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Figure 1. Pseudochromis Oligochrysus, Mzb 20567 In Two New Dottyback Species Of The Genus Pseudochromis From Southern Indonesia (Teleostei: Pseudochromidae)

Anthony C. Gill, Gerald R. Allen & Mark Erdmann
FIGURE 1. Pseudochromis oligochrysus, MZB 20567, holotype, 49.8 mm SL, Nusa Penida, Indonesia (photo by G. R. Allen).


Ewa Kwiatkowska
Urine arylsulfatase A activity in brain-dead graft donors is a predictor of early and late graft function.

Figure 2 In Redescription Of The Tadpoles Of Three Species Of Frogs From Uruguay (Amphibia: Anura: Leiuperidae And Leptodactylidae), With Notes On Natural History

Claudio Borteiro & Francisco Kolenc
FIGURE 2. The tadpole of Leptodactylus latinasus, stage 34, ZVCB 15186. A. Lateral view. B. Dorsal view. C. Oral disc. Scale bars = 5 mm (A, B), and = 1 mm (C).

Chemosensitation Of Ursolic Acid Loaded Poly (Lactic-Co-Glycoilc Acid) Nanoparticles And Caffiene Loaded Poly (Lactic-Co-Glycoilc Acid) Nanoparticles In Ht29 Cell Lines

Jose Merlin J.P A, Venkadesh B, Sheeja S Rajan & Sumesh
The aim of the present study was to develop UA-PLGA NPs and Caf-PLGA NPs to study its anticancer efficacy in HT29 cells in vitro. The method used for the study was to synthesis the nanoparticles, Particle size, size distribution and zeta potential, Drug encapsulation efficiency and in vitro drug release. Then the nanoparticles were subjected in cancer cell lines and the parameters used were Drug treatment and dose fixation study, Apoptotic morphological changes. The results...

Figure 4 In A Review Of The Genus Platypygus Loew (Mythicomyiidae: Platypyginae) In Iran, With Notes On Cyrtisiopsis Maculiventris (Loew) N. Comb.

Babak Gharali, Neal Evenhuis, Karim Kamali & Ali Asghar Talebi
FIGURE 4. Genitalia of P. kurd orum: a—female genitalia except reservoirs, b—spermathecal reservoir, c—gonocoxa and gonostyli (dorsal view), d—phallic complex (lateral view), e—phallic complex (dorsal view), f—epandrium (lateral view).

Figure 3–6. 3 In New Fossil Lace Bugs (Heteroptera: Tingidae) From The Middle Eocene Of The Grube Messel (Germany), With A Catalog Of Fossil Lace Bugs

Torsten Wappler
FIGURE 3–6. 3, Dorsal habitus of holotype of Exmesselensis disspinosus (SMF MeI 6301); 4, Detail of areolate hemelytra of E. disspinosus (SMF MeI 6301); 5, Lateral habitus of paratype (SMF MeI 6958); 6, Detail of head and antennae structures (SMF MeI 6958).

kwb.hantush (v0.2.1): An R Package for Calculating Groundwater Mounding Beneath an Infiltration Basin Based on the Hantush Equation

Michael Rustler
Recommended Literature The USGS report ‘Simulation of Groundwater Mounding Beneath Hypothetical Stormwater Infiltration Basins’ by Carleton (2010) provides more background information on the Hantush calculation and also compares it to alternative approaches. In order to validate the calculation accuracy of the R package kwb.hantush it is benchmarked against these solutions here. Documentation website https://kwb-r.github.io/kwb.hantush/dev

Morphology-Based Phylogenetic Analysis Of The Treehopper Tribe Smiliini (Hemiptera: Membracidae: Smiliinae), With Reinstatement Of The Tribe Telamonini

Matthew S. Wallace
Wallace, Matthew S. (2011): Morphology-based phylogenetic analysis of the treehopper tribe Smiliini (Hemiptera: Membracidae: Smiliinae), with reinstatement of the tribe Telamonini. Zootaxa 3047: 1-42, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.205221

AKWI Nr. 2 (2014)

2016 Luzern Marfurt Konrad
Zeitschrift des Arbeitskreises Wirtschaftsinformatik an deutschsprachigen Fachhochschulen 2. Jahrgang 2016 Anwendungen und Konzepte der Wirtschaftsinformatik, aufbereitet in den Rubriken "Grundlagen", "Trends", "Praxis", "Kurz erklärt", "Bücher", "Abschlussarbeiten"

AKWI Nr. 1 (2013)

Marfurt Konrad & Müller Christian
Zeitschrift des Arbeitskreises Wirtschaftsinformatik an deutschsprachigen Fachhochschulen 1. Jahrgang 2016 Anwendungen und Konzepte der Wirtschaftsinformatik, aufbereitet in den Rubriken "Grundlagen", "Trends", "Praxis", "Kurz erklärt", "Bücher", "Abschlussarbeiten"

Sahana4Greece: A Crowd-Sourced Virtual Eoc For Supporting The Rescue & Relief Operations In Greece For The Refugees

PhD) Harris V Georgiou (MSc
2015 Free & Open-Source Software Communities Meeting (FOSSCOMM 2015), 6-8 Nov 2015 @ Athens, Greece.

Figures 1–7 In Oligogaster Gen. Nov., A New Chrysidid Genus From Egypt (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae, Elampini)

Ahmed M. Soliman & Lynn S. Kimsey
FIGURES 1–7. Oligogaster kimseyae Soliman, spec. nov., female, holotype. 1. Habitus, dorsal view; 2. Head, frontal view; 3. Head, scape, pedicle and flagellomeres1–3, lateral view; 4. Hind tibia, inner side; 5. Hind tarsal claw; 6. Fore wing; 7. Metasoma, lateral view.

M-M.E.S.S. - The Matrix Equation Sparse Solver Library

Jens Saak, Martin Köhler & Peter Benner
The M-M.E.S.S. toolbox provides solvers for large-scale, sparse, symmetric linear and quadratic matrix equations. These can be algebraic and differential equations and the solvers are in their core all based on the low-rank ADI method. M-M.E.S.S. can be seen as the successor to the LyaPack toolbox with an improved formulation of the ADI, that now properly supports generalized state space systems, but also special structured DAEs. It features additional solvers for differential equations, improved shift...

An Indo-Pacific damselfish on an oil-platform in the southwest Gulf of Mexico

Nuno Simoes & D Ross Robertson
The damselfish Neopomacentrus cyanomos is a common fish on coral reefs throughout the Indo-west Pacific. This species, which is not native to the Atlantic, was first observed in the southwest Gulf of Mexico in 2013. Subsequent investigations show that it is widely distributed in that area. Current evidence supports the hypothesis that this species having been transported to the Gulf of Mexico by an offshore oil platform being relocated there from the Indo-Pacific. On inshore...

Notes On Burmese Spiders Formerly Attributed To The Genus Storena (Zodariidae, Araneae)

Pakawin Dankittipakul, Maria Tavano & Tippawan Singtripop
Dankittipakul, Pakawin, Tavano, Maria, Singtripop, Tippawan (2011): Notes on Burmese spiders formerly attributed to the genus Storena (Zodariidae, Araneae). Zootaxa 3048: 53-61, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.203503

Kinisot: v 1.0.0 public API for Kinisot.py

Robert Paton
A Python program to compute kinetic isotope effects from two Gaussian output files, one of which is a ground state and the other a transition state. It is developed by Robert Paton at Colorado State University. This is a Python version of Kinisot, inspired by the Fortran version originally written by Henry Rzepa. This version does not require parameter files to run and allows easy manipulation of temperature and vibrational scaling factors. The level of...

Cancerit/Vagrent: V3.2.0: Improves Reference File Generation

Keiran Raine, AndyMenzies & David Jones
Allows use of ensemblgenomes.org as a datasource Handle genes without names, and give more useful error message Ensure an error code is emmitted on failure

Figure 4 In A Remarkable New Species Of Callulina (Amphibia: Anura: Brevicipitidae) With Massive, Boldly Coloured Limb Glands

Michele Menegon, David J. Gower & Simon P. Loader
FIGURE 4. Views of the habitat at the type locality of Callulina meteora sp. nov.

Figure 8 In Xenoschesis Förster (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) Parasitizing Webspinning And Leafrolling Sawflies With Descriptions Of Four New Species And A Key To Chinese Species

Mao-Ling Sheng, Shu-Ping Sun & Tao Wang
FIGURE 8. Xenoschesis (Xenoschesis) tianzhuensis Sheng & Sun, sp. n. Holotype. 8 a. Body, lateral view. 8 b. Face. 8 c. Vertex. 8 d. Mesopleuron. 8 e. Second and third terga of metasoma,. 8 f. Apical portion of metasoma, lateral view.

Figures 6 – 9 In A Review Of Physiphora Fallén (Diptera: Ulidiidae) From China

Xiao-Lin Chen & Elena P. Kameneva
FIGURES 6 – 9. Physiphora alceae Preyssler; 6, epandrium, posterior view; 7, same, ventral view; 8, phallus, distal portion; 9, ejaculatory apodeme.

DuMuX 2.10.0

Johannes Hommel, Sina Ackermann, Martin Beck, Beatrix Becker, Holger Class, Thomas Fetzer, Bernd Flemisch, Dennis Gläser, Christoph Grüninger, Katharina Heck, Alexander Kissinger, Timo Koch, Martin Schneider, Gabriele Seitz & Kilian Weishaupt
Release 2.10.0 of DuMux, DUNE for Multi-{Phase, Component, Scale, Physics, ...} flow and transport in porous media. DuMux is a free and open-source simulator for flow and transport processes in porous media. It is based on the Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment DUNE.

DuMuX 2.9.0

Kilian Weishaupt, Martin Beck, Beatrix Becker, Holger Class, Thomas Fetzer, Bernd Flemisch, Georg Futter, Dennis Gläser, Christoph Grüninger, Johannes Hommel, Alexander Kissinger, Timo Koch, Martin Schneider, Natalie Schröder, Nicolas Schwenck & Gabriele Seitz
Release 2.9.0 of DuMux, DUNE for Multi-{Phase, Component, Scale, Physics, ...} flow and transport in porous media. DuMux is a free and open-source simulator for flow and transport processes in porous media. It is based on the Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment DUNE.

Barron 1994 Optical Flow: 7 programs

Robert Barron, D. J. Fleet, S. S. Beauchemin & Michael Hirsch
Robert Barron optical flow code, updated for the 21st century

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