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Nouvelle bibliotèque des voyages, ou choix des voyages les plus intéressans. Vancouver. IV

Vancouver, George, 1757-1798
"(Half-title: Nouvelle bibliotèque des voyages, ou choix des voyages les plus intéressans. [2. sér.] v.84-89)." -- Strathern, G. M., & Edwards, M. H. (1970). Navigations, traffiques & discoveries, 1774-1848: A guide to publications relating to the area now British Columbia. Victoria, BC: University of Victoria, p. 309.

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 59-124

C14 Salmo clarki clarki Richardson [handwritten correction:] 8 [strikethrough:] (11)

A cultural interpretation of the Genocide Convention

Kurt Mundorff
In 1948, a mere four years after Raphael Lemkin coined the word “genocide,” the UN General Assembly codified his concept in the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Genocide Convention). Over time, the definition of genocide has become increasingly estranged from the concept originated by Lemkin and adopted by the UN. This dissertation critiques the prevailing materialist interpretation of the Genocide Convention, which originated in a 1996 commentary by the...

Use of estimates of ribonucleic acid to predict the growth rates of zooplanktonic organisms.

Alan Kingsley Pease
The concentration of RNA (Schneider procedure, 1945) and the dry weight of the developing stages of the brine shrimp Artemia salina were measured during the first 63 days of growth of the organism in the laboratory; RNA and the dry weight of starved stage V Calanus plumchrus were followed for 20 days. The same techniques were applied to the developmental stages of several species of zooplankton obtained during the course of one year from Saanich...

The role of complement in the immunological demyelination of the adult rat spinal cord

Jason Alain Bourque
Previous work in Dr. John Steeves' laboratory has described a transient, myelinspecific, galactocerebroside (GalC) antibody-mediated, complement-dependent protocol that suppresses the onset of myelination in embryonic birds, and focally demyelinates the central nervous system (CNS) of adult birds and rodents after intraspinal infusion. After spinal injury, this procedure has been observed to facilitate axonal regeneration, often with accompanying recovery of behavior. In order to identify the relative necessity of different complement proteins in this protocol, I...

The Ubyssey


B.C. Civil Liberties promo

Recording of several public service announcements from the BC Civil Liberties Association.

Cariboo Sentinel

The Cariboo Sentinel was published in Barkerville, in the Cariboo region of central British Columbia, and ran from June 1865 to October 1875. At the time, Barkerville was home to a fast-growing community of miners who had been attracted to the Cariboo region by the discovery of gold. The Sentinel was published by George Wallace, and its stated objective was not only to disseminate ���mining intelligence,��� but also to eradicate ���official abuse[s]��� of power, both...

Wilson Duff (1925-1976): His Contributions to the Growth of Archaeology in British Columbia

Charles E. Borden
BC Studies: The British Columbian Quarterly, No 33: Spring 1977

Understanding the advent of information technology in teaching at the university : a case study of the University of British Columbia

Reginald Nnazor
This study investigated the use of interactive information technology in teaching at the University of British Columbia in early 1997, the factors influencing it, and the changes in the University associated with it. The use of interactive information technology in on- campus and distance education at UBC is largely limited to E-mail, World Wide Web, and to a lesser extent, CD-ROM. It seems to be a relatively recent development, the number of users of technology...

Metlahkatlah. Ten years' work among the Tsimsheean Indians

"A first edition probably appeared in 1868 (see entry [I-]585). The fourth edition appeared in 1871 under title: The British Columbia mission; or, Metlahkatlah; half title: MetlahkatIah; or, Ten years' work among the Tsimsheean Indians of British Columbia. What is possibly a third edition is listed by Annie Harvie Foster in her typescript British Columbia author's index (p. 11) under title: The Gospel in the far west Metlakatla; ten years work among the Tsimshean (not...

Letter from R.S. Dormer to [James] Goldie, July 23, 1909

R.S. Dormer
Letter to James Goldie from Robert Stanhope Dormer, dated July 23, regarding an upcoming meeting between the two of them

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