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The 2010 Applied Linguistics and Language Education (APPLE) Award Winning Papers

Amanda Gardner
“Why am I learning this language? How is my language learning affected by my attitudes and my context?” For the average second language (L2) learner, these questions are probably not often considered in such an explicit fashion. For L2 educators and L2 motivation researchers, however, these student-centered questions are urgent and ever-present. From my own experience, teaching English to speakers of other languages across different contexts has presented vastly differing pictures of L2 learner motivation....

Plenary Speeches Given by Prof. Nick Ellis and Dr. Boping Yuan at the Inaugural Conference of the Teachers College, Columbia University Roundtable in Second Language Studies (TCCRISLS)

Adrienne Wai Man Lew
Students from our doctoral seminar in Second Language Acquisition (SLA), guided by the vision from Prof. ZhaoHong Han, organized the world’s first conference on the acquisition of Chinese as a second or foreign language, which took place from September 30 to October 2, 2010. As noted by Teachers College President Susan Fuhrman in her opening speech for the conference, “there could not be a better moment to focus on the growing role that China and...

An Interview with APPLE Lecture 2011 Guest Speaker Prof. Tom Cobb

Yayun Anny Sun, Mi Sun Park & Adrienne Wai Man Lew
The past decade has witnessed the exponential growth of technologies for vocabulary learning, and a revived interest in the applications of corpus linguistics. The TESOL/AL Web Journal team (represented by Anny Sun and Mi Sun Park) was thrilled to meet Prof. Tom Cobb, the APPLE Lecture speaker this year, for an informative session about his expertise in these two areas. One of the most well-known accomplishments of Prof. Cobb is his website, The Compleat Lexical...

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Japanese Newspapers

David Flath
In 2017, Japanese newspaper advertising revenue, adjusted for inflation, was only half as great as at its 1997 mini-peak. Japanese newspaper circulation also peaked in 1997, and in the two decades since then has fallen by about one-fourth (counting a morning-and-evening subscription as two, by one-fifth if counting it as one). Based on the inferences in this paper, underlying these recent changes in Japanese newspaper revenue and circulation is an 83% decrease in the demand...

We Have to Be There Because We Have to Be There - The Future of U.S. Engagement

Lincoln A. Mitchell
The extent of U.S. commitment across the globe, which was once a sign of the American ascendancy, now bears many signs of being part of America's decline. This will likely become more apparent and problematic if the economy does not recover. As local and national governments are stressed and basic domestic needs become more and more difficult for governments to afford, it is likely that voices calling for a more modest foreign policy with fewer...

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The people in the books


The papers of John Jay


The melting pot


A church is born


The book undone


Wilbert Webster White papers


WWI Pamphlets 1913-1920




The Varsity Show


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