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Oral history interview with Margaret Stathos 2000

In this one session interview, Margaret Moreland Stathos discusses her involvement with the New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS), the institution's history, and her views on activism, particularly surround laboratory animals. She begins the interview discussing her childhood experiences with animals, her learning of vivisection and opposition to it following the disappearance of a neighborhood cat in 1957, graduate work as a pianist in Germany in 1958, and early influences. Figures mentioned over the course of...

Oral history interview with Margaret E. McCall 1971

In this interview, McCall discusses her and her husband's upbringing, how the black press has changed over the years, her marriage, and the early years of her life in Detroit. She chronicles the various owners and phases of the Detroit Tribune and her husband's employment through the Great Depression. McCall reflects on how the platform of the Tribune was used, including: campaigns for black judges; African American voter mobilization; charity activities on Christmas; and publicity...

Oral history interview with Margaret E. Mahoney 1998-1999

Childhood: born Nashville, Tennessee, daughter of scientist and interior designer, early interest in arts and medicine; Vanderbilt University: dual degree, economics and history, 1946: United States Department of State, 1947-1948: typist, cultural and science officer, United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization [UNESCO], principal program officer, International Council of Scientific Unions; Carnegie Corporation, 1953-1967: assistant to corporate secretary, program officer, arts and education, interest in medical education, formation of Clinical Scholars Program; Robert Wood Johnson...

Oral history interview with Marcus G. Langseth 1996

Childhood: born Lebanon, New Jersey, son of civil engineer, early education in Tennessee, New York; Waynesburg College: B. S., geology, 1950-1954; Columbia University: M. S., geology, 1954-1956, PH.D., geology, 1965; association with Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory [LDEO]: seismological research at sea aboard Vema as chief scientist, collaboration with Spanish geophysicists, development of seismological instrumentation, publication of papers on sea-floor spreading, funding and voyages of LDEO sea-going vessels; National Aeronautics and Space Administration [NASA]: heat flow research...

Oral history interview with Marcus C. Stewart, Sr. 1971

In this interview conducted with Henry La Brie III, Marcus C. Stewart, Sr., discusses the history of the Indianapolis Recorder and the various issues in running the paper. He conceptualizes the successes and the future of the black press, the problems with advertising, and crime reporting, with particular attention to the shifting American racial consciousness. Stewart explains the differences of the black press in the North and in the South. Stewart and La Brie discuss...

Oral history interview with Mamphela Ramphele 1999

Born in rural South Africa; childhood: strong influence of educator parents, reasonably comfortable family life, knowledge of poverty and the power of education, childhood perceptions of apartheid system; mother and grandmothers as powerful female role models; education: experience in secondary boarding school, University of the North, B.A., University of Natal Medicine School, graduate studies; career: profession as extension of political activities, membership in the South African Student Organization (SASO), transfer to Port Elizabeth, establishment of...

Oral history interview with M.A. Higdon 1975

Importance of forest products industry to North Carolina; family history; growing up in North Carolina; early connection with paper industry; early paper mills; art of papermaking; job safety; assessment of Gair and Fort Wayne operations; Continental Can merger; expansion prospects at Port Wentworth; supervision of Hopewell plant; new products work at Augusta; management organization of Continental Can.

Oral history interview with Lynn R. Sykes 1997

Childhood: born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, son of meteorologist; early education in Fairfax County, Virginia; Massachusetts Institute of Technology: B.S., M.S., geology, geophysics, 1955-1960; U.S. Geological Survey: pressure research, summer, 1956; Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute: geophysical research in Europe, at sea, 1959-1960; Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory [LDEO]: PhD., geophysics 1960-1965, restructuring of LDEO, Columbia administration, member, executive committee of LDEO, 1968, fundraising issues, succession of LDEO directors; seismological research in California, East Africa, Greenland, South Pacific, Fiji, Japan;...

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