have yet to introduce to the fullest extent KM-focused activities. The study was undertaken within the context of the hotel industry of Croatia to determine drivers...

Wadp: Word Association Data Processor 0.6

Andy Buerki
The Word Association Data Processor (WADP) automates key aspects of the processing of word association data gathered from respondents in word association tests. Its user base is expected to be linguists and others working with word association data and employing a methodology similar to that presented in Fitzpatrick et. al. (2013).

A plant root water utpake model

Xuejun Dong
A plant root water uptake model written in Fortran 77. The program was based on A.W. Warrick's soil water infiltration and redistribution model (2003, Soil Water Dynamics, Oxford University Press), with additions in (a) dynamic root growth, (b) non-uniform root distribution and water uptake, (c) effect of water stress on plant uptake, (d) root uptake compensation, and (e) soil evaporation, etc.
A full documentation of the utilities of the program is in X. Dong. 2016....

Imap4: An Open Source Toolbox For The Statistical Fixation Mapping Of Eye Movement Data With Linear Mixed Modeling

Junpeng Lao, Sébastien Miellet, Cyril Pernet, Nayla Sokhn & Roberto Caldara
A major challenge in modern eye movement research is to statistically map where observers are looking, by isolating the significant differences between groups and conditions. Compared to signals of contemporary neuroscience measures, such as M/EEG and fMRI, eye movement data are sparser with much larger variations in space across trials and participants. As a result, the implementation of a conventional linear modeling approach on two-dimensional fixation distributions often returns unstable estimations and underpowered results, leaving...

Biokepi: Pre-Alpha Release

Sebastien Mondet, Arun Ahuja, Leonid Rozenberg & Isaac Hodes
This release works with Ketrew 2.0.0.

Model Of Optimization Of Dmos’ Marketing Communication Via Internet

Iva Slivar Tiganj & Dina Lončarić
The main goal of this paper is to propose a model of optimization of DMOs’ marketing communication via internet. In this context, special attention is paid on measuring and optimizing communication strategies of DMO-s and linking the effects of campaigns carried out by the DMO with business results of tourism products providers. The proposed model of optimization contributes to the important task of DMOs: justifying to stakeholders the spent of budget by proving return on...

Updating Nurse Graduate Knowledge – The Development Of The “Evidence Based Practice In Nursing” Continuing Educational Programme

Areti Stavropoulou
In recent years there has been given great importance in designing continuing education and lifelong learning programs. The development process of such programs is strongly related to successful learning outcomes. The aim of this paper is to describe the process followed to design the “Evidence Based Practice in Nursing” Continuing Educational Program which implemented at the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Crete, TEI Athens and ΑTEI of Thessaloniki during the academic year 2014-2015. The development...

Koncepcja Istnienia - Pomiędzy Mitami O Stworzeniu Świata I Obrzędami Pojednania. Gdyby Matteo Ricci Dopłynął Na Madagaskar...

Cesare Giraudo
he Concept of Existence - between Myths of Creation and Reconciliation Rites. If Matteo Ricci Had Landed on Madagascar...

A Person-Group Fit Model As An Antecedent Of Group Performance

Isik Çiçek & İsmail Hakkı Biçer
Depending on the effect of technology on organizations and work, a remarkable factor for solving human-oriented problems is having an employee congruent with his/her group. Considering fit as a tool for creating this employee profile has become a research topic in the field of human resource management for the last several years. One of the effects related to fit/misfit is group performance. The effect of employees’ fit with their group on the performance of working...

Btp-Workshop-Ngs: Btp-2015-12

Nathan S. Watson-Haigh, Jerico Revote, Paulamool, Tsonika & Xi Li
Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing workshop release BTP-2015-12.

«Земля Незнаема»: Население Бассейна Среднего Псла В Х – Xiii Вв. (По Материалам Роменско-Древнерусского Комплекса В С. Каменное)

Олег Сухобоков
Книга посвящена исследованию пограничного региона Древнерусского государства к востоку от р. Сулы, упоминаемого автором «Слова о полку Игореве» в числе «земель незнаемых». В научный оборот впервые в полном объеме вводятся материалы археологического комплекса роменско-древнерусских памятников на р. Псел в с. Каменное Сумской области, на примере которого раскрыты процессы освоения, социально-экономического и культурного развития региона от северянского этапа Х – начала XI вв. вплоть до Батыева нашествия. Книга иллюстрирована картами, чертежами, рисунками и фотографиями. Предназначена для...

Supplementary Video: An End-To-End Dna Taxonomy Methodology For Benthic Biodiversity Survey In The Clarion-Clipperton Zone, Central Pacific Abyss

Adrian G. Glover, Thomas G. Dahlgren, Helena Wiklund, Inga Mohrbeck & Craig R. Smith
Supplementary video for the article "An End-to-End DNA Taxonomy Methodology for Benthic Biodiversity Survey in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone, Central Pacific Abyss".

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