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Essays on the capital market consequences of disclosures

Shuo Yang
This thesis examines the capital market consequences of two new forms of disclosure: foreign cash holdings in 10-K filings, a semi-voluntary disclosure, and firms’ presentations at conferences hosted by a variety of third-party organizations, a voluntary disclosure. The first essay exploits the recent trend of disclosing foreign cash holdings by US multinational firms in 10-K filings and investigates the valuation of foreign cash holdings, both relative to domestic cash holdings and cross-sectionally. Firms whose filings...

Photochemistry of tetrahydro-1, 4-naphthoquinones in the solid state

Alice Afi Dzakpasu
Previous investigations involving the behaviour of cis-4a,5,8,8a-tetrahydro-1,4-naphthoquinone and its derivatives in solution under UV irradiation raised the question of what role, if any, the ground state conformations of these molecules play in a) the type of photochemical behaviour the substrate exhibits and b) the product distribution in cases where more than one product is formed. In addition, it has never been established experimentally just what the geometric requirements for the various reactions encountered in this...

A Scid mouse model of human acute myelogenous leukemia (AML)

Carolyn J. L. Moore
A mouse model of human acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) was achieved using 400 cgy of total body irradiation of low dose 137-Cesium radiation (1.48 Rads/min.) to Scid mice which were injected intravenously with human AML cells. Demonstrated engraftment in mice of an AML cell line, M07eJ-IL-3, which harbours a retroviral construct producing human IL-3 and neomycin (G418) resistance, was determined by Southern analysis of mouse tissues for human DNA and G418 resistance of cells from...

Three essays on investment and information acquisition/disclosure decisions around equity offerings

Yinghua Li
It is often believed that increased information flow can facilitate resource allocations and improve market efficiency in the capital market. Equity-issuing firms can play significant roles in the capital formation process, since they are a major provider of information and possess intimate knowledge about their business. Therefore it is important to understand factors that affect their disclosure incentives. In addition, regulators are concerned with formulating appropriate laws and policies to encourage more disclosure of credible...

Illumination and the adsorption of xanthate in the flotation of galena and marmatite

Claudio Guarnaschelli
The changes in the adsorption characteristics of potassium ethyl xanthate (KEtX) on galena (PbS) and marmatite [(Zn,Fe)S] due to illumination have been investigated. Studies by others have indicated that: (1) the amount of surfactant adsorbed by a semiconductor depends on its n-type or p-type character, (2) copper activation of sphalerite (ZnS) is required for flotation, (3) sphalerite is a semiconductor with an energy gap of 3.6 eV whereas galena is a semiconductor with an energy...

Alcune forme di poesia dialettale sarda

Mario Saba
In questo lavoro ho trattato alcune forme di poesia dialettale sarda quali il "muttu o muttettu," i "canti della culla," le "cantilene infantili," e i "canti funebri." Del muttu, forma caratteristica della poesia popolare sarda, al quale ho dedicato il primo cpitolo, ho analizzato per lo più quei problemi connessi con la sua struttura, forma, origine e quindi i suoi rapporti con componimenti di altre regioni italiane, e anche non italiane, portando esempi di muttus...

Protective effects of metoprolol and ascorbic acid during the development of diabetic cardiomyopathy

Varun Vivashan Saran
The existence of a heart muscle disorder specific to Diabetes Mellitus (DM) has been proposed, termed, Diabetic Cardiomyopathy (DCM). DCM is defined as the presence of an early asymptomatic diastolic dysfunction that eventually progresses to overt systolic dysfunction in the absence of ischemic or valvular heart disease. Metabolic impairment and increased oxidative stress have been highlighted as causes. The β-blocker metoprolol is known to improve function in diabetic rat hearts, possibly through amelioration of the...

A pilot scale study of combining struvite precipitation with UniBAR-anammox process as a sustainable unified solution for managing nutrients in centrate

Sifat Kalam
Nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) from wastewater discharges are the primary causes of eutrophication in receiving water bodies. Removal and recovery of nutrients from wastewater is important, due to their high demand as fertilizer. Two well established technologies, struvite precipitation for P-removal and anammox process for N-removal, are combined in this study to manage both nutrients concurrently. A pilot-scale study was conducted at the Annacis Wastewater Treatment Plant Research Center in Delta, BC, combining Struvite...

Quantum Metropolis sampling: an algorithm to simulate thermal systems with a quantum computer

David Poulin
The original motivation to build a quantum computer came from Feynman who envisaged a machine capable of simulating generic quantum mechanical systems, a task that is intractable for classical computers. Such a machine would have tremendous applications in all physical sciences, including condensed matter physics, chemistry, and high energy physics. Part of Feynman's challenge was met by Lloyd who showed how to approximately decompose the time-evolution operator of interacting quantum particles into a short sequence...

Composition portfolio

Jennifer Anne Elizabeth Butler
This thesis contains all of the music compositions which I composed while at UBC. There are eight scores included: With This Breath for Flute Choir, Hanson Island for SATB Choir, Lullaby for Flute and Soprano, Nocturne for Solo Horn and Chamber Ensemble, In Retrospect for Solo Flute and Orchestra, In Sleepless Spaces for Percussion Ensemble, Nocturne for Orchestra, and each day the tide withdraws for Flute, Cello, Bass Clarinet, and percussion. The scores represent several...

Rehabilitation in Canada : policies and provisions : a study of obstacles to the implementation of comprehensive rehabilitation services for Canadians

Ivy Fung-Tsing Choy
It should be axiomatic that Rehabilitation is part of the social policy of any modern state. When Canada signed the United Nations Charter, she pledged herself to implement a comprehensive range of health services for her people. Health services according to United Nations definitions, have always included the five major aspects of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, restoration and rehabilitation. The purpose of this study, which is the first of a planned series, is to examine what...

Detecting the effects of forestry on lacustrine sedimentation on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Emmanuelle Arnaud
Enhanced sediment yield associated with forestry activity is well documented. While some studies have focused on assessing the increase in sediment concentrations of streams, the extent to which sediment is transmitted down valley to storage areas such as lakes remains to be established. There are also unanswered questions about long-term trends in sediment yield. It has been suggested that the study of lake sediments may provide a means to monitor the effects of forestry-related activities....

A study of the production of Kamloops trout (Salmo gairdnerii Kamloops Jordan) in Paul Lake, British Columbia

George Cameron Anderson
An investigation of the limnology and the Kamloops trout population of Raul Lake, British Columbia, from the summer of 1947 to the end of the summer of 1949, is presented. Comparisons of the conditions found by the writer are made with those conditions reported by Drs. C.McC. Mottley, D.S. Rawson and D.C.G. MacKay.in previous investigations of Paul Lake. Analysis of the environmental conditions indicated extreme annual variations in the summer heat income, an abundance of...

The conversion of British Columbian softwoods into hardwoods, by the methylol ureas; and The preparation of methyl trimethlol methane

Roderick Francis Robertson
[No abstract submitted]

Downlink scheduling optimization and performance analysis over fading channels in a CDMA network

Raymond Kwan
Due to technological advances in mobile communications, together with the explosive growth of internet access, transmitting multimedia applications over wireless channels is no longer a remote concept. In third generation (3G) multimedia CDMA networks, a variety of techniques will be used to meet the quality of service (QoS) requirements for various types of traffic. These include adaptive modulation and coding (AMC) which improves performance by adapting the employed modulation and coding scheme (MCS) to changing...

Characteristics of adolescents’ relationships with significant non-parental adults

Heather Mara Brown
The purpose of this research was to explore the characteristics (age differences, sex differences, kinship status, role) of significant non-parental adult and adolescent dyads and to determine how relationship configurations are associated with adolescents' psychosocial adjustment. Using a sample of grade 12 students (N= 192), age and sex similarities and differences between adolescents and significant adults were examined as well as kinship status and role configurations between the dyads. Findings indicate that a substantial number...

Marking land, producing markets : the making of a rural Guatemalan land market

Kevin Gould
Markets are often conceptualized as disembodied and removed from daily life. Set against this view, this dissertation examines particular processes through which a market is formed. What are the conditions of possibility for this market? What practices are carried out in its name? How do such practices help to constitute meanings and materialities of subjects and territories? Drawing on archival research, interviews, and twenty months (2003-2005) as a participant observer, this dissertation explores these questions...

The differential expression of miRNAs in breast cancer cell-lines upon autophagy induction

Luke Jeffery Armstrong
Autophagy is a catabolic process of self-digestion that occurs at basal levels in all cells, degrading old and damaged components such as proteins and organelles. Autophagy is upregulated in response to cellular stress, including the types imposed on cancer cells, and its role in these circumstances is often to facilitate cell survival. However, the molecular mechanisms regulating autophagy in response to cellular stress are still not well understood. Other components of the cell that are...

Impacts of land use on carbon storage and assimilation rates

Susan Eveline Ames
A major contributor to global warming is the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Land use management may be a means to countering global warming by increasing the carbon sink potential. Terrestrial carbon budgets were prepared for forested (Douglas-fir), agricultural (hay), and urban sites in Abbotsford, B.C. The results indicate that the greatest amount of carbon is stored in the forested sites, followed by the hay sites, with the lowest amount in the...

Power system stability studies using Liapunov methods

Magda Mohsen Metwally
The transient stability of power systems is investigated using Liapunov's direct method. Willems' method is applied to three-and four-machine power systems with the effect of damping included. The distribution of damping among the machines of a multi-machine system is studied, and optimum ratios are derived. An extension of Willems' method is used to include governor action in the system representation. Finally, the effect of flux decay on stability regions is studied using Chen's method.

The potential of air freight in relation to British Columbia economy and trade

Michel Tapiero
Transportation of commodities by air during the past decade has experienced the fastest growth of all modes of transport. Although a slowdown had been predicted by shippers and carriers alike, the economic recession of 1969 has had only mild effects on the air freight industry. In this study, the potential for air freight has been examined in terms of the concept of total distribution cost. The study has focused on the potential for air freight...

The characteristics of participants in an Indian adult education program

Adrian Blunt
The purpose of this study was to identify and describe certain socioeconomic and socio-psychological characteristics which differentiate the Indian adult education participant from the non-participant, and which collectively contribute to an understanding of Indian adult education participation. The study was conducted on the Mount Currie Indian Reserve in the Pemberton Valley of British Columbia, The analytical survey method was used and data was collected by means of structured interviews with a random sample of eighty-six...

Problem solving in suicidal individuals

Diane Sue Nichol
The present study investigated two aspects of suicide which, to date, had received little attention. These are problem-solving behavior and perception. In terms of problem-solving behavior, this study established (l) that suicidal patients show a lesser sense of concern about self-improvement and religion than non-suicidal patients; (2) that suicidal patients are significantly more passive and less competitive in their mode of response to problems than non-suicidal patients; and (3) that suicidal individuals tend to become...

Micro flow control using thermally responsive polymer solutions

Vahid Bazargan
Microfluidics refers to devices and methods for controlling and manipulating fluid flows at length scales less than a millimeter. Miniaturization of a laboratory to a small device, usually termed as lab-on-a-chip, is an advanced technology that integrates a microfluidic system including channels, mixers, reservoirs, pumps and valves on a micro scale chip and can manipulate very small sample volumes of fluids. While several flow control concepts for microfluidic devices have been developed to date, here...

Le role et la place de la femme dans quelques romans Senegalais

Dauphine Ravololomaniraka
A partir de quatre romans sénégalais, MaTmouna d'Abdoulaye Sadji, O Pays mon beau peuple ! de Sembène Ousmane, Les Bouts-de-Bois-de Dieu du même auteur et de Buur Tilleen de Cheik Aliou N'dao, nous avons étudié la condition de la femme africaine telle que les auteurs la décrivent. Le choix des oeuvres a été guidé par le sujet d'étude, aussi avons-nous retenu les romans satisfaisant aux conditions suivantes : l'importance de la place de la femme...

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