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Tone mapping of high dynamic range video for video gaming applications

Ahmad Khaldieh
High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology is regarded as the latest revolution in digital multimedia, as it aims at capturing, distributing and displaying a range of luminance and color values that better correspond to what the human eye can perceive. Inevitably, physical-based rendering in High Dynamic Range (HDR) has recently gained a lot of interest in the video gaming industry. However, the limited availability of commercial HDR displays on one hand and the large installed base...

Reexamining free, prior and informed consent ( FPIC ) inside Burma : a case study

Dana Mccartney
Throughout history, indigenous peoples have figured among those groups who have been most systematically denied and violated of their right to give or withhold consent ( FPIC ) for resource development, most notably when there are large-scale development projects. This thesis examines the principle of FPIC in Burma, the barriers and opportunities concerning its application and implementation, how it may be interpreted in different situations or by different stakeholders, and the need why the need...

Pattern-forming instabilities in the coupling of ice sheets and subglacial drainage systems

Arran Whiteford
Sharp spatial changes discovered in the basal conditions of an ice sheet do not always have an obvious source. By modelling instabilities in the coupling of an ice sheet and subglacial drainage system, we describe physical feedback mechanisms that force the formation of sharp spatial structures in basal conditions and ice flow. This model predicts the spontaneous formation of periodic subglacial `sticky spot'-lake pairs, that correspond in shape to previous empirical and modelled descriptions of...

Matching oxygen supply and oxygen demand : do heterothermic rodents tolerate cold and hypoxia through the retention of neonatal traits?

Yvonne Andrea Dzal
There are striking similarities between newborn mammals and adult mammals capable of hibernation (heterotherms) that are not present in adult mammals that do not hibernate (homeotherms). Unlike most mammals, adult heterotherms and newborns are exceptionally tolerant of cold and hypoxia. However, the basis of this enhanced tolerance remains largely unknown. In this thesis I determined how newborn and adult rodents that vary in heterothermic expression match O₂ supply and O₂ demand when exposed to cold...

Structural and functional studies of lipid nanoparticles

Jayesh Ashok Kulkarni
The full abstract for this thesis is available in the body of the thesis, and will be available when the embargo expires.

Wideband acoustic immittance measures as part of a newborn hearing screening program in Canadian First Nations and Metis, Caucasian and other ethnicity neonates.

Lareina Abbott
Purpose: There are few data on the prevalence of Otitis Media (OM) in neonates of all ethnicities, especially First Nations and Metis (FNAM) neonates, at birth. There is a need to diagnose type of hearing loss at the time of Newborn Hearing Screening (NHS) to determine prevalence and to refer neonates for timely assessment and intervention. Wideband Acoustic Immittance (WAI) is a viable tool that can aid in the diagnosis of conductive hearing loss (CHL)...

Essays on information and stock returns

Jinfei Sheng
The relationship between information and stock returns is one of the most fundamental questions in finance and economics. This thesis aims to enhance our understanding of this relationship by using novel datasets and methods. In particular, I present a collection of three essays on the impacts of information on stock returns. I study both traditional sources of information, such as earnings announcements, macroeconomic news, and media coverage, as well as non-traditional sources of information, such...

The historical constitution of the obedient subject

Serbülent Turan
What explains our current norms and practices of political obligation, and how should we account for the more problematic aspects of obedience to political authority? We can answer this question partially through an historical analysis of the processes constitutive of political obedience. This dissertation analyzes two major instances of disobedience that promised to radically revolutionize the political system: the Revolution of the Common Man (1525) and the English Civil Wars (1640s). Early modern, absolutist forms...

Migration, religious conversion, and transnational activism : a Vancouver Chinese church's quest to change China

Joshua Tan
Exile or migration, and religious conversion, are two powerful impetuses for people disillusioned with existing regimes to improve their predicament and find new sources of meaning and purpose. Whereas both the study of overseas Chinese, as well as religion in modern China, have flourished since China's era of reform and opening— alongside growing religions practice and reinvigorated transnational networks— scholarship in both fields has paid insufficient attention to transnational Chinese communities drawn along religious lines,...

Atmospheric alkaline pre-oxidation of refractory sulphide gold ores

Alan Joseph Rego
Four iron-sulphide-containing gold ores from the White Mountain mine in the Jilin Province, China were studied to examine the benefits of using oxidative treatment prior to conventional cyanidation to leach gold. This pre-treatment consisted of bubbling air into an ore/water mixture for eight hours while adding enough caustic sodium hydroxide to maintain a pH of 11 throughout the test. Three physical parameters were studied: total consumption of sodium hydroxide, rate of slurry aeration, and temperature...

Studies of a novel analgesic identified by establishing a structure-activity relationship for the analgesic prototype, isovaline

Timothy Fung
The full abstract for this thesis is available in the body of the thesis, and will be available when the embargo expires.

1177 B.C. : The Year Civilization Collapsed

Eric H. Cline
Dr. Eric Cline is an active field archaeologist with extensive excavation and survey experience in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Cyprus, Greece, Crete, and the United States. His 17 books have been translated into fifteen languages and reviewed extensively in journals and printed media such as the Times Literary Supplement, the Times Higher Education Supplement and The New Yorker. His book 1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed (2014) was considered for a Pulitzer Prize. Cline has appeared...

Stand Up Straight! : Our posture and how history shapes our anatomy

Sander Gilman
Dr. Sander Gilman is a prominent cultural and literary historian and author or editor of over ninety books. He wrote the basic study of the visual stereotyping of the mentally ill, Seeing the Insane (1982), and Are Racists Crazy? How Prejudice, Racism, and Antisemitism Became Markers of Insanity (2016). Gilman has held distinguished professorships at Cornell University, University of Chicago and University of Illinois at Chicago, where he created the “Humanities Laboratory. He was awarded...

Economic Inequality in America : Facts, Fiction and How to Tell the Difference

Sylvia Nasar
Dr. Sylvia Nasar is the recipient of many honours, including the National Book Critics Circle Award for Biography (1998) as the author of A Beautiful Mind (1998), a biography of mathematician John Forbes Nash, published in 30 languages which became the inspiration for the Academy Award-winning movie (2001). Her Grand Pursuit: The Story of Economic Genius (2011) received a Los Angeles Times Book Award for Science and Technology (2011) and the Spears Financial History Book...

In Search of Nursing’s History : Collections and Research Services

Katherine Miller
Librarians and archivists partner with faculty, students and other scholars on nursing history scholarship and research. Some of the activities include digitization of unique materials; acquiring and preserving information in print and online; and providing one-on-one consultations and classroom instruction to nursing researchers.


Moulded glass ashtrays made for use on board Canadian Pacific Railway train and steamship services, with matchbox holder, and with the entwined initials "C.P.R."

Call box

Wood wall mounted call box with glass pane covering a white painted plate with eight apertures and sliding red disc indicators activated when stewards on board ship were called for service to cabins A, B, C, D, E, Chief Steward, Coffee Room or Dining Room

Wall plaques

Plastic wall plaques in the shape of miniature life buoys in red and white, inscribed with the words "Empress of Canada"


Elkington And Company
Metal platter engraved with the initials "C.P.R"


Wing Sang Company
Cardboard blotters promoting Seymour Auto Repair Limited, Vancouver

Souvenir flag

Cloth souvenir red-and-white checkered flag with metal stem


Elkington And Company
Silver creamer engraved with the oval garter and checkered flag reading "Canadian Pacific."

Sugar bowl

Elkington And Company
Silver sugar bowl engraved with a circular garter and checkered flag reading "Canadian Pacific."

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