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Reentry: a proactive collaborative study: the long term needs of an individual during reacculturation

Janet Ellen Smith
The experiences of many sojourners returning home after living abroad has often resulted in difficulties associated with reacculturation. Having conducted training for and experiencing reentry myself on several occasions, I recognized how unprepared we are for the circumstances which present themselves to us upon returning home. Reentry programs and studies in the past have generally identified the causal effects and provided suggestions in an attempt to enhance returnees' acculturation. Debriefing or reorientation workshops have been...

Factors influencing performance discrepancies in breast self-examination practices of adult female graduate students

Ingrid Erna Armstrong
A performance discrepancy exists when there is a difference between actual and desired performance. In the health care field, the term compliance is used to describe such discrepancies. The usual response in such instances is the development of an educational program. Such approaches are concerned with remedies not problem solving. This research project was an attempt at problem solving in the specific area of breast self-examination. A broad research question was used: What factors are...

Relationships between motivational orientations and participant satisfaction with instructional environments

Grant Stewart Clarke
The literature on motivational orientations suggests that participants' reasons for taking courses possibly have an impact on their subsequent perceptions of and behaviour in those courses. Yet few studies have empirically investigated this relationship. Previous motivational orientation research has focused instead on variables that "predict" participation. The purpose of this study was to investigate the extent to which participant satisfaction with instructional environments is predicted by their motivational orientations. Subjects were 222 participants enrolled in...

Harvey’s belief systems in adolescents : problems of response categorization

Hans Georg Litzcke
In 1961 O. J. Harvey, David E. Hunt, and Harold M. Schroder published a theory of personality structure and development. Major research based on that theory has continued under O. J. Harvey at the University of Colorado until now with the result that the theory underwent some reformations. Several aspects, especially those dealing with descriptive indexes of personality and the assumed implications of functioning seem largely confirmed through research. However, most reported measurements were done...

Physics based turning process simulation

Ahmet Gencoglu
The manufacturing planning of parts is currently based on experience and physical test trials. The parts are modeled, and Numerically Controlled (NC) tool paths are generated in Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) environment. The NC programs are physically tested, and if the process faults are found, the NC program is re-generated in the CAM environment. The objective of this thesis is to develop Virtual Turning System that predicts the part machining process ahead of costly physical...

Aspects of forest resource use policies and administration in British Columbia

Elizabeth Fay Kelly
Having made the fundamental assumption that policy administration can be viewed as a process the question is then raised: In what ways and to what extent does the administrative process affect forest resource use policies in British Columbia? It is noted that the three basic policy principles have been since early this century: (i) public ownership of forest lands; (ii) a return to the Provincial Treasury of a proportion of the wealth of the forests...

A novel approach to characterizing pulp fibres using pressure filtration and an interpretation of Canadian Standard Freeness

Payam Mousavi
The purpose of this project is to gain physical insight into a common measure of the drainability of papermaking fibre suspensions, that is Canadian Standard Freeness (CSF). We do so by measuring CSF of a thermomechanical pulp, refined over the range of 200 - 1200 kWh/t, and comparing this to the permeability and compressibility of the network obtained by conducting pressure filtration. Also, approximate analytical solutions to the filtration equations are presented for different regimes...

Critical-thinking skills and decision-making abilities of investigators of child abuse cases

David Robert Mandel
Dramatic increases in the number of reported cases of child abuse have necessitated attempts to improve front-line workers' investigative skills. This study examined the relation between investigators' critical-thinking skills and decision-making abilities in the context of a hypothetical scenario of a reported case of child abuse, and explored the relations between these two investigative abilities and general reasoning skills, job-related beliefs, and personality dimensions. As part of a 3-day interviewing and credibility assessment workshop, 150...

Credit union participation in community based economic development

Margaret Patricia Eberle
Local B.C. communities facing hardship in the context of global restructuring and reduced demand for primary resource commodities, have increasingly turned to community based economic development (CBED) to strengthen their local economies. These community based strategies differ from place to place but essentially aim to expand the local economy through socially and culturally desirable development, utilizing local resources, and under some form of local control. However there are numerous obstacles to undertaking CBED, one of...

The outlaw couple film: from World War Two to the present

Katie Louise Weekley
Appearing periodically since the Second World War years right up to the present, the outlaw couple film (a relative of two more potentially liberal genres, the buddy and the road movie) has remained a deeply conservative genre, despite a glimpse of its possible energy in the 1960s. Unlike the male buddy film, which tends to invest both protagonists with equal capabilities and independence, the outlaw couple film almost always focalizes its narrative through the male...

Probabilistic fatigue life prediction for bridges using system reliability analysis and SHM-based finite element model updating

Young-Joo Lee & Soojin Cho
Fatigue is one of the main causes of bridge failures. A bridge is designed with a particular service life, but after it is constructed, its strength degrades over time. Therefore, to effectively maintain and retrofit a bridge, it is essential to predict its remaining fatigue life. However, doing so is a very challenging task because fatigue life prediction should be based on the current condition of the bridge, and this obviously incurs many uncertainties. In...

About piercing numbers of families of planes, lines and intervals

Deborah Oliveros

On the interaction of low energy pions with nuclei

Leonard Raymond Scherk
The optical interaction of low energy( ≤30 MeV) pions with nuclei is discussed. In particular, it is shown that, since the nuclear density enters the low energy pion-nucleus interaction in a very direct manner, this interaction provides a sensitive means of investigating such properties of the nuclear density.as the diffuseness of the nuclear surface. A geometric discussion of the structure of the low energy pion-nucleus interaction is given which emphasizes the analogy between adding the...

The effect of continuous and discontinuous image presentation on image processing time

Tom Chack-Dong Mah
This study investigated perceptual strategies adopted by fifty-nine high school students during tasks involving the recognition of embedded geometric shapes. Results indicated a statistically significant mean difference between the two modes of image presentation: continuous and discontinuous. However, the order of image presentation (continuous/ discontinuous or discontinuous/continuous) was not significant, while the interaction between mode and order of presentation was significant. These results give some supporting evidence of an animation/freezing categorization to perceptual style. The...

An investigation into the experience of being a protagonist in a psychodrama

Marlyn Leslie Martens
The purpose of this study was to investigate the meaning of the psychodrama process as experienced by individuals who claim that it resulted in significant change. Using an existential-phenomenological approach, the study described the meaning of the experience for six adult co-researchers. The co-researchers were asked to describe their experiences before, during, and after their psychodramas. Two interviews were conducted and these were tape recorded and transcribed. The transcripts were analyzed and themes were formulated...

An ontology-supported transaction formalism protocol in infrastructure management

Jehan Zeb
Infrastructure organizations use diversified information systems to exchange data (transaction). Presently, data exchange in the area of infrastructure management is accomplished in a manual and ad hoc basis. The growing trend is to transform these manual data exchanges to a computer-to-computer based transactions. The core research questions include: What transactions are candidates to formalize?—this question is dealt with identifying and selecting a potential transaction for IT improvement—Asset Inventory and Condition Assessment Reporting/Tangible Capital Asset (AI&CAR/TCA)...

Graduate recitals

Nola Joanne Shantz
The thesis for the Master of Music degree in Piano Performance consists of one solo recital and one full-length ensemble recital. I performed the ensemble recital on April 13, 2002 and the solo recital on March 23, 2003.

2002 Annual Report

University Of British Columbia Faculty Of Forestry & Susan B. Watts
April 1, 2002 - March 31, 2003

Absorption and directed Jonsson terms

Ralph McKenzie

Street involved First Nations female adolescents’ perceptions of their futures

D. Corinne Dolman
First Nations youth in Canada are at a disproportionate risk of being apprehended, becoming involved in the justice system, abusing substances, being unemployed and out of school and taking their own lives. Given the conditions faced by many First Nations female adolescents, it was believed that an understanding of their future perceptions could provide the social work profession with a wealth of information relevant to their service needs. This qualitative, exploratory research explored the future...

Effects of a shoplifters counselling program on hardiness, depression and self-concept

Cristina Maria Ciccone
This study was concerned with evaluating the effectiveness of the Shoplifters Counselling Program (SCP) operated by the Elizabeth Fry Society of British Columbia. The concept of hardiness was used as a theoretical framework with which to assess treatment outcome. It was expected that the SCP would be more effective in reducing depression, and in increasing self-concept, commitment and internal control, from pre- to posttreatment, for first offenders (FO) compared to repeat offenders (RO). Subjects were...

Historical ecology of the Raja Ampat Archipelago, Papua Province, Indonesia.

Maria Lourdes D. Palomares & Johanna J. Heymans
DIRECTOR’S FOREWORD (Daniel Pauly). Historical Ecology of the Raja Ampat Archipelago, Papua Province, Indonesia. ABSTRACT. INTRODUCTION. The spice trade and the East Indies. Explorations in New Guinea. Oceanographic and marine biological studies. MATERIALS. The Study Site: Kepulauan Rajaampat (Raja Ampat Archipelago). Marine biodiversity. METHODS. Biodiversity of marine organisms. Exogenous impacts to the ecosystem. RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS. Documentation. Marine biodiversity. Exogenous impacts to the ecosystem. CONCLUSIONS. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. REFERENCES. APPENDICES. Appendix A: List of place names. Appendix...

A virtual reality simulator for the UBC powered upper limb orthosis

Jidong Zhao
An orthosis, an assistive device to be worn by the user, has been proposed as an option for regaining arm function necessary for performing high priority daily living tasks. Since the 1960s, researchers and engineers have been developing assistive devices in a variety of different forms to help people with weak or flail arms. The goal of the UBC Powered Upper Limb Orthosis (PULO) is to design a highly functional orthotic device to support and...

The effect of RAA on mRNA degradation in THP-1 human leukemic monocytes

Isabella Wing Yan Mak
Dysregulation of mRNA levels is a genetic hallmark of cancer. The Shaw-Kamen (SK) box, an AU-rich element (ARE ) found in the 3'UTR, is an mRNA stability determinant in many cytokines, growth factors, transcription factors, and proto-oncogene mRNAs. A fungal metabolite, Radicicol Analog A (RAA) , was found to destabilize only S K box-containing mRNAs in THP-1 human leukemic monocytes (Cytokine, 1996, 8, 751-761). Given the small number of genes analyzed in this study, SAGE...

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