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The Roles of F-box and Leucine-Rich Repeat Protein 4 (FBXL4) in Mitochondrial Encephalopathy and T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Julie Erika M. Haydu
The F-box and leucine-rich repeat factor (FBXL4) locus is altered in two distinct diseases, a pediatric mitochondrial encephalopathy associated with early death, and the highly aggressive hematological malignancy T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (T-ALL). As an F-box protein, FBXL4 is predicted to target specific protein substrates for proteasomal degradation. Notably, not much is known about the roles of FBXL4 in homeostasis or disease, and thus I generated conditional Fbxl4 knockout mice to characterize the contributions of...

Research Without Borders Twitter Archive, #rwob, December 4, 2014

Brian Luna Lucero
The dataset includes all tweets using the hashtag #rwob made between December 1 and December 8th, 2014. The hashtag was associated with the Research Without Borders event held at Columbia University on April 29, 2014. This panel discussion, explored “big open data” from three perspectives: the humanities, journalism, and the social web. Presentations covered how large amounts of data are managed, made sense of, and made accessible. The panelists also addressed the challenges of working...

Restless “lower back” in a patient with Parkinson’s disease

Keisuke Suzuki, Masayuki Miyamoto, Tomoyuki Miyamoto & Koichi Hirata
Background: In restless legs syndrome (RLS), the isolated involvement of other body parts in the absence of leg involvement is rare. Case report: We report an 82‐year‐old male with a 1‐year history of Parkinson’s disease (PD) who developed an abnormal sensation limited to his “lower back.” He fulfilled the four essential RLS criteria, with the major caveat that the criteria were applied in a modified manner to his lower back rather than his legs. The...

Prevalence of Essential Tremor on Arosa Island, Spain: a Community-based, Door-to-Door Survey

Manuel Seijo-Martinez, Maria Castro Del Rio, Jose Ramon Rodriguez Alvarez, Ramon Suarez-Prado, Eugenio Torres Salgado, Javier Paz Esquete & Maria Jesus Sobrido-Gomez
Background: The prevalence of essential tremor (ET) is still not well understood and the various studies performed to date have generated highly variable results. Few epidemiologic studies on the prevalence of ET have been reported from Spain. Methods: A one‐stage door‐to‐door survey was conducted on Arosa Island, northwestern Spain, to determine the prevalence of ET in the population aged 65 years and older. The diagnostic criteria for ET were the presence of non‐dystonic head tremor...

Does Pramipexole Treatment Improve Headache in Patients with Concomitant Migraine and Restless Legs Syndrome?

Keisuke Suzuki, Shiho Suzuki, Masayuki Miyamoto, Tomoyuki Miyamoto, Ayaka Numao, Yuka Watanabe, Ryotaro Takashima & Koichi Hirata
Background: Recent studies have suggested a strong link between migraines and restless legs syndrome (RLS). It is possible that these disorders share a dopaminergic dysfunction in the hypothalamic A11 nucleus that contributes to this association. However, there have been no clinical studies to evaluate the effect of dopaminergic treatment on migraine symptoms in patients with concomitant migraines and RLS. Methods: We present an illustrative patient with concomitant RLS and migraine who showed improvement in her...

Hereditary Coproporphyria Associated with the Q306X Mutation in the Coproporphyrin Oxidase Gene Presenting with Acute Ataxia

Félix Javier Jiménez-Jiménez, José AG Agúndez, Carmen Martínez, Francisco Navacerrada, José Francisco Plaza-Nieto, Belén Pilo-De-La-Fuente, Hortensia Alonso-Navarro & Elena García-Martín
Background: Hereditary coproporphyria (HCPO) is a low‐penetrance, autosomal dominant, acute hepatic porphyria characterized by the overproduction and excretion of coproporphyrin. The most common neurological manifestations of this entity include peripheral, predominantly motor dysfunction, and central nervous system dysfunction. Ataxia associated with HCPO has not been reported previously. The aim of this article is to report a patient with HCPO presenting with acute ataxia. Case Report: We describe a 44‐year‐old patient presenting clinically with acute ataxia...

Immigration and integration Religious and political activism for/with immigrants in Los Angeles

Stephanie Kotin, Grace R. Dyrness & Clara E. Irazabal Zurita
Although the role of religion in the lives of immigrants has recently been a subject of interest by scholars, there has not been much focus on the importance of the religio-political activism of faith-based and community organizations in favour of immigrants. This article focuses on a religious congregation, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, and a community-organizing network, the Salvadoran American National Association, to demonstrate how religion is actively promoting and aiding political engagement on behalf of and...

Virtual Reality Feedback Cues for Improvement of Gait in Patients with Parkinson's Disease

Samih Badarny, Judith Aharon-Peretz, Zvi Susel, George Habib & Yoram Baram
Background: Our aim was to study the effects of visual feedback cues, responding dynamically to patient's self‐motion and provided through a portable see‐through virtual reality apparatus, on the walking abilities of patients with Parkinson's disease. Methods: Twenty patients participated. On‐line and residual effects on walking speed and stride length were measured. Results Attaching the visual feedback device to the patient with the display turned off showed a negligible effect of about 2%. With the display...

Organizational needs for managing and preserving geospatial data and related electronic records

Robert R. Downs & Robert S. Chen

Evaluation of Ischemic Stroke Hybrid Segmentation in a Rat Model of Temporary Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion using Ground Truth from Histologic and MR data

Celina Z. Imielinska, Yinpeng Jin, Xin Liu, Joel Rosiene, Brad E. Zacharia, Ricardo J. Komotar, J. Mocco, Michael E. Sughrue, Bartosz Grobelny, Alex Sisti, Josh Silverberg, Joyce Khandji, Hillary Cohen, & Anthony Louis D'Ambrosio
A segmentation method that quantifies cerebral infarct using rat data with ischemic stroke is evaluated using ground truth from histologic and MR data. To demonstrate alternative approach to rapid quantification of cerebral infarct volumes using histologic stained slices that requires scarifying animal life, a study with MR acquire volumetric rat data is proposed where ground truth is obtained by manual delineations by experts and automated segmentation is assessed for accuracy. A framework for evaluation of...

Semantic Relations in a Medical Digital Library

Nina Wacholder, Celina Z. Imielinska, Ewa Soliz, Judith L. Klavans & Pat Molholt
In this paper, we describe the VesaliusTM Project, a multi-modal collection of anatomical resources under development at Columbia University. 1 Our focus is on the need for navigational tools to effectively access the wealth of electronic information on anatomy, including life-like 3D images of anatomical entities that can be interactively viewed and browsed. We describe a key component which must be in place in order to develop a flexible and reusable digital library system, namely...

James Neal on the Challenges of Leadership: An LA and M Exclusive Interview

"Jim Neal is currently the vice president for Information Services and University Librarian at Columbia University, providing leadership for university academic computing and network services and a system of twenty-five libraries. He also works with the Electronic Publishing Initiative at Columbia (EPIC) and the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL). Previously, he served as the dean of University Libraries at Indiana University and Johns Hopkins University and held administrative positions in the...

Session 3: To What Extent Should Libraries Be Permitted to Engage in Mass Digitization of Published Works, and for What Purposes?

Transcript of a symposium held at Columbia University about the legality of libraries digitizing published works and the purposes and potential consequences of libraries doing this. Focuses on section 108 of the copyright law as it pertains to mass digitization.

A Model for Optimizing the Combination of Solar Electricity Generation, Supply Curtailment, Transmission and Storage

Marc Perez
With extraordinary recent growth of the solar photovoltaic industry, it is paramount to address the biggest barrier to its high-penetration across global electrical grids: the inherent variability of the solar resource. This resource variability arises from largely unpredictable meteorological phenomena and from the predictable rotation of the earth around the sun and about its own axis. To achieve very high photovoltaic penetration, the imbalance between the variable supply of sunlight and demand must be alleviated....

Do principal preparation and teacher qualifications influence different types of school growth trajectories in Illinois?: A growth mixture model analysis

Alex J. Bowers & Bradford R. White
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine the independent effects of principal background, training and experience as well as teacher academic qualifications on school proficiency growth through time. Design/methodology/approach – The authors analyzed the entire population of all elementary and middle schools in the state of Illinois, n=3,154 schools, from 2000 to 2001 through 2005-2006 using growth mixture modeling. The authors examined growth at the school level in the percentage of students...

Non-Discriminatory Electoral Rules, Local Public Goods, and Redistribution: Evidence from US Municipalities

Ferran Elias
The Voting Right Act guaranteed the right to vote for minorities, including the prohibition of any electoral discriminatory practices on the basis of race. This triggered a series of court decisions outlawing discriminatory electoral rules between 1970 and 1990. I study the effects of several court orders that guarantee minority representation on city public budgets, and find that both local public good expenditures (5-7.5%) and city tax collection (5-10%) increased, after the changes towards non-discriminatory...

Japanese Monetary Policy and International Spillovers

Robert Dekle & Koichi Hamada
The Japanese currency has recently weakened past 100 yen to the dollar. The reason for the recent depreciation of the yen is the expectation of higher inflation in Japan, owing to the rapid projected growth in Japanese base money, the sum of currency and commercial banking reserves at the Bank of Japan. We show through our empirical analysis that recent expansionary Japanese monetary policies have generally helped raise U.S. GDP, despite the appreciation of the...

Sound in the Construction of Race: From Blackface to Blacksound in Nineteenth-Century America

Matthew D. Morrison
This dissertation examines sound, and its embodied articulation through music and movement, as I consider pivotal ways in which race has been constructed through the history of blackface minstrelsy in the United States. I contend that the racialized sounds developed out of early blackface performance have both persisted and shifted throughout the history of American popular music, even after the disappearance of the blackface mask. I have neologized the concept of Blacksound to denote the...

Periods in Progressive Rock and the Problem of Authenticity

John J. Sheinbaum
Though "largely ignored" by much mainstream popular music scholarship and "largely despised" by most critics, the genre of "self consciously complex" rock music was usually known as 1970's "progressive" (or "prog") rock was very popular and influential across England and North America in its time, and its fan base remains dedicated to this day. Progressive rock exhibits a startling eclecticism and diverse sources of influence, and as such is notoriously difficult to define from a...

Medievalism and Exoticism in the Music of Dead Can Dance

Kirsten Yri
In 1991, the alternative rock band Dead Can Dance released an album that caught the attention of music reviewers by constructing an aural allegiance to the Middle Ages. Suitably called A Passage in Time, the album was described as imitating medieval chant, troubadour music, Latin hymns and courtly songs and included Dead Can Dance's hybrid medieval songs as well as performances of actual medieval repertoire. In modeling their songs and sounds after historical recordings of...

The Age Structure of Occupations and Jobs

Robert L. Kaufman & Seymour Spilerman
Age segmentation in the labor force can be analyzed in terms of the age distributions of occupations. In this paper we show that the majority of detailed census occupations conform to one of five basic age profiles. Further, these age profiles have meaning as they derive from the operation of well-defined institutional forces. We discuss the relevance of industry for a refined understanding of occupational-age patterns and conclude with some observations about the likely consequence...

Allocation of personnel hours across project components for Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements

Eva T. Cunningham, Mark P. Newton & Kerri L. O'Connell
The underlying data and calculations for a practice article published by Newton et. al. (2014). Levels of effort apportioned to each of the project components across years, with overall project percentages, aggregate figures, and per month averages calculated from September 2010 through June 2014.

E-Book Program Development Study: Annual Report (June 1, 2013 - May 31, 2014)

Melissa J. Goertzen
This report summarizes the preliminary results of the first year of the E-Book Program Development Study. The objective of the first year was to document the e-book landscape at Columbia University (CU) and understand how current challenges fit into the larger context of collection development within the academic community. The second objective was to develop sustainable methodologies that can be used across CU to evaluate e-book holdings in a standardized fashion. The work completed over...

Ignoring Puff Counts: Another Shortcoming of the Federal Trade Commission Cigarette Testing Programme

L. T. Kozlowski, C. A. Whetzel, Steven D. Stellman & R. J. O'Connor
OBJECTIVES; To examine reasons behind the failure of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to preserve puff count information from standard cigarette testing and to elucidate the importance of puff count to overall tar yields.METHODS; We reviewed industry documents on origins of the FTC test and data sets provided by the Tobacco Institute Testing Laboratory to the tobacco industry and FTC for reporting purposes.RESULTS; The majority of the tobacco industry argued for "dual reporting" of tar...

Effect of Delivered Dosage of Cigarette Smoke Toxins on the Levels of Urinary Biomarkers of Exposure

Assieh A. Meilikian, Mirjana V. Djordjevic, Shuquan Chen, John Richie & Steven D. Stellman
Urinary metabolites of tobacco smoke toxins are often used as biomarkers for the evaluation of active and passive exposure to cigarette smoke toxins. In a study of healthy smokers, we investigated concentrations of urinary biomarkers in relation to concentrations of selected toxins in mainstream cigarette smoke as determined by machine smoking of cigarettes in a manner that mimics an individual's smoking behavior (topography). Concentrations of nicotine, 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone, and benzo(a)pyrene, in mainstream smoke determined under human...

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