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Democracy for sale : the marketization of Canadian political discourse and its implications for democratic citizenship

James Proctor
An increasingly popular subject of focus within political science literature is the marketization of political discourse (Fairclough, 1995; Prince 2001; Simpson & Cheney, 2007). This article complements this body of literature by analysing how market-based discourse reinforces a passive frame of citizenship within Canadian politics. Market discourse utilizes concepts, values, and vocabularies commonly found in the marketplace – the language of branding, consumer satisfaction, efficiency and productivity – and applies it to the political realm....

A trace of a trace : an analysis of trauma in Shoah perpetrator auto/biographical narratives

Barry Stanley Fuller
In this study, I attempt to prove that many Shoah perpetrators potentially suffered the effects of trauma and that traces of their traumatisation exist within their auto/biographical narratives. In my endeavour to demonstrate this belief, I first discuss how many Shoah perpetrators were not merely prompted to take part in the Shoah because they were antisemitic, but that they were heavily influenced by the social and political environment around them. However, even though many of...

Related investigations of pi 2 micropulsations

Brian Paul Smith
Related investigations of irregular, nighttime, type Pi 2 micropulsations were undertaken with regards to the source and occurrence of these geomagnetic fluctuations. In particular, the local times of Pi 2's recorded by a global network of stations, during 1964, were determined. From this, the Pi 2 daily occurrence maximum was observed near 2230 LMT. For this same year (1964), rapid-run magnetograms from Memambetsu, Japan and Wingst, Germany were analyzed. The initial orientation of the impulsive...

The soteriology of Gaudāpada’s Māndūkya Kārikā

Colin A. Cole
The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the nature of the soteriology of Advaita Vedānta. While Advaita can be studied either as a system of philosophy or as a religious discipline, it is usually treated academically as a systematic philosophy or metaphysic with a religious aspect. The religio-spiritual dimensions of the system are ignored or neglected to a large degree and seldom is an author or a text presented from such a perspective. The...

Multimedia copy detection

Mani Malek Esmaeili
Asmultimedia-sharing websites are becoming increasingly popular, content providers get more concerned about the illegal distribution of their copyrighted contents. The recent content-based multimedia fingerprinting technology has evolved as an important tool for automatically detecting illegal copies of audio, image, and video signals. Multimedia fingerprints are signatures that are extracted from an audio, image, or video signal as a compact identifier of the signal. Therefore fingerprints should have enough discriminating ability to identify a multimedia object...

Real-time support for interactive multimedia applications

Aiman Erbad
Emerging interactive multimedia applications, such as real-time visualizations, animations, on-line games, virtual reality, and video conferencing have low latency interactions and continuous high resource (e.g., CPU processing and network bandwidth) demands. The combination of latency sensitive interactions and high resource demands is challenging for best-effort platforms, such as the Internet, general-purpose operating systems and Web browsers because these platforms have no timing or resource guarantees and tend to favor high utilization. When demands exceed available...

Prosocial moral reasoning, empathy, perspective-taking, and social behavior: a comparative study of delinquent and nondelinquent youth

Cory L. Elaschuk
This research study was guided by four purposes. First, to compare the prosocial moral reasoning of juvenile delinquents with that of their non-delinquent peers. Second, to compare both empathy and perspective-taking between these two groups. Next, to explore and elucidate the relationships among pro-social moral reasoning, empathy, and perspective-taking; and to examine the relationship of these constructs to dimensions of social behavior and aggression in delinquent and non-delinquent youth. And finally, to explore pro-social moral...

Evolution and memory in a heritage landscape

Ann-Marie Jackson
Heritage preservation has become a major industry and pastime in North America and Europe. While the preservation movement has traditionally focussed on architectural structures, in recent decades heritage landscapes have been recognized for the wealth of historical, cultural, economic, educational, and ecological information about both the past and the present that they contain. Time and change are critical aspects of the landscape, but tend to be addressed inadequately in heritage landscape preservation practice and guidelines....

Examining civic presence : a city hall in Surrey

Laurie Delane Hepper
"...architecture has been defined as environmental communication, a network of interaction: (a) between designers and the users, through the designer's "intended messages", (b) between [human] and the material world through the observation of messages read in similarities and differences structured in matter either in the form of "object systems of "behaviour patterns", and finally (c) between [humans] and [their] past and future through [their] association with all of the above forms and functions in immediate...

Saving latex gloves from landfills : evaluating sustainable methods of waste disposal such as recycling, composting, and upcycling

James Wang
Introduction LUSH is a company that prides itself on sustainable practices, by creating their products with fresh fruits and vegetables and using as little packaging as possible to save unnecessary plastics. Materials are composted and recycled whenever possible at their manufacturing facility in Vancouver. However, latex gloves are becoming an issue as it represents approximately 95% of the wastes that go into the landfill. So the research question is: what factors prevent latex gloves from...


Keijo Kinnari, Catherine Labes-Carrier, Knud Lunde, Pål V. Hemmingsen, Simon R. Davies, John A. Boxall, Carolyn A. Koh & E. Dendy Sloan
Hydrate plugging of hydrocarbon production conduits can cause large operational problems resulting in considerable economical losses. Modeling capabilities to predict hydrate plugging occurrences would help to improve facility design and operation in order to reduce the extent of such events. It would also contribute to a more effective and safer remediation process. This paper systematically describes different operational scenarios where hydrate plugging might occur and how a hydrate plug formation prediction tool would be beneficial....

Resource development and regulatory change in Alberta : where are we going?

David A. Lloyd
Alberta's natural resources are used for a variety of purposes including petroleum and natural gas production, forestry and outdoor recreation. The Government of Alberta is firmly committed to ensuring that resource development takes place in a sustainable way and benefits all Albertans. Our regulatory framework is vital to the efficient and effective development of our province's natural resources and enables us to maintain and enhance our high level of environmental protection without hindering the investments...

Ethical issues and codes of ethics : views of adult education practitioners in British Columbia

Wanda Marja Gordon
Over the last decade, practice ethics in adult education has become an increasingly visible topic of interest and concern in the literature of the field. However, relatively little research has been done in the whole area of ethics and codes of ethics. This study was undertaken to broaden the empirical data base within the field and provide further insight into the area of practice ethics. The purpose of the study was to examine the views...

Regarding Evans Bros.

John S. Keenlyside
The court had reason to believe that the Evans Bros. were concealing assets in their homes and in the premises of D. Clark & Company in Victoria. Judge Begbie ordered that all premises be searched and possessions seized, inventoried, and appraised.Includes exhibit “B” regarding evidence, warrant of seizure, and copy of warrant of seizure.

Rheology of high performance shotcrete

Denis Beaupré
The main goal of this study was to develop high performance shotcrete and to provide a fundamental understanding of the shooting process. For this, a laboratory concrete pump, to pump and/or shoot a number of shotcrete mixes, and a rheometer, to measure the rheological properties on the fresh shotcrete, were designed and constructed. A model based on rheological behavior was finally developed to predict pumpability and shootability. The values of both flow resistance and torque...

Performance of Kalman decision-feedback equalization in HF radio modems

Russell John Tront
The performance of fast-adapting Kalman algorithms in adjusting the tap weights of digital equalizers for high-speed, serial HF radio modems is investigated. Experiments on a large realistic set of simulated HF channels, and on some actual channels, have been conducted using 2400 bps QPSK. Results are presented for linear and decision-feedback equalizers with symbol and half-symbol (fractionally) spaced taps. The bit error rate and the optimum values of several algorithmic parameters in reference-directed mode, and...

Modeling macronuclear DNA regulation in two ciliates : Paramecium tetraurelia and Tetrahymena thermophila

Cassandra Elphinstone & Kyle Cheadle
A revision to existing models for regulating the macronuclear DNA content of the ciliates Paramecium tetraurelia and Tetrahymena thermophila explains previously unresolved observations. Using an independent parameter to regulate ciliate macronuclear DNA content allows the mass of P. tetraurelia to be linked with DNA regulation. A similar parameterization of the T. thermophila model accounts for observed generation-dependent variations. Introducing controlled selection rules on macronuclear DNA content in modeled populations of T. thermophila results in evolving...

Finiteness Principle I

Charles Fefferman

Climate governance and the welfare state : a cross-national comparison

Tracy Groenewegen
This thesis explores the theoretical and empirical connection between the welfare state and national-level climate governance, drawing together the concepts of the ecological state, ecological modernization, and varieties of capitalism. It is argued that the eco-state represents the latest evolutionary phase of the modern state, though no state has achieved full eco-state status. In its nascence it has thus been layered on top of institutional structures that characterize earlier phases, namely welfare and production regimes....

Rings with a polynomial identity

Lawrence Ernest Bridger
Since Kaplansky's first paper on the subject of P.I. rings appeared in 1948, many fruitful results have arisen from the study of such rings. This thesis attempts to present the most important of these results in a unified theory. Chapter I gives the basic notation, definitions, a number of small lemmas together with Kaplansky's incisive result on primitive P.I. rings. We investigate also the Kurosh problem for P.I. rings, providing for such rings an affirmative...

Exotic others : gender and refugee law in Canada, Australia and the United States

Gabrielle Anne Simm
In this thesis I argue that race, culture and imperialism intersect with gender at the site of refugee law to produce 'racialized and exotic others.' These exotic others are refugee women whose differences from refugee decision makers in destination countries are made crucial to their refugee claims by refugee lawyers, decision makers and the system of refugee determination. I use a comparative methodology to examine the gender guidelines for refugee decision makers and selected key...

Prehistoric cultural change at Kitselas Canyon

Gary Coupland
This study investigates the prehistoric transition from egalitarian to ranked social structure at Kitselas Canyon, Skeena River, British Columbia. It contributes to archaeological theory by developing and testing a model of the evolution of cultural complexity. A culture historical contribution is also made in the development of a prehistoric local sequence for Kitselas Canyon. The theoretical model argues that cultural change at Kitselas Canyon occurred as a deviation amplifying process. Beginning with an initial condition...

Laurentian's mining environment database : the process of building a research literature database and an invitation to enrich the existing collection

Glen J. Kelly
Laurentian University Library, with financial support from the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, through the Environmental Youth Corps, and the Mine Environment Neutral Drainage (MEND) programs has developed an on-line Mining Environment Database. The database provides references and abstracts to journal articles, books and government reports dealing with land reclamation and abandoned mines. The database, created in 1988, now contains over 4,000 citations on reclamation planning, design and costs; tailings; heavy metals; disposal...

Lost in translation : an ethnographic study of traditional healers in the Açorean (Azorean) islands of Portugal

Birdie Jane Bezanson
This interdisciplinary research project investigated the process of healing utilized by Açorean Portuguese traditional healers. The purpose was to facilitate an understanding of this process for multicultural counselling practices in North America. The theoretical framework is informed by medical anthropology and the work of Arthur Kleinman (1980, 1987). Kleinman has been called an ethnographer of illness because of his belief that suffering is social and, as such, culturally constructed. He contends that without consideration of...

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