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Democracy, human rights, and the Chinese political tradition [audiorecording]

Pierre-Etienne Will
Item consists of a digitized copy of an audio recording of a St. John's College Lecture delivered at the Vancouver Institute Pierre-Etienne Will on October 22, 2005. Original audio recording available in the University Archives (UBC AT 3200).

Study of background gas collisions in atomic traps

Janelle Van Dongen
This thesis describes an investigation and application of the loss of laser cooled atoms from a trap induced by background collisions. The loss rate constant depends on the density of background gas and the velocity averaged collisional loss cross section due to collisions. The velocity averaged collisional loss cross section can be calculated and its dependence on trap depth was verified using a magneto-optical trap. This verification involved measurements of the loss rate constant for...

The input stage of a TV-computer reading system for the blind

Robert Chuen Bong Tsang
The input stage of a TV-computer reading system has been built using state-of-the-art integrated circuits. A stroboscopic sampling method is used. Programs are developed to rearrange the input data for later processing. The system is also available to work as an image enlarger for people with low-vision. Judging from the appearance of the final displays, the signal-to-noise ratio is acceptable. The possibility of incorporating an automatic focus device is examined and an algorithm is developed...

Mechanics and dynamics of micro-cutting process

Xiaoliang Jin
Micro-cutting operations are used to manufacture miniature parts in biomedical, optics, electronics, and sensors industry. Compared to chemical manufacturing processes, micro-cutting has the advantage of producing three-dimensional features with a broad range of materials. Tool geometries and cutting conditions need to be properly selected to achieve desired surface finish and avoid premature wear or breakage of the fragile micro-tools. The mechanics and dynamics of micro-cutting have to be modeled in order to predict the process...

Duration-of-load and creep effects in thick MPB strand based wood composite

Bing Wang
British Columbia (BC) is in the midst of the largest outbreak of the Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) ever recorded in western Canada. Technologies capable of converting stained lumber into market acceptable products are urgently required to reduce the impact of the growing volume of MPB killed lumber on the profitability of forestry in BC. New, thick MPB strand-based structural composite products can be produced and help absorb a large volume of MPB wood. With appropriate...

Understanding epistemic development : parsing knowledge by epistemic content

Darcy Dwaine Hallett
Over the past three decades, research into the developmental course by means of which persons come to an increasingly mature conception of the knowing process has yielded a partially converging picture. What is generally agreed is that this epistemic course typically begins with something like a naive realism, according to which knowledge is understood as simply absorbed through the senses, or simply a matter of getting the facts straight. Gradually, people come to question this...

Major and Pafford vs. Carvell

John S. Keenlyside
Judgment by Default; Writ of Summons; Affidavit of Service.The Plaintiffs claim $177.65 principal and interest due to them as payees on two promissory notes with the Defendant.

A hybrid effective stress – total stress procedure for analyzing soil embankments subjected to potential liquefaction and flow

Ernest Naesgaard
Seismic design of major civil structures (bridges, dams and embankments) is moving increasingly towards using performance design methodologies which require determination of earthquake induced movements. Development of these numerical design tools and procedures for use in engineering practice for estimating the earthquake induced ground deformations of potentially liquefiable soil is the topic of this dissertation. Fully coupled effective stress numerical analyses procedures developed at the University of British Columbia (UBC) were used to simulate field...

Harmony and voice-leading in music by Philippe Gaubert : innovation in a traditional context

Rebecca Suzanne Simpson
Philippe Gaubert, French composer and flutist (1879-1941), began his musical career in the creative and innovative atmosphere of the late nineteenth-early twentieth centuries. While much of his music appears to follow the traditions of the common practice period quite closely, it displays peculiarities that prompt the development and application of less traditional analytical concepts. To be sure, his music projects an overall impression of simplicity and familiarity, but there are many instances where Gaubert appears...

Membrane perturbational effects of inorganic cations

Maureen Elizabeth Garnett
The membrane perturbational effects of divalent and monovalent cations were examined by studying kinetic and chemical characteristics of trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid (TNBS) incorporation into the amino groups of human erythrocyte membranes. Both monovalent and divalent cations stimulated TNBS incorporation. The monovalent cation-stimulated TNBS incorporation, which was not size dependent, was attributed to non-specific ionic strength effects while divalent cation-stimulated TNBS incorporation, which was size dependent, was explained in terms of membrane structural perturbations which indirectly affected...

Secondary school girls in conversation about school success : implications for practice and policy

Carolyn Jean Fraser
I sought to gain insight into the meaning of the term "success" as it related to three groups of secondary school girls. There were six girls who affiliated themselves with a Fine Arts group, five girls with an Academic group, and four girls with an Aboriginal group. Utilizing a focus group format, each group met for an hour to have a discussion about what success meant to them. I analyzed the transcripts for themes that...

A risk identification framework and tool for large infrastructure public private partnership delivery

Cheryl Nelms
Large public sector infrastructure projects are often characterized by a broad scope and capital dollar size, dynamic stakeholder and governance network, high project risk profile, long planning and procurement timelines, and high visibility to the public and political partisans. The number and breadth of risks during the planning and procurement phases that can delay project go-ahead or cause its ultimate cancelation are significant and thus require the utmost attention for successful delivery. The goal of...

Minor elements in pyrites from the smithers map area, b.c. and exploration applications of minor element studies

Barry James Price
This study was undertaken to determine minor element geochemistry of pyrite and the applicability of pyrite minor-element research to exploration for mineral deposits. Previous studies show that Co, Ni, and Cu are the most prevalent cations substituting for Fe in the pyrite lattice; significant amounts of As and Se can substitute for S. Other elements substitute less commonly and in smaller amounts within the lattice, in interstitial sites, or within discrete mechanically-admixed phases. Mode of...

A behavioral approach to open robot systems : design and programming

Ying Zhang
Current robots have very limited abilities to adapt to the environment, to survive in unstructured situations, to deal with incomplete and inconsistent information, and to make real-time decisions. One reason for this is the limited power of computation; another reason is an incorrect decomposition of the robot architecture and the unsuitable representation with rigid programming style. The core of this thesis is a new design and programming methodology which is needed for more robust, flexible...

Optimization techniques in computer system design and load control

Prem Swarup Sinha
Analytic modelling has proven to be cost-effective in the performance evaluation of computer systems. So far, queueing theory has been employed as the main tool. This thesis extends the scope of analytic modelling by using optimization techniques along with queuing theory in solving the decision-making problems of performance evaluation. Two different problems have been attempted in this thesis. First, a queueing network model is developed to find the optimal capacities and speeds of the memory...

Sea Around Us Project newsletter, issue 72

University Of British Columbia. Fisheries Centre & Lisa Boonzaier
What can MPAs do for sharks? (Danielle Knip). The Sea Around Us Project returns to West Africa (Duncan Copeland and Dyhia Belhabib).

"Modernizing" Islam : the imam discourse in Bangladesh

Almas Zakiuddin
International development policies and practices are curiously silent on the subject of religion. It is an overt silence, in the sense that religion appears to be deliberately omitted from consideration. There is an implicit assumption that societies in the South will adopt the secular project of political modernity already perfected in and by the North. The paradox, however, as my dissertation demonstrates, is that development and religion are deeply imbricated at various local, national and...

An exploratory analysis of single young women with endometriosis and their life course expectations

Lisa K. Mason
This study explores how a chronic disease called endometriosis influences single young women's expectations for family, educational, and occupational careers. Previous research on this disease has focused primarily on the biological ramifications of its presence, and not the social aspects. This exploratory study attempts to not only analyse the effects of endometriosis on life course expectations of single young women, but also what variables might account for differences in expectations within this group. This study...

Essays in venture capital, entrepreneurship, and managerial success

Qianqian Du
The first chapter of my dissertation examines the preferences of venture capitalists for syndication partners. Heterogeneity among syndication partners may cause efficiency loss and increase transaction costs but offer syndication partners valuable learning opportunities in the long run, suggesting a tradeoff between the short-term costs versus long-term benefits. Using data on U.S. venture capital investments, I find that venture capital firms are less likely to syndicate with partners who are different from them. The preferences...

Making the truth graphic : the Canadian government’s home front information structure and programmes during World War II

W. R. Young
During the Second World War, the Canadian government could claim only moderate success for its information operations. To begin with, the government had difficulty in 1939 establishing its first-ever, full-scale wartime information agency, the Bureau of Public Information, and providing it with an effective organization and policy. Various outside interests, particularly Canadian newspapers and social scientists, pressed the government to adopt a policy which reflected their particular views on the role of wartime information in...

Exorcising N2 stigmata in Sequential Monte Carlo

Mike Klaas
Sequential Monte Carlo (SMC) has, since being "rediscovered" in the early 1990's, become one of the most important inference techniques in machine learning. It enjoys a prominent place in statistics, robotics, quantum physics, as well as control and other industrial applications. SMC methods represent probability densities as a dicrete set of N Dirac masses called particles. This non-parametric representation provably converges to the true distribution of interest and is effective in high dimensional applications. Many...

The use of unconsolidated runoff material in coal waste dump reclamation

Alan J. Kennedy & William Kovach
The effects of using unconsolidated runoff material collected from interceptor ditches as an amendment to soil material on waste dumps was investigated on study plots at Byron Creek Collieries from 1983 to 1986. Thirty-two plots representing replicates of two treatments of runoff material Incorporation were established in random block design on a "typical" coal waste dump. Data were collected on soil quality, vegetation cover and biomass, and tree survival and growth. Results from three years...

An investigation into the possible relationship of adenosine triphosphate to sensory synaptic transmitter substances

Christopher Robert Muirhead
An attempt has been made to determine the relationship, if any, between adenosine triphosphate and the transmitter substance responsible for antidromic vasodilatation. Extracts of various areas of the central nervous system have been made by dialyzing boiled, ground brain tissue against distilled water. These extracts were analyzed for; labile phosphate content by the method of Berenblum and Chain (66), adenosine triphosphate content by paper chromatography and by the luciferin-luciferase enzyme method of Strehler and Totter...

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