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Hardware Synthesis of Weakly Consistent C Concurrency

Nadesh Ramanathan, Shane Fleming, John Wickerson & George Constantinides
Hardware Synthesis of Weakly Consistency C Concurrency This webpage contains additional material for the paper Hardware Synthesis of Weakly Consistent C Concurrency (FPGA17paper.pdf). Contents Verifying that our scheduling constraints implement the C11 standard Verifying the lock-free circular buffer Motivating examples Experimental Data 1. Verifying that our scheduling constraints implement the C11 standard As explained in Section 4.4, we have used the Alloy tool to verify that our scheduling constraints are sufficient to implement the memory...

EMF-DM v1.0.1

Arnold Kuzniar
R/Python scripts to analyze semi-quantitatitive MS-based proteomics data on cellular responses (i.e. differential protein- and pathway-level regulations) after exposures to non-ionizing ELF- and RF-EMFs.

A review of the genus Cladotanytarsus Kieffer from China, with the description of three new species (Diptera: Chironomidae: Tanytarsini)

Xinhua Wang & Yuhong Guo
Wang, Xinhua, Guo, Yuhong (2004): A review of the genus Cladotanytarsus Kieffer from China, with the description of three new species (Diptera: Chironomidae: Tanytarsini). Zootaxa 750: 1-19, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.158140

Figure 17 In A Review Of The North American Species Of The Fungus-Gardening Ant Genus Trachymyrmex (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Christian Rabeling, Stefan P. Cover, Robert A. Johnson & And Ulrich G. Mueller
FIGURE 17: Trachymyrmex smithi worker in (a) lateral, (b) full face and (c) dorsal view. Scale bar represents 1 mm, 0.5 mm and 1 mm in part (a), (b) and (c), respectively.

Figure 2 In Morphology And Systematic Position Of Cingula Tumidula G. O. Sars, 1878 (Gastropoda: Rissoidae)

Ivan O. Nekhaev
FIGURE 2. Details of protoconch (A – D) and radula (E – F) of Pusillina tumidula. A – B. Eastern Barents Sea (Pechora Sea), 17.5 m, 69 ° 15.61 ' N, 57 ° 22.76 ' E, MMBI, no number; C. Franz Joseph Land, 44 m, 79 º 53.4 ' N, 51 º 26.06 ' E, MMBI, no number; D. White Sea, 85 m, 66 ° 20 ' N, 30 ° E (specimen with costae), ZIN...

Head Movement Elevation Perception Dataset

Tommy Ashby, Russell Mason & Tim Brookes
Data generated as part of the PhD research of Tommy Ashby, investigating the effect of yaw-based head movement on the auditory perception of sound source elevation. Data comprise audio files, listening test interfaces, results and MATLAB code for result processing/analysis. Further project details can be found at http://iosr.uk/elevation Data/Publication Cross-Reference The data archive is structured according to the thesis chapter describing the experiment(s) in which the data were generated/used. The following is a cross-reference to/from...

Timbral Constancy and Spectral Compensation Dataset

Cleo Pike, Russell Mason & Tim Brookes
This archive contains data generated as part of the PhD project of Cleo Pike (2015). These data relate to research into timbral constancy and compensation for spectral distortion caused by loudspeaker and room acoustics. Data comprise listening test stimuli, interfaces and results. Archive Format This archive is stored as split zip-files, TimbralCompensationSplit.zip and TimbralCompensationSplit.z01. After downloading both files to the same directory, use a split-archive-compatible unzip utility on TimbralCompensationSplit.zip to extract the full archive. If...

Figures 10 – 14 In The Millipede Order Chordeumatida (Diplopoda) In Kazakhstan, With Descriptions Of Three New Species

Elena V. Mikhaljova, Ulzhan D. Burkitbaeva, Ivan H. Tuf & Kaman Ulykpan
FIGURES 10 – 14. Tarbagataya zaisanica sp. nov., male paratype. 10, leg pair 7, caudal view; 11, leg pair 7, front view; 12, anterior gonopods, front view; 13, anterior gonopods, caudal view; 14, posterior gonopods, front view; mb, mesal branch of coxite; lb, lateral branch of coxite; s, saculiform structure of anterior gonopod.

Fast Reconstruction Of Nonuniformly Sampled Bandlimited Signal Using Slepian Functions

Marek Miskowicz & Dominik Rzepka
Publication in the conference proceedings of EUSIPCO, Lisbon, Portugal, 2014

FIGURE 8 in Description of Poecilia (Acanthophacelus) obscura n. sp., (Teleostei: Poeciliidae), a new guppy species from western Trinidad, with remarks on P. w i n g e i and the status of the " Endler's guppy "

Susanne Schories, Manfred K. Meyer & Manfred Schartl
FIGURE 8. Phylogramm of P. obs c ur a and P. reticulata and P. wi ng ei from different localities based on approximately 800 bp of cytochrome b DNA sequences. 50% majority rule consensus tree rooted on M. picta as outgroup. Average bootstrap values obtained using different types of analysis (see Materials and Methods) are indicated above the branches. For abbreviations of origins see table 1. Numbers in brackets indicate different individuals from the same...

Common Methodology Of Data Analysis Of Natural Disasters

Mohammad Ayaz Ahmad *, Oleksandr Kuzomin, Vyacheslav Lyashenko, Bohdan Tkachenko
Providing of safe human life is very connected with research and analysis of different disasters. Among of different disasters, there is a special place for natural disasters (ND), because ND have significant influence on human life. One of the methods to prevent uncontrolled ND influence on human life is wide data research which are connected with appearance and distribution of ND. Thus, in this work researched the whole methodology of data analysis of ND. Basis...

Figures 49 – 53 In Systematic Review To The Genus Liothorax (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae)

Marco Dellacasa, Robert D. Gordon & Giovanni Dellacasa
FIGURES 49 – 53. Liothorax rusakovi (Gusakov, 2004) (Ul'yanovsk Area, Radishchev Distr., Vyazovica Vill., Bank of Volga Riv.): 49. habitus of male; 50 – 51. aedeagus, dorsal and lateral view; 52. epipharynx; 53. habitus.

Grass-Dependent Thysanoptera Of The Family Thripidae From Australia

Laurence A. Mound
Mound, Laurence A. (2011): Grass-dependent Thysanoptera of the family Thripidae from Australia. Zootaxa 3064: 1-40, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.200567

Figure 2 In Taxonomic Revision Of The Moss Salamander Nototriton Barbouri (Schmidt) (Caudata: Plethodontidae), With Description Of Two New Species From The Cordillera Nombre De Dios, Honduras

Josiah H. Townsend
FIGURE 2. Views of Montaña Macuzal from the northeast (A) and southwest (B) sides, showing the limited extent of remaining forest along the upper reaches of the highest ridge.

Dual-Symmetric Parallel Factor Analysis Using Procrustes Estimation And Khatri-Rao Factorization

M. Haardt, Peter Husar, Florian Roemer & Martin Weis
Publication in the conference proceedings of EUSIPCO, Bucharest, Romania, 2012

The Ecotope Influence On Anatomo-Morphological Features Of Aster Amellus L.

N. Leonova
The article regarded to Aster amellus– rare species within floristic complex of the Penza region. It is listed in the Red Book of the Penza region. The correlation was revealed between the anatomical and morphological plant structure and the environmental conditions of its habitat.

The Orb-Weaving Spider Genus Eriovixia (Araneae: Araneidae) In The Gaoligong Mountains, China

Xiao-Qi Mi, Xian-Jin Peng & Chang-Min Yin
Mi, Xiao-Qi, Peng, Xian-Jin, Yin, Chang-Min (2010): The orb-weaving spider genus Eriovixia (Araneae: Araneidae) in the Gaoligong Mountains, China. Zootaxa 2488: 39-51, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.195544

Figure 26. A–B In Morphological And Molecular Data Reveal The Cryptic Diversity Among Populations Of Aegla Paulensis (Decapoda, Anomura, Aeglidae), With Descriptions Of Four New Species And Comments On Dispersal Routes And Conservation Status

Juliana Cristina Bertacini Moraes, Mariana Terossi, Raquel Corrêa Buranelli, Fernando L. Mantelatto & Sérgio Luiz De Siqueira Bueno
FIGURE 26. A–B, lateral view of the anterior region of the cephalothorax showing the orientation of the rostrum and the elevation of gastric area. A, Aegla paulensis Schmitt, 1942 s. str., male topotype (MZUSP 34367). B, Aegla rosanae Campos Jr., 1998, male topotype (MZUSP 34369). Note in A, gastric area strongly swollen and subrostral process. Bars = 1.0 mm.

A Sufficient Condition for the Circle of the 6 Points to Become Euler’s Circle

Ion Patrascu & Florentin Smarandache
In this article, we prove the theorem relative to the circle of the 6 points and, requiring on this circle to have three other remarkable triangle’s points, we obtain the circle of 9 points (the Euler’s Circle).

An Extension of a Problem of Fixed Point

Ion Patrascu & Florentin Smarandache
In this article, we extend the requirement of the Problem 9.2 proposed at Varna 2015 Spring Competition, both in terms of
membership of the measure 𝛾, and the case for the problem for the ex-inscribed circle 𝐶. We also try to guide the student in the
search and identification of the fixed point, for succeeding in solving any problem of this type.

Gravity measurements in the Moscow gravity network

I. A. Oshchepkov, R. A. Sermyagin, A. A. Spesivtsev, V. D. Yushkin, A. V. Pozdnyakov, A. A. Kovrov & P. A. Yuzefovich
The metrological local precise gravity networks are created to calibrate relative gravimeters, to test
absolute gravimeters (AG) and to improve methods of performing and processing gravity measurements.
We report on the gravity measurements campaign in the Moscow Gravity Network in Spring 2015. The
major goals of this campaign were to determine:
• linear scale-factors for relative gravimeters,
• gravity at all stations w.r.t. International Comparisons of Absolute Gravimeters (ICAG2013),
• offsets of the AG which...

RuDTM2014: New digital terrain model for Russia and its effect on the prediction of mean gravity anomalies

Ilya Oshchepkov
A new digital terrain model for Russia and surrounding area (16° < lon < 195°, 37° < lat < 82°) was created from two different datasets. The main source was the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) from digitized topographic 1:100 000 scale maps with a resolution of 1 arcsec and the second source was the DEM obtained from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) with a resolution of 3 arcsec. The final RuDTM2014 has a resolution...

Microphone Perceptual Attribute Elicitation & Contribution Dataset

Andy Pearce, Tim Brookes, Martin Dewhirst & Russell Mason
Data generated as part of research to determine the perceptual attributes in terms of which recordings made with alternative microphones differ, and the degree to which each of these attributes contributes to perceived inter-microphone differences. Data comprise audio files, listening test instructions and MaxMSP interfaces , MATLAB code and listening test results. References A.Pearce. T.Brookes, M.Dewhirst, R.Mason, "Eliciting the most prominent perceived differences between microphones", J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 139 (5), May 2016, pp.2970-2981

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