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The partial characterization of the epithelial glycoprotein from normal and diseased colons

Wai-Chiu Tsang
This study reports the isolation, fractionation and chemical characterization of apparently homogenous and undegraded epithelial glycoproteins from normal human colons and from patients with ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease and ischaemic colitis of the colon. Colonic epithelial cells were removed from each specimen by shaking with EDTA and the glycoproteins were extracted'from the sonated cells with 1M NaCl. Combined agarose gel and DEAE cellulose chromatography of the pooled crude extract from each normal and diseased sample...

Playing the role of educators : protagonists with dual purposes in The Noam Chomsky Lectures, Fronteras Americanas, and The Adventures of Ali and Ali and the Axes of Evil

Amy Lynn Strilchuk
This thesis is a close analysis of the relationship between form and content in three contemporary Canadian plays: The Noam Chomsky Lectures (Brooks and Verdecchia), Fronteras Americanas (Verdecchia), and The Adventures of Ali and Ali and the Axes of Evil (Youssef, Verdecchia, Chai). I focus on particular moments within each play where protagonists communicate Chomsky-inspired media theory through Brechtian devices such as direct address to the audience, the use of slide projections, and acknowledging that...

B cell modulation by toxic shock syndrome toxin-1 induced CD4⁺ regulatory T cells generated in BALB/c mice

Grace Lam
Among the most exciting recent advances in the field of immunology is research on the regulatory T cells. Tregs, comprising only 5-10% of the peripheral CD4+ T cell population, are known to suppress T cell function. One type of Tregs is the antigen induced Tregs, which can be generated in mice following repeated subcutaneous injections of Toxic Shock Syndrome Toxin- 1, a superantigen secreted by the bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus. These Tregs have been shown to...

Beta-Amyloid₁₋₄₂- induced intracellular signaling pathways, functional responses and modulation by 4-aminopyridine in microglia

Sonia Franciosi
Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is a progressive, neurodegenerative disease characterized by gradual cognitive decline and memory loss. Although research has focused on elucidating the risk factors, pathophysiologic abnormalities associated with AD and on mechanisms of impeding disease progression, results indicate that a variety of factors may contribute to AD which makes treating this disease difficult. The neuropathological hallmarks of AD include senile plaques which are composed of extracellular deposits of amyloid beta (Aβ) peptide as well...

Interconnect driver design for long wires in field-programmable gate arrays

Edmund Lee
Designers of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are always striving to improve the performance of their designs. As they migrate to newer process technologies in search of higher speeds, the challenge of interconnect delay grows larger. For an FPGA, this challenge is crucial since most FPGA implementations use many long wires. A common technique used to reduce interconnect delay is repeater insertion. Recent work has shown that FPGA interconnect delay can be improved by using unidirectional...

Amenability and the Liouville property

Xin Li

An experimental investigation of a precast concrete connection

Rajiv Prakash Saxena
Tests on discrete connections for precast concrete panel buildings have shown that it is very difficult to design a ductile embedded connection. Typical connections use studs or reinforcing bars embedded in the edge of the panel and connected to the connection in an adjacent panel with a weld plate or ribbed bar. This is welded either to an exposed length of the embedded steel or to an angle or plate which is welded to the...

A Framework for Molecular Communication: timing & payload

Chris Rose

Mechanisms of diclofop methyl uptake in oat protoplasts (Avena sativa ’Cascade’)

Susan Tritter
Isolated oat protoplasts ( Avena sativa L. 'Cascade') were used to compare the uptake of the herbicide diclofop methyl (methyl 2-(4-(2,4-diehlorophenoxy)phenoxy)propanoate) and the acid form diclofop (2-(4-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)phenoxy) propionic acid and to study herbicide uptake as a basis for the 2,4-D-diclofop methyl antagonism. Diclofop methyl was rapidly taken up by protoplasts (≤ 5 seconds) to a constant level which did not change significantly with incubation times up to 1.0 hour. Forty percent of added 14C-diclofop methyl...

K-quasidiagonality and almost flat K-theory

Marius Dadarlat

The evaluation of a short-term holding system for the North American lobster, Homarus americanus

Blair Alan Stockwell
The water quality parameters for use in the design of lobster (Homarus americanus) holding facilities were reviewed from published literature. The review indicated that several parameters (temperature, pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen, oxygen demand, suspended solids, ammonia and nitrite nitrogen) could be of major importance in the design of commercial short-term holding facilities where partial or complete water recycle is required. Of major interest were the changes in water quality immediately following the introduction of lobsters...

Results and open problems related to Schmidt’s Subspace Theorem

Jan-Hendrik Evertse

Parametrizing Invariant Manifolds for Flows in Banach Spaces

Jonathan Jaquette

Spread-spectrum multiple access for interactive data communications

Victor Chung Ming Leung
Spread-spectrum multiple access (SSMA) is conceptually attractive for interactive data communications over broadcast channel shared by a large number of potential users. The present thesis Involves a study of asynchronous direct sequence SSMA interactive data communication systems. The study includes a unified analysis and assessment of system delay-throughput performance. Two important message delay components which are affected by the design of the transmitter/receiver pair result from code acquisition and bit-errors. A new code synchronizer design...

The design of a direct digital controller for sampled-data systems

Ogbonna Charles Okorafor
This study is made up of three parts viz: 1. For a process which can adequately be modelled as second-order overdamped with pure delay, design techniques are presented for choosing the loop gain and sampling rate of the proportional, feedback, sampled-data controller. Control of an experimental higher-order system is used to verify these suggested designs. 2. Discrete control algorithms, suitable for programming in a direct digital control computer, are presented. Digital compensation algorithms are derived...

The political model of power in organizations

Thea Franciska Vakil
This thesis is based on the idea that the understanding of power in organizations is enhanced by simultaneously considering the level of the individual, the organization and society. The discussion focuses on two contemporary but fundamentally different models of power. By comparing the models in terms of their levels of analysis insights are gained about the nature of their differences. Based on Habermas' theory of cognitive insterest a framework is proposed in which both models...

Chemistry rooted in cultural knowledge : unearthing the links between antimicrobial properties and traditional knowledge in food and medicinal plant resources of the Secwepemc (Shuswap) Aboriginal Nation

Kelly Patricia Bannister
The role of phytochemicals as ecological mediators of interrelationships between humans and plants was explored. Specifically, antimicrobial properties of plants were examined in the context of traditional plant use as food and/or medicine by the Secwepemc (Shuswap) Aboriginal peoples of south central British Columbia. The research was conducted in collaboration with the Secwepemc Cultural Education Society (Kamloops) as part of a larger ethnobotanical research program. The first component of the study involved the screening for...

Studies of exfoliated molybdenum disulfide catalyst in hydrocracking and hydroprocessing reactions

Ching Thian Tye
Studies of MoS₂ catalysts have demonstrated a close relationship between catalyst activity in hydroprocessing and the structure of the MoS₂. Most reports have focused on hydrodesulfurization and hydrogenation and some of these remain somewhat controversial. Moreover, the effect of MoS₂ structure on heavy oil hydrocracking has not been well studied. In this work, exfoliated MoS₂ was used to study the catalyst structure-activity relationship in Cold Lake heavy oil hydrocracking and model compound hydroprocessing. The exfoliated...

Turbulence in open channels : an experimental study of turbulence structure over boundaries of differing hydrodynamic roughness

Arthur Ralph Mackinnon Nowell
River channels modify their boundaries by entrainment and transfer of sediment. The flow represents a turbulent boundary layer which must be examined to understand the relation between channel morphology and its modifying flow. Discrete roughness elements with variable spacings were used, in flume experiments to simplify the study of the relation between flow resistance and boundary morphology. The patterns were intended to model gravel bed channels. The results are compared with wind tunnel and atmospheric...

The Smith and Critical Groups of a Graph

Qing Xiang

Cosmic ray acceleration of gas in active galactic nuclei

Jean Anne Eilek
Dynamical models of Seyfert nuclei and quasi-stellar objects are presented. The central energy source often postulated for these active objects provides a means of heating and ionizing the nuclear gas, and also exerts an outward force on the gas. Since the gas will be fully ionized, it will be nearly transparent to X-rays, while cosmic rays will interact strongly with it. Preliminary calculations of this "ionization" pressure on discrete clouds show that photons are unlikely...

Symmetry and Synchrony

Martin Golubitsky

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