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pyscf/pyscf: PySCF v1.6.4 release

Qiming Sun, Peter Koval, Pulkin, Timothy Berkelbach, Jdmcclain47, Alexander Sokolov, Sheng Guo, Gkc1000, Ghb24, Januseriksen, Sebastian Wouters, Lucas Wagner, Zhendong Li, Jason Yu, Yangcal, Mark J. Williamson, Awhite862, Wirawan Purwanto, Bogdanoff, Nick Blunt, Bo-Xiao Zheng, Jan Hermann, Latrix, Hung Pham, Bastien MUSSARD … & Mbarbry
Added aug-cc-pwCV*Z basis Improved Memory footprint of FCI module Mole.spin initialization. A guess can be made for spin multiplicity based on neutral system. Fixed PBC SCF orbital canonicalization Missed complex conjugation in HF/KS modules SHCI runtime directory Normalization issue for Cartesian basis in Molden output cc-pwCV5Z basis

MosquitoAlert/Data: v1.259.2019

Agustí Escobar Rubies & Mosquito Alert
Release of version 1.259.2019

common-workflow-language/cwltool: cwltool 1.0.20190915164430

Peter Amstutz, Michael R. Crusoe, Farah Zaib Khan, Stian Soiland-Reyes, Manvendra Singh, Kapil Kumar, Anton Khodak, John Chilton, Thomas Hickman, Boysha, Tomoya Tanjo, Josh Holland, Brad Chapman, Michael Kotliar, Dan Leehr, Guillermo Carrasco, Andrey Kartashov, Joshua C. Randall, Nebojsa Tijanic, Miguel Boland, Hervé Ménager, Bogdang989, Pau Ruiz Safont, James J Porter, Gijs Molenaar … & Ryan Spangler
udocker: pull before execution so that ToolTimeLimit isn't affected #1177 Add input_required flag to main() #1169 handle error in cidfile removal more gracefully #1183 singularity: if dockerImageId is a local file, use it #1187 Push conformance badges to commonwl/conformance repository #1189 Provide cwltool_latest for badges #1192 --provenance: conformance tests fixes #1193 refactoring to support --provenance with toil-cwl-runner #1194 Fix for argument with empty prefix and separate False #1166 attempt to debug test failure on reproducible-builds.org...

Chilipp/psyplot-gui: v1.2.4: Improved OpenGL support

Philipp S. Sommer
This minor release builds upon https://github.com/spyder-ide/spyder/issues/7447 to add better OpenGL support. There are no breaking API changes, only small changes for running tests with the module level UNIT_TESTING variable (see https://github.com/Chilipp/psyplot-gui/commit/44adb62d140936a7574ce63a9ff3c72b132b40eb)

Telhara, Bihar. Clay sealing of the Maukhari dynasty, 6th century.

Telhara, Bihar. Clay sealing of the Maukhari dynasty, 6th century. Found at Telhara, Nalanada district, Bihar, located at 25.226334°N 85.181587°E.

Telhara, Bihar. Clay sealing of the Maukhari dynasty, 6th century.

Telhara, Bihar. Clay sealing of the Maukhari dynasty, 6th century. Found at Telhara, Nalanada district, Bihar, located at 25.226334°N 85.181587°E.

buddhi1980/mandelbulber2: Continuous build

Krzysztof Marczak, Sebastian Jennen, Mclarekin, Coast77777777777, Rikard Falkeborn, Bernardo Martelli, Adrian Meyer, Orbitcowboy, Biberino, Jeroen Rijckaert, Bruno Duyé, Luchansky, Psyriccio, Probonopd, Danuni, Valera Rozuvan, The Gitter Badger, Martin Herkt & KnifeOfPi
Travis CI build log: https://travis-ci.org/buddhi1980/mandelbulber2/builds/585187898

Dpsanders/Validatednumerics.Jl: Remove Support For Julia 0.4. Add Interval Rounding For Julia 0.6. Change To Staticarrays.Jl

David P. Sanders, Luis Benet & Favio André Vázquez
See https://github.com/dpsanders/ValidatedNumerics.jl/blob/1c0b48fda03132b02ef0550cd637785935d80eca/NEWS.md for more detail. cc @lbenet

Figure 4 In A New Species Of Scinax Wagler (Anura: Hylidae) From Mato Grosso, Brazil

Katyuscia Araujo-Vieira, Paula Hanna Valdujo & Julián Faivovich
FIGURE 4. Dorsal pattern variation in the type series of Scinax haddadorum sp. nov.. A: MZUSP 152188 (SVL 35.4 mm). B: MZUSP 152190 (SVL 32.4 mm). C: MZUSP 152331 (SVL 31.2 mm). D: MZUSP 152191 (SVL 34.1 mm). E: CFBH 39054 (SVL 31.8 mm). F: MZUSP 152326 (SVL 31.2 mm).

Alexchristensen/Networktoolbox: Networktoolbox Version

Updates 12/22/2017 *fixed documentation errors (typos and labels) in several functions *prepboot function: added threshold filtering functionality and made more efficient *commboot function: added threshold filtering functionality *added convertConnBrainMat function: this function converts output from Matlab's CONN toolbox into an array in R. Moreover, it transforms the z-score connectivity matrices to correlation connectivity matrices *added neuralnetfilter function: this function applies any filter available in the NetworkToolbox package to the array of neural network data from...

JuliaDiffEq/DifferentialEquations.jl: v6.8.0

Christopher Rackauckas, Anshul Singhvi, Yingbo Ma, Scott P. Jones, Michael Hatherly, C123w, The Gitter Badger, Max G, Kvaz1r, Elliot Saba & Colin Caine
A changelog is being generated, please check back in a few minutes.

kizniche/Mycodo: 7.7.2

Kyle Gabriel, Todd Smith, Ryan Jarvis, Yuriy , AncientGate, Dave Thompson, Zsole2, HannahKiekens, Maksim , Marian Zange, Yolios & Erick Carreño
7.7.2 (2019.09.14) Bugfixes Remove redundant alembic upgrade that can cause upgrade errors Fix moving Conditional/input code during upgrade Generate Conditional/input code for next upgrade Fix MQTT Input (#685) Fix Atlas Scientific EZO Pump Input issue (#562) Fix Atlas Scientific EZP Pump Output (UART) error on Output page Fix Atlas Scientific pH Input issue (#686) Fix issues with calibration of Atlas Scientific pH sensor (#686) Features Add ability to choose 1, 2, or 3 point pH...

Figure 1 In Contribution To The Knowledge Of North-American Species Hyperomyzus Subgenus Neonasonovia (Aphididae, Aphidinae, Macrosiphini)

Juan M. Nieto Nafría, Nicolás Pérez Hidalgo, Sergio García-Tejero, Sara I. López Ciruelos & M. Pilar Mier Durante
FIGURE 1. Hyperomyzus (Neonasonovia) nabali; A, B, apterous viviparous females, showing variation in sclerotization and pigmentation; C, alate viviparous female; D, oviparous female; E, oviparous hind tibia. Scale bar: 1 mm.

AlexChristensen/NetworkToolbox: NetworkToolbox 1.3.1

Alexander Christensen
Changes in version 1.3.1 o 'TMFG' bug fix Changes in version 1.3.0 o converged all Connectome Predictive Modeling into one documentation see '?cpm' o migrated 'net.scores' and 'net.loads' to 'EGAnet' package o added several new functions to implement the latest state-of-the-art Information Filtering Network method: Maximally Filtered Clique Forest (MFCF; thanks Guido!) o added Guido Previde Massara as a contributor o changed name of function 'strength.dim' to 'lnet.loads' and updated documentation o added information about...

xraypy/xraylarch 0.9.46

Matt Newville, Bruce Ravel, Margaretkolbeannellen, Mauro Rovezzi, Maksim Rakitin, Bob620, Nathaniel M. Beaver & Kiran Mathew
Larch: X-ray Analysis for Synchrotron Applications using Python

Ku25 Pmk-1(Km25)Iv | 2010-04-22T12:29:27+01:00

Avelino Javer, Michael Currie, Jim Hokanson, Chee Wai Lee, Kezhi Li, Eviatar Yemini, Laura J Grundy, Chris Li, Quee-Lim Ch'ng, William R Schafer, Rex Kerr & André EX Brown
This experiment is part of the C.elegans behavioural database. For more information and the complete collection of experiments visit http://movement.openworm.org preview link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fenhRLDqg8 strain : KU25 timestamp : 2010-04-22T12:29:27+01:00 gene : pmk-1 chromosome : IV allele : km25 strain_description : pmk-1(km25)IV sex : hermaphrodite stage : adult ventral_side : anticlockwise media : NGM agar low peptone arena : style : petri size : 35 orientation : away food : OP50 habituation : 30m wait...

manoelcampos/cloudsim-plus: v5.1.0 :: Improve UtilizationModelPlanetLab and fixes some bugs

Manoel Campos Da Silva Filho, Raysa Oliveira, Anton Beloglazov, Nikolay , Humaira Abdul Salam, AbderrahmanL, Yuxin Wu, Romantic668, Pawel Koperek, William Voorsluys, Tewsmax, Snyk Bot, Robert Reiz & Katrin Leinweber
New Features Add size() method to Datacenter interface to enables getting the number of existing Hosts in the Datacenter. #216 :: Enable manual VM migrations based on arbitrary conditions #221 :: Enable UtilizationModelPlanetLab to read the number of lines from a comment at the beginning of the file #222 :: Enable UtilizationModelPlanetLab to scale the values read from the trace Bug Fixes #214 #215 #217 #218 #219 #220 #223 #224

Figures 8A–D In Four New Species Of Psechrus From Yunnan Province, China (Araneae, Psechridae)

Ping Feng, Yu Zhao, Xiu-Mei Wu, Yan-Yan Ma, Ting-Bang Yang, Cheng-Gong Li & Zi-Zhong Yang
FIGURES 8a–d. Psechrus conicus sp. nov. Intraspecific variation of paratype females. a–b (CX02), c–d (CX05). a, c epigyne, ventral; b, d vulva, dorsal.

eNanoMapper applications to support the risk assessment of nanomaterials

Lucian Farcal, Philip Doganis, George Drakakis, Haralambos Sarimveis, Micha Rautenberg, Christoph Helma, Denis Gebele, Nikolay Kochev, Vedrin Jeliazkov, Nina Jeliazkova, Malahat Mousavi, Bengt Fadeel, Vesa Hongisto, Penny Nymark, Pekka Kohonen, Roland Grafström, Jiakang Chang, Gareth Owen, Friederike Ehrhart, Linda Rieswijk, Egon Willighagen, Spela Hardy & Barry Hardy
The infrastructure developed within eNanoMapper project aims to support the data management in the area of nano safety research and to enable an integrated approach for the risk assessment of nanomaterials. To achieve these, eNanoMapper developed an ontology, a data infrastructure and modelling tools with applicability in risk assessment of nanomaterials. By merging the expertise of partners in statistical and data mining tools and in predictive toxicology, biology and nanotechnology research, eNanoMapper developed resources and...

WhoLoDancE: Deliverable 2.5 - 3D avatar scenes

Oshri Even Zohar, Jasper Brekelmans & Jochem Aarts
The creation, development and optimization of the 3D avatar scenes for the WhoLoDancE project was dependent on several guidelines and requirements that emerged from discussions with the consortium dance partners. Those guidelines pertained to the type of functionality an avatar should have in a dance teaching context in general, and specifically, what kind of avatar would best fit to assist in immersive teaching of different movement principals of dance. There are several additional guidelines that...

simpeg/simpeg: Regularization, utils.plot2Ddata updates

Lindsey Heagy, Rowan Cockett, Dom, Gudni Karl Rosenkjaer, Thibaut Astic, SEOGI KANG, Devin C. Cowan, David Marchant, Michael Mitchell, Joseph Capriotti, Dieter Werthmüller, Luz Angelica Caudillo Mata, Brendan Smithyman, Franklin Koch, Kalen Martens, Christoph Gohlke, Sarah , Michael Wathen & Cody
Updates to Simple regularization from pr #807 commits by: @fourndo Summary Proposed modification to the model gradient measure for Simple and Sparse regularization. Normalized length scales are multiplying cell_weights before averaging to cell faces. Reduces the dependency of the model on cell size changes Still allows for IRLS weights to be mesh independent Default alpha's remain at 1 (takes care of length scales internally) Before After Additional Notes This pr also removed 2 VRM examples...

dockstore/dockstore: 1.7.0-rc.2

Denis Yuen, Andrew Duncan, Victor Liu, Gary Luu, Brian O'Connor, Charles Overbeck, Walter Shands, NatalieEO, Oicr-Vchung, Peter Amstutz, Louise Cabansay, David Steinberg, Ryan Bautista, Kitty Cao, Emlys, Dependabot, The Gitter Badger, Snyk Bot, Codacy Badger, C. Titus Brown & Abraham
Our VM/Docker sharing infrastructure and management component

PerseusDL/canonical-latinLit 0.0.445

Thibault Clérice, Lisa Cerrato, Bridget Almas, Neven Jovanović, Annettegessner, Patrick J. Burns, Srdee, Matthew Munson, Marius Jøhndal, Zachhimes, Maryam-Foradi, MMernitz, Masoumeh Seydi & TDBuck
XML Canonical resources for Greek Literature

ioos/erddapy: v0.5.2

Filipe , Rich Signell, Mbiddle-Bcodmo & Circularpenguin
Python interface for ERDDAP

pitthsls/pycounter 2.0.0

Geoffrey Spear, Beda Kosata, Fvieites, James Fournie & Pyup.Io Bot
Project COUNTER/NISO SUSHI usage statistics

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