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Soil treatment for remediation of heavy metal contaminated soils

Robert John Stephenson, John Nelson, Laura McBroom & Vita Yan
A novel soil treatment process for the removal of metals from industrially contaminated soils has recently been developed. The process consists of units for soil segregation, metals extraction, and water treatment. The project was awarded funding under the federal-provincial Demonstration of Site Remediation Technology (DESRT) program and from the Science Council of BC and has been proven at the bench scale and is ready for on-site pilot scale demonstration. A number of soils and chelating...

The role of the press in shaping a New Middle East

Freeman Poritz
Egyptian-Israeli relations from 1977 to 1979 as seen through the headlines, news articles, opinion pieces and editorials of three major Israeli newspapers: The Jerusalem Post, Yedioth Aharonoth and Ha'aretz

Men & women and tools : reflections on male resistance to women in trades and technology

Marcia Ann Braundy
Men & Women and Tools is an exploratory study, where new knowledge is created in the interplay of voices: narratives of lived experience, a data play of participants' voices, research and exposition in the literature, and the space between the audience and the text. Male and female workers, equity consultants and advocates discussed male resistance to women in trades and technology. In one interview with trades workers an explicit clarity emerged, provoking an emotional understanding...

Southgate Town Centre Concept Plan : designing a "functional" community

Elaine Ruth Gardam
It is estimated that the population of the City of Nanaimo will almost double in the next 25 years. In the past, Nanaimo's urban growth has been absorbed using a typical pattern of development - stripmalls, supported by ever-expanding low-density suburban sprawl. This development seems to have occurred with little or no forethought to its environmental or social consequences. Urban sprawl is consuming our land and endangering the natural ecosystems in our region. In response...

QJBrowser : sutitle a query based approach to explore concerns

Rajeswari Rajagopalan
This dissertation presents a query-based browsing tool called QJBrowser that can assist developers in working with crosscutting concerns. Although there is no apparent limit to the number of different kinds of crosscutting views of source code that are potentially interesting to developers, many existing browser tools are capable of producing only a limited set of pre-defined views. This is because the logic to locate and display code units is typically pre-programmed into these tools and...

Graduate recital

Stephen Andrew Robb
[no abstract submitted]

Comparative statics and the evaluation of agricultural development programs

Barry Thomas Coyle
Perhaps the most important task of any economic analysis of agricultural policy is to estimate the effects of policy on various economic measures such as income and output. This is usually done by combining economic theory with data. However, the economic theory seldom is fully descriptive of the situation and the empirical knowledge generally is far from complete. Thus, even aside from difficulties in aggregating gains and losses over individuals, economic analyses of policies are...

Five Principles for the Vision of the West Seattle Triangle District

Laura Stacy Passmore
This project explores a design vision for the Triangle District that preserves local employment in new mixed use typologies, while also balancing a larger watershed and sustainability framework. Five Principles for the Vision of West Seattle was conducted to explore a possible vision for the future of the Triangle District in West Seattle. Currently commercial/light industrial areas such as the Triangle District have seen the most pressure for development. As a Masters Project, the goals...

Comparing the effectiveness of CO₂ strippers to reduce operating costs for struvite formation

Nandini Sabrina
Struvite crystallization offers the potential of removing phosphorus from wastewater and recovering it in a form that can be used as a fertilizer. In 1999, the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of British Columbia (UBC) started a phosphorus recovery project. The UBC struvite group is now researching ways to reduce the operating costs of struvite production. One of the major operational costs of struvite production is the cost of caustic chemicals that is...

Fisheries management policy in South Africa : an evaluation of alternative management strategies for the Hake and Linefish fisheries

Trevor Patrick Hutton
Recent political changes in South Africa provide an opportunity to explore alternative fisheries management policies. An analysis of common-pool resource management arrangements indicates that the rules governing participation and the allocation of costs and benefits need to be well defined. A multi-disciplinary policy analysis has to consider institutions because they form the basis of rules and rights. My analysis is developed from the integration of two approaches: (1) a framework analysis based on neo-institutional economics...

Mothers with arthritis : experiences in the stories of mothering

Linda Del Fabro
Motherhood has been described as an identity, a role, and a way of participating in life (Arendell, 2000; Farber, 2004). Motherhood has also been described as 'work', the care taking, nurturing and teaching of children (Francis-Connolly, 2000). Mothers with arthritis have reported difficulty in the tasks of parenting and household work (Allaire et al., 1991; Backman, Kennedy, Chalmers & Singer, 2004; Barlow, Cullen, Foster, Harrison & Wade, 1999; Grant, Cullen & Barlow, 2000; Reisine, Grady,...

New synthetic methods using single-electron processes

Maria Zlotorzynska
This thesis presents investigations of alkoxy and aminyl radical cyclizations onto silyl enol ethers, as well as the development of a new photoinduced electron transfer-promoted redox fragmentation of N-alkoxyphthalimides. We investigated alkoxy radical cyclizations onto silyl enol ethers as a method for the synthesis of alpha-oxygenated oxacycles. Cyclizations to form tetrahydrofurans displayed a high degree of chemoselectivity relative to competing 1,5-hydrogen atom transfer, fragmentation and cyclization pathways. The rate acceleration imparted by the silyl enol...

Entropy methods for systems of gravitating particles

Robert Stanczy

The feasibility of using Standardized Carrier Performance Measures (SCPM) among vehicle assemblers in Canada and the United States

Philip J. Carroll
Increasingly, shippers need accurate motor carrier performance information. Carrier selection and performance evaluation programs, carrier certification programs and quality management programs all require accurate performance information. Traditionally, shippers do not have much experience in formally gathering and measuring such information. For those shippers and carriers who do measure performance, no standardized measuring and reporting rules exist within industry. Over the years, the accounting profession has established standardized financial performance information reporting rules based on user...

Interpreting the Octet '61 by Cornelius Cardew on the piano

Aleksander Jozef Szram
This thesis investigates the performer's options in approaching the interpretation of the Octet '61 (1961) by Cornelius Cardew (1936-1981) as a solo piano performance. The Octet '61 is an indeterminate composition for any instrument(s) written using graphic notation. The score comprises sixty symbols and a set of performance instructions. The focus on a solo piano performance is justified for several reasons. It was published together with the February Pieces (1959-1961) for piano, the performance instructions...

Children's use of rehearsal to remember pictures and words : do self-report, observation, and stimulus effects tell the same story?

Paola Elizabeth Colozzo
This study looked at the use of verbal rehearsal in children from grades I to IV in two immediate serial memory tasks, one involving spoken words and the other nameable pictures. It took a new approach for studying rehearsal by integrating and building on the theoretical frameworks and accumulated data from two largely independent research traditions, memory development research and developmental applications of short-term memory models. The objective was to make both a theoretical and...

The effect of coal composition, moisture content, and pore volume distribution upon single and binary gas equilibrium and nonequilibrium adsorption : implications for gas content determination

Christopher Raymond Clarkson
An experimental and modeling study was undertaken to determine the effect of coal composition, moisture content, and pore structure, upon natural gas adsorption and matrix transport. A volumetric high-pressure (up to 17 MPa) adsorption apparatus was constructed for the collection of single and multicomponent adsorption equilibrium and non-equilibrium adsorption data. A variety of equilibrium and non-equilibrium adsorption models were applied to determine which provided the best fits to the data. Coals selected for study included...

An analytical platform for cumulative impact assessment in northeastern British Columbia

Bogdan Miha Strimbu
The combined influence on the environment of all projects occurring in a single area is evaluated through cumulative impact assessments (CIA), which consider the consequences of multiple projects, each possibly insignificant on its own, yet important when evaluated collectively. Traditionally, the future human activities are included in CIA using an analytical platform, commonly based on complex models that supply precise predictions but with asymptotically null accuracy. To compensate for the lack of accuracy of the...

Tracing change in Northwest Coast exhibit and collection catalogues, 1949-1998

Tanya Goudie
This thesis explores changing perceptions, theory, structure and policy within art exhibit and collection catalogues of First Peoples' objects from the Pacific Northwest Coast. This work looks at emerging viewpoints on material culture and its display over forty years as they present themselves in catalogue entries, textual content and labeling of Native groups and individuals. Early concepts based on salvage anthropology such as Native cultural demise and the degeneration of remaining people weakened as scholarship...

Factors influencing the stability of dehydrated liposomal systems

Paul Richard Harrigan
Plant seeds, yeasts, bacterial spores, rotifers, and other organisms are capable of suspending their metabolism and entering a state of latency when dehydrated. These organisms may maintain this state for extremely long periods of time, yet upon rehydration resume normal metabolism, without evidence of severe membrane disruption. With many of these organisms, the ability to survive dehydration has been correlated to the production of large amounts of carbohydrates, including glycerol, glycogen and the disaccharide trehalose....

The effects of peer collaboration on student performance in solving process problems in mathematics

Betty Noriko Ibuki
This study investigated the effects of group collaboration on children's performance in and their attitudes towards Math problem solving, compared to individual work. Twenty-eight grade six students in a single classroom were randomly assigned to either a group- or individual-work condition for eleven sessions of working with process problems in Math. An analysis of covariance conducted on group means of problem-solving posttests with the pre-test and test administration order held as covariates, showed no significant...

The spectra of powers of random unitary matrices

Elizabeth Meckes

Acculturation, acculturative stress, and psychological androgyny among Sikh adolescents

Amritpal Singh Shergill
This research study examined the relationships between acculturation, acculturative attitudes, acculturative stress, and psychological androgyny among first and second generation, (or Indian born and Canadian born), Sikh male and female adolescents in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. A total of 114 subjects were administered the Acculturative Attitudes Survey, the Cawte Acculturative Stress Scale, and the Bern Sex Role Inventory. A one way ANOVA indicated that second generation Sikh adolescents had a significantly higher acculturative...

Incorporating geophysics in the hydrogeological decision-making process

Edward Andrew Clayton
A risk-based economic decision making framework for hydrogeology-related engineering problems was developed, and tested in a real-world case study, for incorporating geophysics in a probabilistic site conceptual model that is directly linked to a decision analysis model. The framework employs a flexible, practical geostatistical methodology that quantitatively accounts for uncertainty associated with measurement inaccuracy and spatial variability. Two types of decision analyses are performed: (1) all types of existing information are integrated in the site...

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