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Photochemistry of tetrahydro-1, 4-naphthoquinones in the solid state

Alice Afi Dzakpasu
Previous investigations involving the behaviour of cis-4a,5,8,8a-tetrahydro-1,4-naphthoquinone and its derivatives in solution under UV irradiation raised the question of what role, if any, the ground state conformations of these molecules play in a) the type of photochemical behaviour the substrate exhibits and b) the product distribution in cases where more than one product is formed. In addition, it has never been established experimentally just what the geometric requirements for the various reactions encountered in this...

A Scid mouse model of human acute myelogenous leukemia (AML)

Carolyn J. L. Moore
A mouse model of human acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) was achieved using 400 cgy of total body irradiation of low dose 137-Cesium radiation (1.48 Rads/min.) to Scid mice which were injected intravenously with human AML cells. Demonstrated engraftment in mice of an AML cell line, M07eJ-IL-3, which harbours a retroviral construct producing human IL-3 and neomycin (G418) resistance, was determined by Southern analysis of mouse tissues for human DNA and G418 resistance of cells from...

The Ubyssey


The romance of the Alaska highway

Godsell, Philip H. (Philip Henry), 1889-
"Story of various expeditions over a period of time connected with the Alaska Highway, including the Canol Project.<br>Also : [2nd ed. 1945, c1944]<br>Also: With title Alaska Highway. London, Sampson Low, Marston and Company, Limited [n.d.] xi, 210 p. 22 cm. British Museum Catalogue and Library of Congress Catalog give publication date as [1946]"-- Edwards, M. H., Lort, J. C. R., & Carmichael, W. J. (1975). A bibliography of British Columbia: Years of growth, 1900-1950. Victoria,...

Fernie Ledger


Three essays on investment and information acquisition/disclosure decisions around equity offerings

Yinghua Li
It is often believed that increased information flow can facilitate resource allocations and improve market efficiency in the capital market. Equity-issuing firms can play significant roles in the capital formation process, since they are a major provider of information and possess intimate knowledge about their business. Therefore it is important to understand factors that affect their disclosure incentives. In addition, regulators are concerned with formulating appropriate laws and policies to encourage more disclosure of credible...

Moyie Leader

Published in the interest of the people of Moyie and East Kootenay

Illumination and the adsorption of xanthate in the flotation of galena and marmatite

Claudio Guarnaschelli
The changes in the adsorption characteristics of potassium ethyl xanthate (KEtX) on galena (PbS) and marmatite [(Zn,Fe)S] due to illumination have been investigated. Studies by others have indicated that: (1) the amount of surfactant adsorbed by a semiconductor depends on its n-type or p-type character, (2) copper activation of sphalerite (ZnS) is required for flotation, (3) sphalerite is a semiconductor with an energy gap of 3.6 eV whereas galena is a semiconductor with an energy...

The Greenwood Ledge

The oldest mining camp newspaper in British Columbia. ; The Ledge was published in Greenwood, in the Kootenay Boundary region of southern British Columbia. The Ledge was published by James W. Grier until 1907, and was subsequently published by R. T. Lowery (1907-1920) and G. W. A. Smith (1920-1929). The paper's longest-serving editor was R. T. Lowery (1906-1926), a prolific newspaper publisher, editor, and printer who was also widely acclaimed for his skill as a...

Alcune forme di poesia dialettale sarda

Mario Saba
In questo lavoro ho trattato alcune forme di poesia dialettale sarda quali il "muttu o muttettu," i "canti della culla," le "cantilene infantili," e i "canti funebri." Del muttu, forma caratteristica della poesia popolare sarda, al quale ho dedicato il primo cpitolo, ho analizzato per lo più quei problemi connessi con la sua struttura, forma, origine e quindi i suoi rapporti con componimenti di altre regioni italiane, e anche non italiane, portando esempi di muttus...

UBC Reports


P.G.E. Railway along Anderson Lake

Photograph depicts railway running between lake and cliff face

Protective effects of metoprolol and ascorbic acid during the development of diabetic cardiomyopathy

Varun Vivashan Saran
The existence of a heart muscle disorder specific to Diabetes Mellitus (DM) has been proposed, termed, Diabetic Cardiomyopathy (DCM). DCM is defined as the presence of an early asymptomatic diastolic dysfunction that eventually progresses to overt systolic dysfunction in the absence of ischemic or valvular heart disease. Metabolic impairment and increased oxidative stress have been highlighted as causes. The β-blocker metoprolol is known to improve function in diabetic rat hearts, possibly through amelioration of the...

Insight on Food : An analysis of the nutritional knowledge of first year students living in Totem Park Residence

Heather Ma, Richard Wu, Kevin Krispin, Regan Eberding & Marika Van Reeuwyk
Many undergraduate students lack the ability to appropriately assess, prioritize, and improve their level of nutrition according to research on Canadian campuses (Boland et al. 2014). Undergraduate admission at UBC has increased significantly in recent years. Since many of these students are away from home for the first time, support to encourage judicious food choices may be in order. Though many other Canadian universities have conducted studies assessing nutritional knowledge in undergraduates with relevance to...

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