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Performance of plumbing vents in Mark VI experimental house

W. F. Williamson
As part of an agreement with the National House Builders Association, the performance of the venting fixture traps is being studied by DBR. In 1968 a report was made upon their performance in the experimental Mark IV house (DBR Internal Report No. 368) and this paper reports their performance in the Mark VI house.

National Research Council Canada: annual report 2011-2012

Conseil National De Recherches Canada
The following Financial Statement Discussion and Analysis (FSD&A) should be read in conjunction with the audited consolidated financial statements and accompanying notes for the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012.

Permafrost investigations at Thompson, Manitoba: terrain studies

G. H. Johnston, R. J. E. Brown & D. N. Pickersgill
The need for adequate subsurface investigations to determine soil and permafrost conditions in this region cannot be overemphasized. Perennially frozen ground occurs as scattered small islands varying in areal extent from 20 ft. to several hundred ft. and in thickness from about 3 to 30 ft. or greater. Permafrost occurs from 18 inches to 7 ft. below the surface. Much ice, primarily in the form of horizontal lenses from hairline to 2 or 3 inches...

Canadian and U.S.A. fire statistics for use in the risk-cost assessment model

J. Gaskin & D. T. Yung
The Canadian and U.S.A. fire loss statistics for apartment and office buildings were analyzed to obtain infomation on fire incidence rates, fire types, death rates and fire department response times. This information was obtained to provide input to, and partly for validation of, the riskcost assessment model for application to highrise buildings.

Degradation of the bird impact resistance of polycarbonate

J.B.R. Heath & R.W. Gould
This report describes a program, comparing the bird impact resistance of new as-extruded polycarbonate with polycarbonate that has undergone natural aging, artificial heat aging, fabrication heat treatments, and fabrication heat treatments with subsequent artificial heat aging. The two pound bird impacts were carried out on flat 24 inch by 24 inch monolithic specimens, mounted 45° to the horizontal. A rigid test frame incorporating a "clamped" specimen edge design was utilized. Bird impacts on the modified...

1924 to 2009: History of the NRC Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information

Mary VanBuskirk
The NRC-CISTI library had its beginnings in 1924, when a small resource collection was established to serve the scientific staff of the newly organized laboratories of the National Research Council of Canada. The pioneering chief librarian, Margaret Gill, was appointed in 1928. The first president, Dr. H.M. Tory made it clear from the outset, however, that he intended to create “a library that would serve scientific workers everywhere in Canada.” During her 30 years, Miss...

Crystal rectifier test set, model TS-268/U

W.C. Brown

GL Mark III interim testing specifications

National Research Council Of Canada, Radio Section

MarkerBroker - collect 3/6 DOF marker data - user's manual

Daniel F. Johnston
A software program has been created to simplify the collection of data from position tracking hardware and to simplify the creation of applications that use this data. Standard configuration files allow the program to adapt to different configurations and requirements. The document describes how to build and use the program, and also some design information for those who wish to make improvements.

Le fer

Ken Tapping

Aider les PME à choisir les meilleures technologies numériques pour faciliter leur croissance : étude de cas

Conseil National De Recherches Du Canada. Programme D'aide à La Recherche Industrielle. Programme Pilot D'adoption Des Technologies Numériques & Le Centre De Productique Intégrée Du Québec (CPIQ)

Design and performance of a multi degree of freedom aeroelastic building model

J. T. Templin & K. R. Cooper
A 1:200-scale, seven-level lumped-mass model with three degrees of freedom per floor has been designed and constructed to simulate the dynamic behaviour of a 57-storey office building in Toronto. A model design procedure is described that allows for coupled modes produced by the effect of the offset of the centre of stiffness from the centre of mass. Measurements of the model's dynamic response indicate a good simulation of the first few fundamental modes of the...

Determination of Performance Limitations for Ship's Navigating To and From Voisey's Bay; Summary Report

W. D. Molyneux
This report presents an overview of the results of model experiments carried out to support CCG's evaluations of shipping related to the proposed Voisey's Bay nickel mine. The tests included resistance, propulsion and manoeuvring experiments in level ice, rubble and pack ice. Two models were tested, an R-Class icebreaker and a bulk carrier. The conclusions were that the observed performance of the icebreaker was predicted by the model experiments and that the techniques used could...

La sécurité dans les bâtiments

N. B. Hutcheon
Quand la compétence professionnelle est disponible au stage de la conception d'un bâtiment comme c'est le cas pour les calculs de structure, un Code du bâtiment n'est pas nécessaire. La science de protéger contre l'incendie n'est pas encore développée jusqu'à ce point. C'est pourquoi une approche homologuée et, par conséquent, restrictive doit être acceptée jusqu'à ce qu'il soit possible de traiter de la sécurité contre l'incendie d'une facon adéquate et comme aspect inhérent à la...

Mathematics of the computer for the CB radar (AN/MPQ-501)

C.R. Clemence
The material contained herein is an attempt to explain as concisely as possible the basic theory of the computer of the AN/MPQ-501 radar, and at the same time to provide some background necessary to an understanding of the mechanisms which the computer contains. For the uninitiated, a brief description of the radar set as a whole is given first to prepare the way for the computer theory which follows.

Repeated leakage tests on small panels of dry-press bricks

J. I. Davison
The use of the small-panel test for leakage of brick masonry has been extended to study the change in leakage characteristics with time. During field visits in areas where the dry-press brick previously studied is extensively used, there were reports of leakage in newly constructed walls containing the bricks, which ceased after a period of a year. A common explanation for the increased resistance of the walls to rain penetration was that msall particles of...

A pilot survey of fire loads in Canadian homes

A. C. Bwalya, M. A. Sultan & N. Bénichou
This report presents the results of a pilot survey of combustible items in residential living rooms located on the main floor and basement levels. The survey was conducted using a web-based questionnaire. The main objective of the survey was to determine the types of movable fire loads found in living rooms situated on the main floor and basement levels. The survey attracted 74 respondents. The efficacy of the survey methodology is discussed, and the main...

Condensation in flat roofs

G. H. Kuester
Condensation in attics and flat roofs of residential dwellings in Canada is a problem which, besides a nuisance, can and does cause damage to ceiling and wall structure. Each individual factor involved in the formation of condensation is known and can be calculated, but it is very difficult to predict when and how these factors, which together cause condensation, will combine.

Supplement to report No. PRA-135 "Transmission line fault locator"

W. G. Hoyle

Frost heave in ice rinks and cold storage buildings

W. G. Brown
Provided the mechanism of frost heave is understood, difficulties associated with it can be prevented at reasonable cost. For plants operated continuously at below- freezing temperatures it is probable that the most satisfactory solution is to provide heat. In plants operated on a seasonal basis the use of non-frost- susceptible back-fill and insulation may be preferable.

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