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Fire Tests of Protected Wood Floor Assemblies

M. Galbreath & W. W. Stanzak

A comparative study of type N mortars

J. I. Davison

Compacted Snow Road. 1. Properties of Snow

R. Eriksson

Development of performance-based guidelines for selection of bituminous-based hot-poured pavement crack sealants: an executive summary report

I. L. Al-Qadi, J.-F. Masson, S. H. Yang, E. Fini & K. K. McGhee

Evacuation Time and Movement in Office Buildings

G. Proulx, A. Kaufman & J. Pineau

The Explosion Hazard in a Smoke Shaft

J. H. McGuire

Residential Fire Scenario Analysis in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia 1995-2003

A. Bounagui & N. Bénichou

DBR Studies of Masonry Mortars

T. Ritchie

FIERAsystem Theory Documentation - Smoke Movement Model

Z. Fu, A. Kashef, N. Bénichou & G. V. Hadjisophocleous

Study of Ground Pressures

R. Fenner

The Breckenridge Landslide

W. J. Eden, E. L. Matyas & W. W. Irwin

Fundamentals of Safety for Structures

F. Knoll

Investigation of Ice Formation at the Eaves of Houses at Deep River, Ont.

A. D. Kent

Impact and Indentation Resistance of Common Interior Wall Coverings

J. F. Scott

Fire Hazard Classification Tests of Interior Finish Materials

A. Rose

Model Study of Structures in Portugal

M. Rocha

Interim Report Task 2B - Community Consultation on Wall Construction Methods

S. M. Cornick & M. Z. Rousseau

Mesures de l'isolation acoustique d'une habitation à ossature de bois soumise au bruit d'aéronefs

J. S. Bradley, K. Lay & S. G. Norcross

Acoustical Measurements in 10 Atria

J. S. Bradley

Buildings for the North

H. B. Dickens

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