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Japanese joint ventures in British Columbia

Jean-Marc Duval
Joint ventures as a form of overseas direct investment are more and more a current topic of discussion. Arguments for and against this form of investment vary from one extreme to the other: some people think that multinational corporations should not operate in foreign countries without local participation, while others state that these companies should be free to conduct their operations as necessary. Even though I favor one position, this research did not analyse Japanese...

Elephant : the file system that never forgets

Douglas J. Santry
Modern file systems associate the deletion of a file with the immediate release of storage, and file writes with the irrevocable change of file contents. We argue that this behavior is a relic of the past, when disk storage was a scarce resource. Today, large cheap disks make it possible for the file system to protect valuable data from accidental delete or overwrite. This thesis describes the design, implementation, and performance of the Elephant file...

The passage of Bill 39 : reform and repression in British Columbia’s labour policy

Paul Graham Knox
The British Columbia legislature passed in 1947 a new Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration Act. The act installed at the provincial level the modern system of labour relations, including certification of labour unions, a labour relations board and the government-supervised strike vote. The act was passed by a coalition government of Liberals and Conservatives, in response to a wave of strikes the preceding year which crippled, among others, the province's forest and mining industries. The legislation...

An examination of the land inventories of major private sector residential developers in Metropolitan Vancouver

John Bryan Winspear
The focus of this study is on the role of the major residential developers in the Vancouver region in terms of the raw land inventories presently held and the difficulties encountered in adding to these land inventories to replenish land supply. The objective is to determine whether the major private sector developers can provide substantial relief from the present dwelling unit supply/demand imbalance. Information on the land holdings of twelve major developers was collected through...

Using inverse kinematics to position articulated figures

Karen Cynthia Kuder
Computer-assisted animation is an active research area in computer graphics. Within this field, many systems are being developed that allow traditional animators to utilize computers in the animation process. The ability to position articulated figures is of particular interest. A method called inverse kinematics allows the user to position a figure by specifying a desired goal location for a particular segment of the figure. An algorithm is employed to compute the required changes to the...

A simple proof checker for real-time systems

Catherine Leung
This thesis presents a practical approach to verifying real-time properties of V L S I designs. A simple proof checker with built-in decision procedures for linear programming and predicate calculus offers a pragmatic approach to verifying real-time systems in return for a slight loss of formal rigor when compared with traditional theorem provers. In this approach, an abstract data type represents the hypotheses, claim, and pending proof obligations at each step. A complete proof is...

Models of 2D-scene complexity : a look at the intrinsic complexity of scenes

Mark R. Sauer
The worst-case time and space complexity of many algorithms in computational geometry is high when expressed as a function of the input size. This can make algorithms seem inefficient in general. Usually, however, the algorithm will not run with identical times on every input of a given size. Intuitively, inputs of highercomplexity cause higher run-time and/or space costs in an algorithm. The size of an input is only one factor contributing to the complexity of...

One parent families : their housing needs

Nancy E. Hood
The work began as a response to a question put forth by a person involved with housing for single parents, "What is the best kind of housing for one parent families?" In answer to this question the accommodation requirements of this group must be explored. The purpose of this thesis is to delineate these needs and to suggest ways in which these housing needs should be met. The Canadian work on single parents (Canadian Council...

Chinese social bandits and their role in history : some possible Sino-Western parallels

Louise-Anne May
The Chinese social bandit (yu-hsia) tradition is a time- honoured and vital element of Chinese cultural expression. It has been present from the earliest Chinese written works and continues to appear in the contemporary Chinese cinema and paperback novel. Nevertheless, the subject has been virtually untouched by social historians. The present discussion is, therefore, an attempt to establish the value of this tradition for the student of Chinese social history and to suggest particular problems...

Influencing inter-regional migration

Adrian George E Stott
Concern about population growth has become widespread in recent years. Although this concern is often expressed in global terms, it also arises at the community or regional level. If the rate of population growth is in fact a problem at this scale in many areas, as it appears to be, then it is desirable to have methods available to alleviate the problem. The population growth rate in a given region depends upon three factors: the...

Children and society in eighteenth-century children’s literature

Marjory Louise Lang
Perhaps in no other activity does society express its fundamental values more distinctly than in the socialization of children. While historians of childhood search the past for clues to link the growth of the individual to the movements of society, most overlook children's literature. . Yet children's literature is specifically designed to (or does by indirection) communicate the basic elements of culture to the rising generation. In children's stories we find the artifacts of the...

A hierarchical fault-tolerance framework for mobile intelligent agent systems

Jian Chen
"Mobile Agent Systems" is an emerging technology that is becoming increasingly popular. A huge amount of research activity has been carried out in this direction, and various Mobile Agent Systems have been built by different institutions and companies. One of the most serious challenges that Mobile Agent Systems faces is the Fault-tolerance problem, which hinders Mobile Agent Systems to be put into real applications. To deal with the problem, a novel architecture, called Multi-Layered Dual-...

Authorship and unity in the Exeter Book riddles

John Neilson Mason
Nineteenth-century scholars generally felt that the Exeter Book riddle collection was a unified whole under the authorship of Cynewulf, or that it was made up of two major parts, Riddles "1" (now known as "Wul'f and Eadwacer") to 59 and 61-95. Most scholars since the first decade of this century, however, have viewed the riddles as a miscellany, with a few individual riddles perhaps sharing common authorship, but with no overall unity or organization in...

Distribution and taxonomy of planktonic marine diatoms in the Strait of Georgia, B.C.

Jae Hyung Shim
The primary objectives of this study were the identification and measurement of diatom genera and species making up the diatom communities in the plankton of the Strait of Georgia/Juan de Fuca Strait system, and factors influencing their distributional ecology. The planktonic diatom communities at depths of one, 25, 50, and 75 meters in the area were studied and measured over a fifteen month period. Measurements of environmental factors included temperature , salinity and algal nutrients...

Personality predictors of communication skills

Alison Mary Schwartzentruber
The objectives of this exploratory study were (1) to investigate various methods for assessing adult communication skills, and to attempt to develop adequate measures in this area; (2) to discover personality traits which predicted individual differences in communication skills; and (3) to test a number of hypotheses from cognitive-developmental theory regarding the antecedents of communication skills. Past measurement of communication efficiency and skills was reviewed, and the lack of reliability and validity estimates for most...

The role of the municipal, provincial and federal governments in the acquisition, development and disposition of residential serviced lots in the Greater Vancouver Regional District

Germain Jean Matthieu
This study is an attempt to determine if a shortage of supply of serviced building lots, for development of single family dwellings in the Lower Mainland of B. C, relative to the demand for such lots, exists and to determine the role of the public sector in the assembly, development and disposition of serviced lots in the Metropolitan Vancouver area. To determine if a shortage of supply of serviced building lots exists, a theoretical market...

Supervised machine learning for email thread summarization

Jan Ulrich
Email has become a part of most people's lives, and the ever increasing amount of messages people receive can lead to email overload. We attempt to mitigate this problem using email thread summarization. Summaries can be used for things other than just replacing an incoming email message. They can be used in the business world as a form of corporate memory, or to allow a new team member an easy way to catch up on...

Effect of maternal dietary deprivation in rats on growth and development of progeny

Judith Gay Toews
Reports in the literature indicate that maternal dietary deprivation during pregnancy and lactation can influence the growth and development of progeny. While the offspring often suffer permanent growth impairment, it is sometimes possible for restricted progeny to catch-up in size to normal age-mates following a period of accelerated growth. In 1964, Chow and Lee reported growth hormone-induced catch-up growth in weight of offspring of restricted rats. An animal experiment was designed in order to study...

The relationship of bacterial water quality and health of Lake Okanagan swimmers

Barbara Ellen Naegele
This study was an investigation into the relationship of bacterial water quality and the incidence of illness amongst lake and chlorinated pool swimmers. During the summer of 1972 three groups of swimmers were surveyed: 1. Lake Okanagan swimmers who swam at the Kelowna City Park beach 2. Ogopogo Aquatic Team who swam at the same beach 3. Chlorinated swimmers who swam at an unheated community pool The swimmers ranged in age from six to sixteen...

Global garbage detection in distributed environment: an implementation for raven

Gordon Devlin
Working in a distributed environment offers challenges surpassing those of operating in a self-contained world. While references and objects can travel beyond known boundaries, it is still possible to maintain an adequate picture of the global situation: allowing identification and reclamation of unreachable objects while preventing the collection of reachable objects which are not locally referenced. This work describes the implementation of a global garbage detection scheme for Raven - an object-oriented distributed system developed...

Business government : party politics and the British Columbia business community, 1928-1933

Robert Edmund Groves
The term business government describes the principles of public administration which the Conservative party attempted to implement between 1928 and 1933 during its tenure as the government of British Columbia. In general, business government meant that the province's elected officials would apply the same principles in attending to the public's financial business that a private enterprise would employ in its affairs. Implicit, too, in this notion was the Conservative commitment to emphasize those policies that...

A mathematical model for vortex-induced oscillation

Francis Ngai-Ho Lee
The flow around a circular cylinder exhibiting vortex-induced oscillation is modelled by 2 potential vortices in a 2-dimensional, inviscid and irrotational flow. The lift on the cylinder is obtained from the general form of the Blasius equation. Pressure distribution is obtained from the pressure equation in a moving frame of reference. The lift expression is coupled to the dynamic equation of the cylinder. The phase and amplitude of oscillation are determined by the method of...

The potential of air freight in relation to British Columbia economy and trade

Michel Tapiero
Transportation of commodities by air during the past decade has experienced the fastest growth of all modes of transport. Although a slowdown had been predicted by shippers and carriers alike, the economic recession of 1969 has had only mild effects on the air freight industry. In this study, the potential for air freight has been examined in terms of the concept of total distribution cost. The study has focused on the potential for air freight...

Aspects of forest resource use policies and administration in British Columbia

Elizabeth Fay Kelly
Having made the fundamental assumption that policy administration can be viewed as a process the question is then raised: In what ways and to what extent does the administrative process affect forest resource use policies in British Columbia? It is noted that the three basic policy principles have been since early this century: (i) public ownership of forest lands; (ii) a return to the Provincial Treasury of a proportion of the wealth of the forests...

SUE : an advertisement recommendation framework utilizing categorized events and stimuli

Billy Chi Hong Cheung
With the emergence of peer-to-peer video-on-demand systems, new avenues for keeping track of and subsequently meeting user needs and desires have arisen. Based on the idea of contextual priming, we introduce a new frame-work, SUE, that takes advantage of the intimate level of user profiling afforded by the internet as well as the linear and segmented nature of p2p technology to determine a user's exact on-screen experience at any given time interval. This allows us...

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