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Consistency-based diagnosis using dynamic models

Andrew. Watkins
As society grows ever more reliant on increasingly complex technology, so does the importance of being able to quickly detect and diagnose the inevitable failures. Thus, the relatively new field of computer-assisted diagnosis has emerged to help fill this need. To date, expert-systems form the most common paradigm for computer-assisted diagnosis but another approach, that of modelbased diagnosis (MBD), is superior in many respects and offers several advantages over expertsystems. These advantages stem from the...

Initial dilution of a horizontal jet in a strong current

Bonnie Jean Marks
The initial dilution of waste discharging into a water body can be accomplished by turbulent jets. Enhanced mixing is thought to occur when the water body is a river, due to the presence of an ambient current and increased turbulence levels. One case of jet mixing in a river is when the jet is weak compared with the ambient current, such as a pulp mill discharge into the Fraser River. This research was initially driven...

Study of polaron properties using the momentum average approximation

Glen L. Goodvin
In this work we present a highly efficient and accurate analytical approximation for the Green's function of a polaron: the momentum average (MA) approximation. It is obtained by summing all of the self-energy diagrams, but with each diagram averaged over the momenta of its free propagators. The result becomes exact for both zero bandwidth and for zero electron-phonon coupling, and is accurate everywhere in the parameter space. The approximation is first used to investigate the...

The screens of the Shimabara rebellion : Peasant uprisings, martyred Christians, disputed heroes, and dissention in the archive

Joseph H. Loh
In the Akizuki Kyodo Kan in Fukuoka Prefecture stands a pair of Japanese screens, produced in 1838 to commemorate the suppression of the Shimabara Rebellion (1637-8). The rebellion is significant because it essentially marks the end of the "Christian Century" (1549-1650) or Namban (Southern Barbarian) era and the beginning of two hundred years of Tokugawa domination and Japanese isolation. In looking at the screens and proceeding through their narrative, we find ourselves impressed with their...

Ecological effects of mine reclamation on grizzly bears

B. Cristescu, G.B. Stenhouse, M. Symbaluk & M.S. Boyce
The grizzly bear (Ursus arctos) is a threatened species in Alberta and although we have studied grizzly bear response to forest seral stage change, little is known about the response to coal mine reclamation by bears. We addressed basic ecological questions to describe landscape change effects on grizzly bears, focusing on Luscar and Gregg River reclaimed coal mines in west-central Alberta as case studies. We summarize bear use of mine mineral disturbance limits in relation...

The meaning of employee health in the business context : a narrative inquiry with human resources professionals

Kimberly Anne Thomas
Illness arising out of the course of employment is the cause of a great deal of human suffering world wide. It represents significant costs for individuals, organizations and society, yet is not the primary focus of business. Human resource professionals are traditionally charged with the responsibility of employee health risk management, however little is known about the meanings human resource professionals ascribe to employee health in the business context. In this qualitative study, narrative inquiry...

Multi-image matching using invariant features

Matthew Alun Brown
This thesis concerns the problems of automatic image stitching and 3D modelling from multiple views. These are basic problems of computer vision, with applications in robotics, architecture, industrial inspection, surveillance, computer graphics and film. Recent work has brought increasing automation to these tasks, but despite a large amount of progress, state-of-the-art algorithms still require some form of user input or assumptions about the image sequence. For example, the best image stitchers currently require an ordered...

Mechanism of acidification of expired water in fish

Hong Lin
The effect of varying inhaled water pH on the acidification or alkalization of water as it passes over the gills in rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri) was investigated by exposing the fish to pH 9.91 and pH 3.88 water. In the control and high pH treatment, water was acidified as it flowed over the gills of the fish because of the dominant effect of CO₂ hydration. Water was alkalized as it flowed over the gills of...

The Battery Rickshaw "Crisis" in New Delhi

Simon Harding
This paper uses a case study of battery rickshaws in New Delhi as a lens through which to view the policy making process in urban India. Battery rickshaws are small public transport vehicles that typically transport passengers to and from metro stations for a small fare. In 2010 there were a few dozen in New Delhi; by 2014, estimates put their numbers at around 100,000. Despite their proliferation, the process of constructing an appropriate regulatory...

Lanthanides and their complexes for the treatment of bone density disorders

Yasmin Jenny Mawani
Lanthanides are of interest in the treatment of bone density disorders because they are found to accumulate preferentially in bone (in vivo), have a stimulatory effect on bone formation, and exhibit an inhibitory effect on bone degradation (in vitro), altering the homeostasis of the bone cycle. In an effort to develop an orally active lanthanide drug, a series of 3-hydroxy-4- pyridinone ligands were synthesized and eight of these ligands (H1 = 3-hydroxy-2-methyl-1- (2-hydroxyethyl)-4-pyridinone, H2 =...

The link between hypercholesterolemia and tendon pathology

Navdeep Grewal
Tendinopathy is a major cause of morbidity in athletic populations and in the work force, traditionally thought to occur as a consequence of an imbalance between damage (resulting from mechanical loading) and repair. However, one third of the cases for midportion Achilles tendinopathy occur in sedentary individuals, and recent data suggests an association between hypercholesterolemia and the occurrence of tendon rupture or tendinopathy. The aim of this study was to examine the link between elevated...

The ultimate load capacity of square shear plates with circular perforations : (parameter study)

Anthony George Martin
The incremental structural analysis program NISA83 was used to investigate various parameters affecting the ultimate capacity of square plates with circular perforations subjected to uniform shear stress. Both nonlinear material properties and nonlinear geometry were taken into account in determining the ultimate in-plane capacities and buckling capacities of perforated shear plates. The parameters investigated during this study were the hole size for a concentric location, and the hole location for a constant ratio of hole...

Remittance bards : the places, tribes, and dialects of Patrick White and Malcolm Lowry

Clifton Mark Williams
This thesis traces the efforts of Patrick White and Malcolm Lowry between the years 1933 and 1957 to "purify the dialect of the tribe." As young writers in the England of the Thirties both felt the language of the English middle class, the pre-dominant dialect of English fiction, to be exhausted. Some time in the Forties, both chose to live and write in isolated places where they believed there to be English dialects which possessed...

An analysis of the effects of M.U.R.B. legislation on Vancouver’s rental housing market

Anne Patricia Wicks
The purpose of this paper is to examine the. impact of federal M.U.R.B. legislation on Vancouver's rental housing market, and to see what conclusions can be drawn about the effectiveness of this subsidy policy in achieving its objective, which was to increase the allocation of resources to the housing sector of the economy by stimulating the construction of rental units. It is the thesis of this paper that the M.U.R.B. legislation was not effective in...

Annual Report 2013

University Of British Columbia. Faculty Of Forestry & Susan B. Watts
April 1, 2013 - March 31, 2014

The nature of M33’s AGB stars

Jason F. Rowe
Using the CFH12k imager on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, photometry of 1.3 million stars is used to investigate stellar populations in the metal poor ([Fe/H]=-0.6) late type spiral galaxy M33. M33 has a distance modulus of D=24.64 and AGB stars are highly luminous, allowing resolved population studies with 4 metre class telescopes. AGB stars are identified and classified in C (carbon) and M-type stars. Examining star counts and colour-magnitude selected stellar populations, the galactic structure of...

Substrate properties that influence the enzymatic hydrolysis of organosolv-pretreated softwoods at low enzyme loadings

Luis Fernando Del Rio
Lignocellulosic biomass is a potential source of sugars for the production of fuels and chemicals. However, its resistance to chemical and biological degradation poses a significant challenge. Consequently, a pretreatment is required to increase the accessibility of cellulose to cellulases. The organosolv process is one of the few pretreatments that can process softwoods to generate substrates that are readily hydrolyzed by cellulases. However, because the residual lignin and hemicelluloses can restrict cellulose accessibility, obtaining significant...

The Prism of war : Shaw's treatment of war in Arms and the man and Heartbreak house

Stephen N. Matsuba
Many critics examine Shaw's plays in terms of the subjects they deal with, but they often ignore what aspects of these subjects Shaw draws on or how he uses them. One subject that appears in many of his works is war. This thesis examines Shaw's treatment of war in Arms and the Man and Heartbreak House, and attempts to discover a common element between them that reveals something not only about the plays themselves, but...

La traducción como acto creativo en la prosa de Jorge Luis Borges

Irina Goundareva
In this thesis we examine the conception of translation in the work of Jorge Luis Borges. Our hypothesis maintains that Borges approaches translation as a creative act and as a paradox, which stands for translation as an impossible and at the same time inevitable act of transference from one culture and its language into another linguistic and cultural system. Some of the questions that guide this project are: according to Borges 1) What is the...

The mechanism of malignancy associated changes

David William Wilton
Malignancy Associated Changes (MAC) can be defined as subtle morphologic and or physiologic changes which occur in ostensibly normal cells of patients harboring malignant or pre-malignant lesions. This phenomenon has been postulated to have great potential as a powerful tool in the fight against cancer. Recent evidence indicates that this phenomenon can be used in the detection of cancers in their earliest stages, for the objective diagnosis and prognosis of these cancers, as well as...

Mutual information derived functional connectivity of the electroencephalogram (EEG)

Pamela Wen-Hsin Lee
Monitoring the functional connectivity between brain networks is becoming increasingly important in elucidating brain functionality in normal and disease states. Current methods of detecting networks in the recorded EEG such as correlation and coherence are limited by the fact that they assume stationarity of the relationship between channels, and rely on linear dependencies. Here we utilize mutual information (MI) as the metric for determining nonlinear statistical dependencies between electroencephalographic (EEG) channels. Previous work investigating MI...

The syntactic recoverability of null arguments

Yves Roberge
In most natural languages, a sentence may include a variety of missing elements the recoverability of which is made possible by different processes. This thesis investigates the type of syntactic recoverability found in null argument languages. It is supposed that the mechanisms responsible for this type of recoverability are deeply embedded in Universal Grammar and that this suggests that there is no need for a parameter designed to allow empty arguments per se. The main...

The cost of the car to the city of Vancouver

Patricia Lynne Dehnel
This thesis was undertaken to identify and determine the costs borne by the municipal level of government to provide and maintain the infrastructure required by the private automobile. Such government expenses are known as subsidies. In 1992, Transport 2021 commissioned a broad study to determine the complete cost of transporting people by all modes of transportation throughout the Lower Mainland. This thesis complements the study by investigating the costs shouldered by one level of government,...

The transition experiences of life partners of police recruits during the recruit training process

Robyn Myfanwy Sinclair
Current research indicates that policing is one of the most stressful occupations. To date, there has been little research on the police recruit training process and the subsequent impact of that process not only on the recruit, but on the recruit's life partner. The life partner of the police constable has been identified as a significant factor in the constable's success, yet there is virtually no research describing the life partner's perception or experience of...

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