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Dihedral quintic fields with a power basis

Melisa Jean Lavallee
Cryptography is defined to be the practice and studying of hiding information and is used in applications present today; examples include the security of ATM cards and computer passwords ([34]). In order to transform information to make it unreadable, one needs a series of algorithms. Many of these algorithms are based on elliptic curves because they require fewer bits. To use such algorithms, one must find the rational points on an elliptic curve. The study...

Body-centric and shadow-based interaction for large wall displays

Garth Shoemaker
We are entering an era in human-computer interaction where new display form factors, including large displays, promise to efficiently support an entire class of tasks that were not properly supported by traditional desktop computing interfaces. We develop a "body-centric" model of interaction appropriate for use with very large wall displays. We draw on knowledge of how the brain perceives and operates in the physical world, including the concepts of proprioception, interaction spaces, and social conventions,...

Seismic shear response of rc members with varying ductility

Scott Roux
Experimental results of twelve reinforced concrete specimens subjected to reverse cyclic shear are presented. The tests were performed as part of a long-term research program that is presently underway at the University of British Columbia to develop a rational model for seismic shear design. The main objective of this investigation was to test reinforced concrete specimens under well-defined loading conditions in order to provide insight into the behaviour of structural members subjected to reverse cyclic...

Synthesis of cycloalkyl analogues of antergan

Yih Song Wang
Cycloalkyl analogues of Antergan with the basic structure of N, N-dimethyl-N’-cycloalkylmethyl-N’-phenylethylenedi-amlne have been synthesized in good yields. The alkyl group was a butyl-, pentyl-, hexyl-, or heptyl-ring structure. The compounds with the benzyl group of Antergan substituted by a hydrogen or a methyl group were also synthesized in good yields. The general reaction sequence followed was to start with the appropriate cycloalkanecarboxyllc acid and build up to a secondary amine via an acid chloride and...

Webster and the theatre of cruelty : a theatrical context for the Duchess of Malfi

Reginald Wallace Buckle
The purpose of this thesis is to examine Webster's The Duchess of Malfi, a representative example of the Jacobean "horror" play, in terms of its possible relationship to Antonin Artaud's Theatre of Cruelty, a dramatic theory chiefly propounded in The Theater and its Double. The introductory section outlines the basic aims and principles of a Theatre of Cruelty as postulated by Artaud, and attempts to show why, in view of recent theatrical experiments, Webster's play...

Ruthenium K-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy studies of ruthenium complexes relevant to olefin metathesis

Kendra Joyce Getty
Despite previous extensive study of the widely-employed ruthenium-catalysed olefin metathesis reaction, the finer mechanistic details have not been elucidated. An area that is noticeably lacking is spectroscopic exploration of the relevant complexes. In this work, organometallic ruthenium complexes of importance to olefin metathesis have been investigated using Ru K-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy. The lowest energy feature in the Ru K-edge spectrum has been unambiguously assigned as due to Ru 4d←1s transitions. These electric-dipole-forbidden transitions are...

The emergence of sociotechnical computer integrated manufacturing at a large corporation: a case study

Arek Shakarian
The continued assimilation of advanced computing and information technologies in the workplace in the midst of rapidly changing socioeconomic conditions has led many corporations to transform their corporate culture and structure. These profound changes are implicating corporate functions such as planning, design, manufacturing, and marketing. A significant form of corporate re-structuring has been in the computer and information technology mediated integration of these functions which is sometimes labeled Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). Fundamental questions are...

Localized post-transcriptional gene silencing of the very long chain fatty acid condensing enzyme, CER6, and analysis of transcript accumulation in the anthers of developing flower buds of Arabidopsis thaliana

Nora Kathleen Houlahan
In Arabidopsis thaliana, both the stem wax and the pollen lipids are generated from very long chain fatty acid (VLCFA) precursors. A mutation in the gene encoding CER6, a condensing enzyme involved in VLCFA synthesis, results in plants with alterations in both the stem wax and the pollen coat lipid profiles. Phenotypically these plants lack epicuticular wax crystals on their stems and are conditionally male sterile. When grown under conditions of low humidity, the pollen...

Tautological relations via the Abel–Jacobi map

Dmitry Zakharov

Integrating goods delivery with electrical surface transit networks : the Trum strategy for urban freight transport in Vancouver and elsewhere

Simon L'Allier
This thesis examines a way to integrate goods movement with Light Rail Transit (LRT) and trolleybus networks used for public transit. In essence, this implies the use of a new concept vehicle to deliver goods within urban areas, named the Trum, for its hybrid nature between a truck and a tramway, that connects with electrical infrastructure also used to power surface transit vehicles. The approach taken in this research is exploratory as its main objectives...

Expression, purification, and characterization of RD3, the protein associated with Leber's congenital amaurosis type 12

Thomas Jefferies
RD3 is a highly conserved 23 kDa soluble protein expressed in the retinal and testicular tissues required for the trafficking of GC1 (Guanylate Cyclase 1). A lack of expression of this protein, or of GC1, results in a rapid loss of photoreceptor cells after retinal development, indicating their importance in photoreceptor function and survival. Previous work has demonstrated that RD3 shows disperse and membrane-associated distribution in HEK293T cells. When expressed in E. coli, RD3 forms...

Indian housing and welfare : a study of the housing conditions and welfare needs of the Mission Reserve Indians

Cyril Kirby Toren
The survey arose out of the interest of the Indian Affairs Branch in present and future housing needs of the Squamish Band. The information gathered was to be used for the purpose of planning an adequate housing scheme and for the development of a modern community. The plan of the study was to present some historical background of the Squamish people, to show through the survey of the reserve, the need for better housing, and...

Girl talk : feminist rights discourse and the struggle for equality

Christine M. Dearing
The customs of Western society face increasing pressure as the "postmodern" notion that knowledge and reason are constructs of a discourse that suppresses some aspects of experience and highlights others, gains legitimacy. Feminists have seized this notion of discourse to challenge the way society has marginalized women's existence. Canadian feminists, in particular, have developed a counterdiscourse of rights to challenge the dominant discourse and its formal approach to equality. By lobbying the federal government to...

Percutaneous radio-frequency neurotomy treatment of chronic cervical pain following whiplash injury : reviewing evidence and needs

Ken Bassett, Lyn M Sibley, Hugh Anton, Philip Harrison & Arminée Kazanjian
This health technology assessment report critically examines the efficacy, effectiveness, and safety of percutaneous radio-frequency neurotomy (PRFN) treatment of chronic neck-pain following whiplash injury of the neck. The secondary purpose of this health technology assessment is to estimate the provincial population health impact of PRFN.

Studies on the transport of metal ions and modified amino acids and peptides into liposomes in response to transmembrane pH gradients

Ajoy C. Chakrabarti
A universal characteristic of cells is the membrane boundary that separates the interior cytoplasm from the external environment. This thesis examines the net transport of molecules such as certain metal ions, modified amino acids and peptides across the membranes of model (liposome) systems in response to transmembrane pH gradients. This net transport arises from the membrane permeable nature of the neutral form of the molecule or ion complex. For comparison, permeability studies were conducted for...

Solar Photovoltaics in British Columbia: A Scoping Review of Residential, Grid-Connected Systems

Sean Tynan
This document provides information regarding recent developments in small-scale residential, grid-connected photovoltaic systems. The purpose of the document is three-fold: to explore the current status and potential of these systems within the Province of British Columbia, to identify the major barriers to PV systems, and to examine the key policy interventions that would be required to bring about widespread uptake of these systems. Research was conducted primarily through a review of the literature. This information...

The induction of long-term potentiation attenuates kainic acid-induced excitotoxicity

Gary Lee Evans
The activation of N-methyl-D-aspartate glutamate receptors (NMDARs) is required for the long term potentiation (LTP) and long term depression (LTD) of excitatory synaptic transmission at hippocampal CA1 synapses, and plays an important role in learning and memory. In addition, it is accepted that the over-activation of NMDARs leads to the neurotoxicity associated with stroke and other neurodegenerative disorders. Thus, the NMDAR provides a logical starting point to investigate a possible relationship between synaptic plasticity and...

Reversal and nonreversal shifts in Indian and white children

Herbert William Kee
This study was designed to explore specific aspects of the relationship between language and cognition. Comparisons of a normal population with populations deficient in verbal ability provide information relevant to the qualification of this relationship. In this respect, B.C. Indian children were an appropriate group for comparison with normal white children since they are apparently deficient in verbal development. It was considered worthwhile to determine if there are cognitive differences between Indian and white children...

Developing outreach initiatives for Sprouts : the Sprouts Box and Buying Club

Tennille Sawin, Wen Wang, Venus Tong, Anne Guo & Wendy Chang
Group 15 was assigned to scenario 7, “Identifying a Direction of Food System Education Outreach at Sprouts.’’(UBCFSP, 2010) The group met with Sprouts Coordinators, who identified the Sprouts Box and the Buying Club for the group to work on. The task for Sprouts box was to expand cliental base and help to expand box program. The main focus in regards to the Buying Club was to attract more customers. The group did the on-line research...

Life and work: the health-related quality of life and employment outcomes of rental transplant recipients

Beryl M. Ferguson
This study was designed to investigate patient outcomes following kidney transplantation in terms of health-related quality of life and employment status. In addition it was designed to identify, in terms of relative contribution, the main factors or characteristics that are associated with employment from the perspective of the renal transplant recipient. The study was conducted in two stages. In stage one, 216 adult renal transplant recipients from the lower mainland of British Columbia completed a...

Information processing: response complexity and the speed- accuracy tradeoff

Diana Lynn Rollo
The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether stress for speed and/or accuracy would differentially affect information processing of tasks of low, versus greater complexity in a choice reaction time situation- It was postulated that a stress for speed would result in the adoption of a response strategy favouring the complex response whereas an accuracy stress would result in the employment of no such strategy. The complex response involved the depression of five keys...

Thought experiments in ethics : a contexualist approach to the grounding problem

Anne Harland
How can an experiment which occurs only in thought lead to new and accurate conclusions about the world beyond thought? What makes thought experiments relevant to the domains they are designed to explore? One answer is that successful thought experiments are grounded. Explaining the nature of this grounding relationship, especially as it applies to ethics, is the main task of this dissertation. A thought experiment is an experiment that occurs in thought. The "thought" label...

The fluorides of platinum and related compounds

Derek Harry Lohmann
The fluorides of platinum have been reinvestigated. Attempts to prepare a difluoride were unsuccessful. It is suggested that this is-due to it being unstable towards disproportionation. X-ray Crystallographic evidence is presented as evidence for a trifluoride of platinum although a pure sample has not been isolated. This trifluoride is shown to be isostructural with the rhombohedital trifluorides of palladium, iridium and rhodium. Platinum tetrafluoride has been reinvestigated. It was found to be diamagnetic and to...

Seasonal modulations of the active MJO cycle characterized by nonlinear principal component analysis

Johannes Jenkner, William W. Hsieh & Alex J. Cannon
A novel methodology is presented for the identification of the mean cycle of the Madden–Julian Oscillation (MJO) along the equator. The methodology is based on a nonlinear principal component (NLPC) computed with a neural network model. The bandpass–filtered input data encompass 30 years with zonal winds on 850 hPa and 200 hPa plus outgoing longwave radiation (OLR). The NLPC is conditioned on a sufficiently strong MJO activity and is computed both for the pooled dataset...

Amphitryon, Oedipe, et Antigone : trois mythes portes a la scene

Sheila G. Gerard
La mythologie a fourni un point de départ riche en possibilités a l'écrivain dans tous les domaines littéraires et à toutes les epoques. Des dramaturges successifs ont repris et remodele les mythes qui ont été mis en scene par les anciens. Nous avons choisi, en vue de montrer l'adaptabilité et l'attrait universel du mythe, les trois grandes le-gendes d'Amphitryon, d’Oedipe et d'Antigone dans le traite-ment qui leur a été accorde à trois époques tres différentes,...

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