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Vancouver (B.C.). Carnegie Community Centre

Effects of computerized cognitive training on neuroimaging outcomes in older adults: a systematic review

Lisanne F Ten Brinke, Jennifer C Davis, Cindy K Barha & Teresa Liu-Ambrose
Background: Worldwide, the population is aging and the number of individuals diagnosed with dementia is rising rapidly. Currently, there are no effective pharmaceutical cures. Hence, identifying lifestyle approaches that may prevent, delay, or treat cognitive impairment and dementia in older adults is becoming increasingly important. Computerized Cognitive Training (CCT) is a promising strategy to combat cognitive decline. Yet, the underlying mechanisms of the effect of CCT on cognition remain poorly understood. Hence, the primary objective...

Attenuating immune pathology using a microbial-based intervention in a mouse model of cigarette smoke-induced lung inflammation

Mark Bazett, Agnieszka Biala, Ryan D Huff, Matthew R Zeglinksi, Philip M Hansbro, Momir Bosiljcic, Hal Gunn, Shirin Kalyan & Jeremy A Hirota
Background: Cigarette smoke exposure is the major risk factor for developing COPD. Presently, available COPD treatments focus on suppressing inflammation and providing bronchodilation. However, these options have varying efficacy in controlling symptoms and do not reverse or limit the progression of COPD. Treatments strategies using bacterial-derived products have shown promise in diseases characterized by inflammation and immune dysfunction. This study investigated for the first time whether a novel immunotherapy produced from inactivated Klebsiella (hereafter referred...

Overground vs. treadmill-based robotic gait training to improve seated balance in people with motor-complete spinal cord injury: a case report

Amanda E Chisholm, Raed A Alamro, Alison M M Williams & Tania Lam
Background: Robotic overground gait training devices, such as the Ekso, require users to actively participate in triggering steps through weight-shifting movements. It remains unknown how much the trunk muscles are activated during these movements, and if it is possible to transfer training effects to seated balance control. This study was conducted to compare the activity of postural control muscles of the trunk during overground (Ekso) vs. treadmill-based (Lokomat) robotic gait training, and evaluate changes in...

Developmental pathways to adiposity begin before birth and are influenced by genotype, prenatal environment and epigenome

Xinyi Lin, Ives Y Lim, Yonghui Wu, Ai L Teh, Li Chen, Izzuddin M Aris, Shu E Soh, Mya T Tint, Julia L MacIsaac, Alexander M Morin, Fabian Yap, Kok H Tan, Seang M Saw, Michael S Kobor, Michael J Meaney, Keith M Godfrey, Yap S Chong, Joanna D Holbrook, Yung S Lee, Peter D Gluckman & Neerja Karnani
Background: Obesity is an escalating health problem worldwide, and hence the causes underlying its development are of primary importance to public health. There is growing evidence that suboptimal intrauterine environment can perturb the metabolic programing of the growing fetus, thereby increasing the risk of developing obesity in later life. However, the link between early exposures in the womb, genetic susceptibility, and perturbed epigenome on metabolic health is not well understood. In this study, we shed...

An integrated approach to care attracts people living with HIV who use illicit drugs in an urban centre with a concentrated HIV epidemic

S. Fernando, R. McNeil, K. Closson, H. Samji, S. Kirkland, C. Strike, R. B Turje, W. Zhang, R. S Hogg & S. Parashar
Background: People living with HIV (PLHIV) who are also marginalized by social and structural inequities often face barriers to accessing and adhering to HIV treatment and care. The Dr. Peter Centre (DPC) is a non-profit integrated care facility with a supervised injection room that serves PLHIV experiencing multiple barriers to social and health services in Vancouver, Canada. This study examines whether the DPC is successful in drawing in PLHIV with complex health issues, including addiction....

‘People say that we are already dead much as we can still walk’: a qualitative investigation of community and couples’ understanding of HIV serodiscordance in rural Uganda

Jiho Kim, Mastula Nanfuka, David Moore, Murisho Shafic, Maureen Nyonyitono, Josephine Birungi, Florence Galenda & Rachel King
Background: Stable, co-habiting HIV serodiscordant couples are a key population in terms of heterosexual transmission in sub-Saharan Africa. Despite the wide availability of antiretroviral treatment and HIV educational programs, heterosexual transmission continues to drive the HIV epidemic in Africa. To investigate some of the factors involved in transmission or maintenance of serodiscordant status, we designed a study to examine participants’ understanding of HIV serodiscordance and the implications this posed for their HIV prevention practices. Methods:...

Perceptions of a drug prevention public service announcement campaign among street-involved youth in Vancouver, Canada: a qualitative study

Lianlian Ti, Danya Fast, William Small & Thomas Kerr
Background: Due to the popularity of public service announcements (PSAs), as well as the broader health and social harms associated with illicit drug use, this study sought to investigate how drug prevention messages found in the Government of Canada’s DrugsNot4Me campaign were understood, experienced, and engaged with among a group of street-involved young people in Vancouver, Canada. Methods: Qualitative interviews were conducted with 25 individuals enrolled in the At-Risk Youth Study, and a thematic analysis...

Physical activity outside of structured therapy during inpatient spinal cord injury rehabilitation

Dominik Zbogar, Janice J Eng, William C Miller, Andrei V Krassioukov & Mary C Verrier
Background: Little information exists on the content of inpatient rehabilitation stay when individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI) are not engaged in structured rehabilitation therapy sessions. Investigation of inpatient therapy content is incomplete without the context of activities outside of this time. We sought to quantify physical activity occurring outside of physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT) sessions during inpatient SCI rehabilitation and examine how this activity changes over time from admission to discharge....

SABRE: a method for assessing the stability of gene modules in complex tissues and subject populations

Casey P Shannon, Virginia Chen, Mandeep Takhar, Zsuzsanna Hollander, Robert Balshaw, Bruce M McManus, Scott J Tebbutt, Don D Sin & Raymond T Ng
Background: Gene network inference (GNI) algorithms can be used to identify sets of coordinately expressed genes, termed network modules from whole transcriptome gene expression data. The identification of such modules has become a popular approach to systems biology, with important applications in translational research. Although diverse computational and statistical approaches have been devised to identify such modules, their performance behavior is still not fully understood, particularly in complex human tissues. Given human heterogeneity, one important...

Targeted high-throughput sequencing of candidate genes for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Hans Matsson, Cilla Söderhäll, Elisabet Einarsdottir, Maxime Lamontagne, Sanna Gudmundsson, Helena Backman, Anne Lindberg, Eva Rönmark, Juha Kere, Don Sin, Dirkje S Postma, Yohan Bossé, Bo Lundbäck & Joakim Klar
Background: Reduced lung function in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is likely due to both environmental and genetic factors. We report here a targeted high-throughput DNA sequencing approach to identify new and previously known genetic variants in a set of candidate genes for COPD. Methods: Exons in 22 genes implicated in lung development as well as 61 genes and 10 genomic regions previously associated with COPD were sequenced using individual DNA samples from...

Changes in mortality rates and causes of death in a population-based cohort of persons living with and without HIV from 1996 to 2012

Oghenowede Eyawo, Conrado Franco-Villalobos, Mark W Hull, Adriana Nohpal, Hasina Samji, Paul Sereda, Viviane D. Lima, Jeannie Shoveller, David Moore, Julio S G Montaner & Robert S Hogg
Background: Non-HIV/AIDS-related diseases are gaining prominence as important causes of morbidity and mortality among people living with HIV. The purpose of this study was to characterize and compare changes over time in mortality rates and causes of death among a population-based cohort of persons living with and without HIV in British Columbia (BC), Canada. Methods: We analysed data from the Comparative Outcomes And Service Utilization Trends (COAST) study; a retrospective population-based study created via linkage...

The underlying mechanism of prodromal PD: insights from the parasympathetic nervous system and the olfactory system

Shu-Ying Liu, Piu Chan & A. J Stoessl
Neurodegeneration of Parkinson’s disease (PD) starts in an insidious manner, 30–50% of dopaminergic neurons have been lost in the substantia nigra before clinical diagnosis. Prodromal stage of the disease, during which the disease pathology has started but is insufficient to result in clinical manifestations, offers a valuable window for disease-modifying therapies. The most focused underlying mechanisms linking the pathological pattern and clinical characteristics of prodromal PD are the prion hypothesis of alpha-synuclein and the selective...

Gap junctions and hemichannels: communicating cell death in neurodevelopment and disease

Andrei B Belousov, Joseph D Fontes, Moises Freitas-Andrade & Christian C Naus
Gap junctions are unique membrane channels that play a significant role in intercellular communication in the developing and mature central nervous system (CNS). These channels are composed of connexin proteins that oligomerize into hexamers to form connexons or hemichannels. Many different connexins are expressed in the CNS, with some specificity with regard to the cell types in which distinct connexins are found, as well as the timepoints when they are expressed in the developing and...

Echocardiography as a guide for fluid management

John H Boyd, Demetrios Sirounis, Julien Maizel & Michel Slama
Background: In critically ill patients at risk for organ failure, the administration of intravenous fluids has equal chances of resulting in benefit or harm. While the intent of intravenous fluid is to increase cardiac output and oxygen delivery, unwelcome results in those patients who do not increase their cardiac output are tissue edema, hypoxemia, and excess mortality. Here we briefly review bedside methods to assess fluid responsiveness, focusing upon the strengths and pitfalls of echocardiography...

A high-density genetic map reveals variation in recombination rate across the genome of Daphnia magna

Marinela Dukić, Daniel Berner, Marius Roesti, Christoph R Haag & Dieter Ebert
Background: Recombination rate is an essential parameter for many genetic analyses. Recombination rates are highly variable across species, populations, individuals and different genomic regions. Due to the profound influence that recombination can have on intraspecific diversity and interspecific divergence, characterization of recombination rate variation emerges as a key resource for population genomic studies and emphasises the importance of high-density genetic maps as tools for studying genome biology. Here we present such a high-density genetic map...

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