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The Politics of Classification in Global Development

Lindsay R. Dolan
Many scholars primarily view international organizations as vehicles used by powerful states to distribute resources. However, this view trivializes the profound influence of their day-to-day operations on the world. This dissertation argues that that the classification systems developed by these bureaucracies significantly affect how classified countries are treated by many influential elites in the global economy. Focusing on the domain of development, I show that whether a country is categorized as a developing country has...

Oral history interview with Kara Andrade 2013

Ashoka Fellow, Ashoka Innovators for the Public. Early Life and background: emigration from Guatemala, experiences of family as undocumented immigrants, service as advocate for family and other immigrants; first career in field of public health with focus on immigrant education and advocacy; pursuit of graduate degree in journalism at University of California, Berkeley: work with Robert A. Calo, experience as News21 fellow, exploration of digital spiritual practices in Second Life, research project on Guatemalan art;...

Oral history interview with Arthur E. Levine 2013

Authorship of book on U.S. higher education undergraduate curriculum and importance to career; presidency of Bradford College: application of curriculum research, its revitalization by creation of practical liberal arts program; Clark Kerr's influential development of research university model throughout California; surprise at recruitment to position of President at Teachers College (TC); reorganization of TC to better prepare teachers as leaders and researchers; suitability of Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation (WWNFF) to broadly affect teacher education;...

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