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Enhancing case tool support for analysis through formal logic utilities

Eric A. Borm
Most support for analysis provided by current CASE (Computer Aided Software Engi neering) tools is complementary to the support provided by the tools being used to sup port formal methods; therefore, in order to provide more substantial support for analysis, CASE tools should be integrated with general purpose formal logic utilities, the tools of formal methods. Modern CASE tools are the product of many years of experience with developing software systems and provide a great...

Effect of aging, thawing and frozen storage on the tenderness of chicken broiler muscle

Jane Elizabeth Ruddick
The effects of various aging, thawing and storage methods on the tenderness of frozen broiler Pectoralis major muscle were studied. Initial experiments were carried out to establish standard methods of freezing, cooking and tenderness evaluation to be used in subsequent experiments. The effects of varying the aging, thawing and storage techniques were then investigated using the established methods. Whole carcasses were frozen in a liquid nitrogen blast freezer after cooling in ice water for periods...

A semi-modular approach to programming by questionnaire, as illustrated by a general service system simulator

John K. Siu
Simulation is a powerful technique to analyse decision problems, but the high cost associated with computer simulation has impeded its practical application. The objective of this research is to develop an approach to reduce the cost. An extensive study of the existing techniques which would reduce the costs of computer simulation (and/or programming) was undertaken. The contribution of this study has been the development of a modular concept of model formulation and a semi-modular approach...

Variation in ATM and genetic susceptibility to non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Payal Sipahimalani
The ataxia telangiectasia mutated (ATM) gene is critical for the detection and repair of double stranded breaks. Mutations in this gene cause the autosomal recessive syndrome ataxia telangiectasia (AT), a feature of which is a high risk of cancer, particularly lymphoma. We have undertaken a population-based case/control study to assess the role of genetic variation in ATM on the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) in the general population. The term NHL encompasses several subtypes, many...

Crowding in the residential environment

Barbara Jean Howard
High density — in the form of overcrowding of dwelling units, or the number of people or dwelling units per acre — has traditionally been regarded as a leading factor in the environment which brings about pathology and social disorganization of all kinds. The purpose of this study is to promote a clearer understanding of the response of the individual to high density in the residential environment in terms of behavior and health. The study...

Direct surface extraction from 3D freehand ultrasound images

Youwei Zhang
Surface extraction from ultrasound data is challenging for a number of reasons, including noise and artifacts in the images and non-uniform data sampling. This thesis presents a new technique for the extraction of surfaces from freehand 3D ultrasound data. Most available 3D medical visualization methods fall into two categories: volume rendering and surface rendering. Surface rendering is chosen here because one of the long term goals of this thesis is explicit modelling of organs. Recent...

Improving menu placement strategies for pen input

Mark S. Hancock
Pen-based interaction is becoming a commonplace two degree-of-freedom alternative to the mouse. The use of pen input allows users to acquire targets directly on a computer display. This style of interaction introduces a unique form factor and a new set of considerations in the design of applications for such devices. This thesis presents a series of experiments designed to evaluate the use of pen-input devices on a variety of display setups. In particular, user performance...

Aphids : a mobile agent-based programmable hybrid intrusion detection and analysis system

Ken Deeter
Intrusion detection systems are quickly becoming a standard requirement in building a network security infrastructure. Although many established techniques and commercial products exist, their effectiveness leaves room for improvement. This thesis documents a design and prototype implementation of a modular, mobile agent-based intrusion detection framework, known as APHIDS. This framework provides a platform for performing distributed monitoring, search, and analysis tasks while realizing the benefits of the mobile agent model. Its modular design allows simple...

Establishing an appropriate landing fee schedule at Vancouver International Airport

Andrew David Shanks
The last twenty years has seen a tremendous increase in aviation activity within Canada. Air links have been established and improved and safety standards upgraded to the point where the air can now be regarded as the optimum environment in which to travel. Because of its tremendous popularity, flying has also placed demands on the public purse. Every year more money is allocated to the aviation sector. Until recently, this outflow of funds continued virtually...

Foreign investment decisions of European companies : a test of the oligopolistic competition model

Hans-Joachim Himmelsbach
It is the purpose of this study to investigate the validity of the theory which states that foreign direct investment is, to a large extent, the result of oligopolistic industry structure and government intervention in a freely competitive market, and as such it is chiefly defensive investment by firms which match each others' moves. As a first step of the analysis the oligopolistic investment theory, its assumptions and implications are presented. For the purpose of...

The ownership of Vancouver’s C.B.D., 1951-1971

Brian Kent Ball
The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the ownership of Vancouver's Central Business District. Primarily because the type of C.B.D. property owners can affect the growth and development of the C.B.D., knowledge of ownership patterns can be a useful tool of government. As the C.B.D. is a primary source of property tax revenue, local government is concerned with promoting the viability of this urban district. This aspect of urban economics, property ownership, is relatively...

Situated observation and participation in multiple-agent systems

Jefferson D. Montgomery
A situated agent is not only embedded within its environmental system, but forms an integral and active component of the system as a whole. Accordingly, there are numerous requirements that a situated agent must meet including synchronization with and responsiveness to the system dynamics as well as appropriate and proactive operation — a non-trivial challenge made difficult primarily due to varying environment states and dynamics, difficult tasks with ambitious requirements, and noisy or ambiguous sensory...

From tree patterns to generalized tree patterns : on efficient evaluation of XQuery

Zhimin Chen
XQuery is the de facto standard XML query language, and it is important to have efficient query evaluation techniques available for it. It is a well-known fact that a formal bulk algebra is essential for efficient query evaluation, and the Tree Algebra for XML (TAX), among others, is invented for this purpose. It can be shown in this thesis that a substantial subset of XQuery can be expressed as TAX. An XML document is often...

The computer modelling of fallen snow

Paul Fearing
One of nature's greatest beauties is the way fresh snow covers the world in a perfect blanket of crystalline white. Snow replaces sharp angles with gentle curves, and clings to surfaces to form ghostly silhouettes. It is said the Inuit have 50 different words for snow, yet even they can be left speechless, as snow is one of the most complex natural materials in existence. This research presents a new model of visual snow accumulation...

Moving from XML documents to XML databases

Fengdong Du
XML has become a standard format in information exchange and integration. Database support of persistent data storage and query capability is often desired for many XML applications. While it is possible to store XML data in traditional relational databases or object-oriented databases, we also desire high-performance native XML databases that are particularly tailored for XML data. We believe an ideal XML database needs to be generic, automatic, access transparent and performance transparent. With these features...

Carbon 12C(alpha, alpha) 12C*[i.e. Carbon 12 (alpha alpha prime) carbon 12] and 10B([alpha]d)12C* reactions to the T=0 12.71 mev and T=1 15.11 mev states in 12C

Joseph Spuller
The yields of the reactions 12C(α, α ')12C* to the T=0 state at 12.71 MeV (Jπ=1+ ) and the T=l state at 15.11 MeV (Jπ=1+ ) were measured by detecting the decay of these levels to the ground state by gamma emmission. A 90° (lab) yield curve from threshold to Eα= 27.0 MeV was obtained for each reaction. Both states have to be populated via an unnatural parity process and in addition the population of...

Intrapopulation compatibility in Gonium pectorale Müller (Volvocales:Chlorosphyceae)

Marion Joan McCauley
Forty clones of Gonium pectorale M'uller were crossed in all combinations at 20°C, and the resultant zygotes examined to determine the degree of sexual compatibility within a single population. Clones isolated from the same site but in different years were incompatible, indicating a lack of gene flow between them. Two distinct groups were found within 31 clones isolated from a single mud sample, and all the clones in one were incompatible with all those in...

An automatic layout generator for integrated circuit design

Lan Lin
In integrated circuit design, one of the most tedious and time-consuming steps is the generation of the layout. During the last decade, considerable effort has been invested in the development of CAD tools dedicated to the automation of this step. This effort has been largely motivated by a need for alternatives to manual layout to greatly reduce the development time and cost. This thesis describes my contribution through the implementation of a flexible and automatic...

Cone-dwelling fleshy basidiomycetes from British Columbia

Scott Alan Redhead
Cone-dwelling agarics from British Columbia were surveyed. Strobilurus lignitilis, S. occidentalis and S. trullisatus comb. nov. are redescribed. Differentiation of these species is based mainly on pleurocystidial characteristics which are illustrated. Strobilurus lignitilis is reported on Douglas Fir and pine cones for the first time. Its range is extended to British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Idaho. The range of S. occidentalis is extended south from Alaska to southwest British Columbia. Strobilurus trullisatus is reported on...

Dependencies in the context of aspect-oriented programming

Stephan Gudmundson
Software developers use dependencies to understand designs. An inappropriate dependency can be confusing, reduce the flexibility of the system or re-usability of a module, or cause problems in system maintenance or evolution. This thesis proposes three new kinds of dependencies: whole-class, whole-subsystem and call-graph dependencies. Several examples of each dependency are encountered in the analysis of two implementations of the same system, one in the AspectJ programming language and the other in the Java programming...

Histochemistry of the developing alimentary tract of the Pacific big skate Raga binoculata Girard

Robert E. Evans
The histochemical patterns of leucine naphthylamidase (LNAase) and alkaline phosphatase (AP) activity have been studied in the developing alimentary tracts of embryos (20 mm. - 200 mm.) of the skate Raja binoculata Girard. The enzyme(s) LNAase was found only in the spiral valve mucosae possessing elongated adult-like villi. The activity level increases with the growth of the embryo. The enzyme(s) is probably not related to differentiative events of the spiral valve but rather a manifestation...

Japanese joint ventures in British Columbia

Jean-Marc Duval
Joint ventures as a form of overseas direct investment are more and more a current topic of discussion. Arguments for and against this form of investment vary from one extreme to the other: some people think that multinational corporations should not operate in foreign countries without local participation, while others state that these companies should be free to conduct their operations as necessary. Even though I favor one position, this research did not analyse Japanese...

Elephant : the file system that never forgets

Douglas J. Santry
Modern file systems associate the deletion of a file with the immediate release of storage, and file writes with the irrevocable change of file contents. We argue that this behavior is a relic of the past, when disk storage was a scarce resource. Today, large cheap disks make it possible for the file system to protect valuable data from accidental delete or overwrite. This thesis describes the design, implementation, and performance of the Elephant file...

The passage of Bill 39 : reform and repression in British Columbia’s labour policy

Paul Graham Knox
The British Columbia legislature passed in 1947 a new Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration Act. The act installed at the provincial level the modern system of labour relations, including certification of labour unions, a labour relations board and the government-supervised strike vote. The act was passed by a coalition government of Liberals and Conservatives, in response to a wave of strikes the preceding year which crippled, among others, the province's forest and mining industries. The legislation...

An examination of the land inventories of major private sector residential developers in Metropolitan Vancouver

John Bryan Winspear
The focus of this study is on the role of the major residential developers in the Vancouver region in terms of the raw land inventories presently held and the difficulties encountered in adding to these land inventories to replenish land supply. The objective is to determine whether the major private sector developers can provide substantial relief from the present dwelling unit supply/demand imbalance. Information on the land holdings of twelve major developers was collected through...

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