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Neurogenetic variations in norepinephrine availability enhance perceptual vividness

Rebecca M. Todd, Mana R. Ehlers, Daniel J. Müller, Amanda Robertson, Daniela J. Palombo, Natalie Freeman, Brian Levine & Adam K. Anderson
Emotionally salient aspects of the world are experienced with greater perceptual vividness than mundane ones; however, such emotionally enhanced vividness (EEV) may be experienced to different degrees for different people. We examined whether BOLD activity associated with a deletion variant of the ADRA2b gene coding for the α2b adrenoceptor modulates EEV in humans. Relative to noncarriers, ADRA2b deletion carriers showed higher levels of perceptual vividness, with the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (VMPFC) showing greater modulation by...

Structural analysis of health-relevant policy-making information exchange networks in Canada

Damien Contandriopoulos, François Benoît, Denise Bryant-Lukosius, Annie Carrier, Nancy Carter, Raisa Deber, Arnaud Duhoux, Trisha Greenhalgh, Catherine Larouche, Bernard-Simon Leclerc, Adrian Levy, Ruth Martin-Misener, Katerina Maximova, Kimberlyn McGrail, Candace Nykiforuk, Noralou Roos, Robert Schwartz, Thomas W Valente, Sabrina Wong, Evert Lindquist, Carolyn Pullen, Anne Lardeux & Melanie Perroux
Background: Health systems worldwide struggle to identify, adopt, and implement in a timely and system-wide manner the best—evidence-informed—policy-level practices. Yet, there is still only limited evidence about individual and institutional best practices for fostering the use of scientific evidence in policy-making processes The present project is the first national-level attempt to (1) map and structurally analyze—quantitatively—health-relevant policy-making networks that connect evidence production, synthesis, interpretation, and use; (2) qualitatively investigate the interaction patterns of a subsample...

How Much of Too Much? : What Inspections Data say about Residential Clutter as a Housing Problem

Lauster, Nathanael Thomas, 1972-, Alina McKay, Navio Kwok, Jennifer Yip & Sheila R. Woody
How big of a housing problem is residential clutter? In this paper, we draw upon inspections data in Vancouver to both estimate the size of the problem and detail how it is observed and constituted through municipal regulatory processes. We contrast the inspections approach to residential clutter with the mental health approach, which focuses on hoarding disorder. Inspections data indicate the problem of residential clutter is potentially larger than might be expected by the epidemiology...

No Room for New Families? : A Field Experiment Measuring Rental Discrimination against Same-Sex Couples and Single Parents

Lauster, Nathanael Thomas, 1972- & Adam Easterbrook
We suggest that new forms of family households, especially same-sex couples and single parents, are likely to face discrimination in their interactions with rental markets. Following the contact hypothesis, we hypothesize that the geographic distribution of discrimination is likely to vary. Specifically, in places with more new family households we are likely to find less discrimination against these households. We investigate these issues in the metropolitan area of Vancouver, Canada, through analysis of 1,669 inquiries...

Culture as a Problem in Linking Material Inequality to Health : On residential crowding in the Arctic

Lauster, Nathanael Thomas, 1972- & Frank J. Tester
Two problems are noted in the process of measuring material inequality and linking it to health across cultural boundaries. First, comparative measurements may be used as the basis for policy making which ends up disciplining cultural minorities. In this way, policies intended to relieve disparities can actually have the effect of extending the power of the dominant group to define the appropriate cultural understanding of the world for the minority group. Second, comparative measurements may...

Additional sex combs interacts with enhancer of zeste and trithorax and modulates levels of trimethylation on histone H3K4 and H3K27 during transcription of hsp70

Taosui Li, Jacob W Hodgson, Svetlana Petruk, Alexander Mazo & Hugh W Brock
Background: Maintenance of cell fate determination requires the Polycomb group for repression; the trithorax group for gene activation; and the enhancer of trithorax and Polycomb (ETP) group for both repression and activation. Additional sex combs (Asx) is a genetically identified ETP for the Hox loci, but the molecular basis of its dual function is unclear. Results: We show that in vitro, Asx binds directly to the SET domains of the histone methyltransferases (HMT) enhancer of...

Barriers and facilitators to implementing addiction medicine fellowships: a qualitative study with fellows, medical students, residents and preceptors

J. Klimas, W. Small, K. Ahamad, W. Cullen, A. Mead, L. Rieb, E. Wood & R. McNeil
Background: Although progress in science has driven advances in addiction medicine, this subject has not been adequately taught to medical trainees and physicians. As a result, there has been poor integration of evidence-based practices in addiction medicine into physician training which has impeded addiction treatment and care. Recently, a number of training initiatives have emerged internationally, including the addiction medicine fellowships in Vancouver, Canada. This study was undertaken to examine barriers and facilitators of implementing...

Housing and the Proper Performance of American Motherhood, 1940-2005

Lauster, Nathanael Thomas, 1972-
Current approaches to the link between family and housing tend not to closely examine cultural change. In this paper I attempt to provide a theoretical framework, rooted in symbolic interaction, dramaturgy, and critical theory, well-suited to the study of cultural change. I apply this critical dramaturgical framework to explore the changing link between housing as a stage prop and the privileged performance of motherhood. I argue that redefinition of the proper performance of motherhood by...

Frontline learning of medical teaching: “you pick up as you go through work and practice”

W. Hartford, L. Nimmon & T. Stenfors
Background: Few medical teachers have received formal teaching education. Along with individual and organizational barriers to participation in teacher training programs, increasing numbers and altered distribution of physicians away from major teaching centers have increased the difficulty of attendance. Furthermore, it is not known if traditional faculty development formats are the optimal learning options given findings from existing studies document both positive and negative outcomes. There is a gap in research that explores how medical...

Soldiers with PTSD see a world full of threat : MEG reveals enhanced tuning to combat-related cues

Rebecca M. Todd, Matt J. MacDonald, Paul Sedge, Amanda Robertson, Rakesh Jetly, Margot J. Taylor & Elizabeth W. Pang
Background. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is linked to elevated arousal and alterations in cognitive processes. Yet whether a traumatic experience is linked to neural and behavioural differences in selective attentional tuning to traumatic stimuli is not known. The present study examined selective awareness of threat stimuli and underlying temporal-spatial patterns of brain activation associated with PTSD. Methods. Participants were 44 soldiers from the Canadian Armed Forces, 22 with PTSD and 22 without. All completed neuropsychological...

Women who use drugs and have sex with women in a Canadian setting : Barriers to treatment enrollment and exposure to violence and homelessness

Tara Lyons, Kate Shannon, Lindsey Richardson, Annick Simo, Evan Wood & Thomas Kerr
Individuals who use illicit drugs and belong to a sexual minority group often contend with elevated risks for adverse health outcomes. However, little is known about women who use drugs and have sex with women. We therefore sought to identify sociodemographic, substance use patterns, and exposures to social-structural factors associated with reporting sexual activity among women participating in three open prospective cohort studies of individuals who use illicit drugs in Vancouver, Canada. Generalized estimating equations...

The cedar project: using indigenous-specific determinants of health to predict substance use among young pregnant-involved aboriginal women

Sana Z Shahram, Joan L Bottorff, Nelly D Oelke, Leanne Dahlgren, Victoria Thomas & Patricia M Spittal
Background: Indigenous women in Canada have been hyper-visible in research, policy and intervention related to substance use during pregnancy; however, little is known about how the social determinants of health and substance use prior to, during, and after pregnancy intersect. The objectives of this study were to describe the social contexts of pregnant-involved young Indigenous women who use substances and to explore if an Indigenous-Specific Determinants of Health Model can predict substance use among this...

Prism international

Prism International

On The Communication Complexity of Property Testing in Graphs

Rotem Oshman
I will describe recent work on the multi-party (number-in-hand) communication complexity of property testing in graphs, particularly testing triangle-freeness. I will also discuss open problems in this area arising from distributed computing. Based on joint work with Orr Fischer and Shay Gershtein.

Lower bounds for (Streaming) Approximation to MAX-CUT

Michael Kapralov
This talk will begin with tutorial-style material, and then focus on the following result. $1+\Omega(1)$ Approximation to MAX-CUT Requires Linear Space. We consider the problem of estimating the value of MAX-CUT in a graph in the streaming model of computation. We show that there exists a constant $\e_* > 0$ such that any randomized streaming algorithm that computes a $(1+\e_*)$-approximation to MAX-CUT requires $\Omega(n)$ space on an $n$ vertex graph. By contrast, there are algorithms...

Streaming Symmetric Norms via Measure Concentration

Vladimir Braverman
Abstract TBD

Lookup functions for separating randomized communication, quantum communication and approximate log-rank

Ankit Garg
I will talk about two recent works, one by [Anshu, Belovs, Ben-David, Goos, Jain, Kothari, Lee, Santha] and another by [Anshu, Ben-David, G., Jain, Kothari, Lee] which use “lookup functions” to get various separations in communication complexity.

Non-adaptive Data Structure Lower Bounds for Predecessor Search

Joshua Brody
In this work, we continue the examination of the role non-adaptivity plays in maintaining dynamic data structures, initiated by Brody and Larsen [BL15]}. We consider non-adaptive data structures for predecessor search in the w-bit cell probe model. Predecessor search is one of the most well-studied data structure problems. For this problem, using non-adaptivity comes at a steep price. We provide exponential cell probe complexity separations between (i) adaptive and non-adaptive data structures and (ii) non-adaptive...

Quantum information complexity

Ashwin Nayak

A Nearly Optimal Lower Bound on the Approximate Degree of $AC^0$

Justin Thaler
The approximate degree of a Boolean function f is the least degree of a real polynomial that approximates f pointwise to error at most 1/3. For any constant $\delta > 0$, we exhibit an $AC^0$ function of approximate degree $\Omega(n^{1-delta})$. This improves over the best previous lower bound of $\Omega(n^{2/3})$ due to Aaronson and Shi, and nearly matches the trivial upper bound of n that holds for any function. We accomplish this by giving a...

Lower bounds on non-adaptive data structures for median and predecessor search

Sivaramakrishnan Natarajan Ramamoorthy
We initiate the study of lower bounds for the median problem in the cell probe model. The algorithmic task is to maintain a subset of {1,2,....,m}, support insertion of elements and find the median of the set. Let $t_u,t_q,w$ denote the update time, the query time and the cell size of a data structure. We show that any data structure for the median problem must have $t_q \geq \Omega(m^(1/2(t_u+2))/(wt_u))$, when the updates are non-adaptive. An...

On the generalized Fermat equation

Imin Chen
A conjectured generalization of Fermat's Last Theorem states that the equation $x^p + y^q = z^r$ has no solutions in non-zero mutually coprime integers $x, y, z$ whenever the integer exponents $p, q, r \geq 3$. Since the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, it was natural to attempt to study this generalization using a similar approach by Galois representations and modular forms. In this talk, I will survey some of the successes of applying this...

Topology Dependent Bounds on Rounds and Communication

Arkadev Chattopadhyay
Based on joint works with Michael Langberg, Shi Li, Jaikumar Radhakrishnan and Atri Rudra.

Sketching and Streaming Matrix Norms

David Woodruff
Unlike estimating the norm of a vector in a stream, the memory required for estimating the norm of a matrix is less understood. Of interest is estimating the Schatten p-norm of an n x n matrix A, which is the p-norm of the vector of singular values of A. I'll discuss a number of works in this direction, which nearly resolve the memory required of the algorithm in certain cases, such as when A has...

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