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Oral history interview with Rookaya Bawa 2011

Early life in South Africa; marriage at age sixteen; one of ten people of color allowed to go to a white university; graduate education in England; member of black faculty at South Africa universities; work in libraries for South African Department of Education; mother of two girls; hired by Carnegie to develop a model library program in Africa; work in the field in Africa; importance of technology to African libraries; utilizing partnerships with local governments...

Oral history interview with Robert J. Seman 2012

Born in Yonkers, NY to Catholic family; education and career: received his BA from Mercy College in finance, first job as cost accountant at manufacturing firm, worked in the water department of the City of Yonkers, budgeting systems as North Central Bronx Hospital, invited to work at the Rockefeller Foundation, hired as controller at Carnegie Corporation of New York; comparison between the leadership of David A. Hamburg and Vartan Gregorian; comparison between Rockefeller Foundation and...

Oral history interview with Joyce L. Moock 2013

Early education and eventual involvement with Peace Corps in Malawi; decision to study anthropology and comparative education in graduate school at Columbia University; travel to Africa with Rockefeller Foundation funding to evaluate university development: Rockefeller's history funding universities, comparison of university model; hiring at Rockefeller and supervision of program at for social science research fellows: editing of books on research topics; prevalence of agricultural research; origins of Partnership for Higher Education in Africa (PHEA): collaboration...

Oral history interview with John W. Slocum 2012

Beginnings: born in Champaign, Illinois, studied engineering and political science at University of Illinois, father in produce packing machine business, mother's death from lupus, Ph.D. in political science from University of Chicago, worked in broadcasting, developed interest in Soviet Union; traveled to Russia in 1987 for summer language study; enjoyed interpersonal relationships and ethos of friendship in Russia; post-doctorate at Cornell University's Peace and Conflict Studies Program; taught at University of Oklahoma; hired at MacArthur...

Oral history interview with Geraldine P. Mannion 2012

Transition from leadership of David A. Hamburg to Vartan Gregorian: hiring and interaction of new staff, development of new grant review process, clash of workplace cultures, management of funds; work on immigration reform: impact of September 11, 2001, founding of Four Freedoms Fund, impact of NumbersUSA in 2007, four-pillar strategy for advocacy, Carnegie Corporation goals and nonpartisanship, current collaborations; Carnegie Corporation connection with unions; organization of programs and grants; idea of philanthropic freedom; evolution of...

Oral history interview with Frank Sharry 2013

Discussion of Irish and Italian immigrant background; undergraduate experience and activism at Princeton University; work for American Council for Nationalities Service in Singapore: experience at refugee camps in Indonesian islands, recollection of later encounter with refugee family in U.S.; work at Centro Presente in Cambridge, Mass. beginning 1986: sense of immigrant rights as life's work, effects of 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, discussion of problems with system including employer sanctions, need for temporary protected...

Oral history interview with Ellen J. Bloom 2012

Vice President, Chief Administrative Offices and Corporate Secretary. Childhood in Bayside, Queens, New York: parents' careers in teaching; personal education; career path in human resources; decision to leave the corporate world for nonprofit work: hiring at Carnegie Corporation of New York as director of human resources, promotion to CAO/corporate secretary; undergraduate education at Cornell: admission to School of Industrial and Labor Relations; pursuit of law degree; left position at American Express: fatigue with corporate world,...

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