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Subseasonal Predictability of Boreal Summer Monsoon Rainfall from Ensemble Forecasts

Nicolas Vigaud, Andrew W. Robertson & Michael K. Tippett
Subseasonal forecast skill over the broadly defined North American (NAM), West African (WAM) and Asian (AM) summer monsoon regions is investigated using three Ensemble Prediction Systems (EPS) at sub-monthly lead times. Extended Logistic Regression (ELR) is used to produce probabilistic forecasts of weekly and week 3–4 averages of precipitation with starts in May–Aug, over the 1999–2010 period. The ELR tercile category probabilities for each model gridpoint are then averaged together with equal weight. The resulting...

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Global predictability of temperature extremes

Erin R. Coughlan De Perez, Maarten K. Van Aalst, Konstantinos Bischiniotis, Simon J. Mason, Hannah J Nissan, Florian Pappenberger, Elisabeth Stephens, Ervin Zsoter & Bart Van Den Hurk
Extreme temperatures are one of the leading causes of death and disease in both developed and developing countries, and heat extremes are projected to rise in many regions. To reduce risk, heatwave plans and cold weather plans have been effectively implemented around the world. However, much of the world's population is not yet protected by such systems, including many data-scarce but also highly vulnerable regions. In this study, we assess at a global level where...

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From Curatorial Files to Linked Open Data: Cataloging the Art Collection at Columbia University

Roberto C. Ferrari & Melanie Wacker
Columbia University is relatively unique among American educational institutions with regard to its art collection. Rather than being housed in a traditional museum environment, artwork instead is organized as a special collection within Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library. Overseen by the Art Properties department, the collection of over 12,000 works of art encompasses all time periods, cultures, and media. This paper presents a case study in which item-level records for the collection were exposed...

Impressions of America

Curie, Marie, 1867-1934

The Outcome of the ArtFrame Project, a Domain-Specific BIBFRAME Exploration

Amber M. Billey, Marie-Chantal L’Ecuyer-Coelho, Jason Kovari & Melanie Wacker
The presentation consists of three parts. Jason Kovari’s presentation examines the larger context of the various domain-specific explorations of BIBFRAME extension development, with particular focus on the overlap between art works and rare materials held in libraries. Melanie Wacker and Amber Billey then discuss the specifics of the ARTFRAME project including its initial goals, timeline, community outreach, outcome, as well as tools used and lessons learned throughout the project. Finally, Marie-Chantal L’Ecuyer-Coelho explores the contributions...

Writing for Diversity: A Student-Centered Approach to Writing Assessment Research

Catherine Elizabeth DeLazzero
Writing for Diversity explores why assessment matters in the context of school communities and students’ lives. It draws from the initial findings of a multiyear research study on the consequences of writing assessment in New York City’s public high schools and CUNY colleges to explore a) how students experience writing, learning and school; and b) develop a student-centered approach to writing assessment research (using a variety of creative tools). In the introduction, called “People and...

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Public Record Under Threat: News and the Archive in the Age of Digital Distribution

Nate Hill, Sharon Ringel & Angela Mary Woodall
The evolution of the internet has created a vast storehouse of information, both current and historical, and all at the fingertips of the general public as well as journalists. But as we find ourselves apparently saturated by information and overwhelmed by its sources, we face a potential crisis of preservation as we seek—and often fail—to archive all manner of digital content. News organizations have been slow to recognize and respond to the preservation challenges presented...

Preventative or Performative? Assessing the Role and Intention of the UK’s ‘Hostile Environment’ Since 2010

Adam Weisz
Since coming to power in 2010, the Conservative Party in the UK has been pursuing increasingly harsh policies tackling undocumented migration that have come to be collectively known as the ‘hostile environment.’ These policies seek to make life difficult for anyone living in the UK without regular status, by requiring documentation checks when accessing services such as healthcare, housing, employment, and so forth. The stated goal of the policies is both to encourage undocumented migrants...

Professional Licensing and Teacher Certification for Non-Citizens: Federalism, Equal Protection and A State’s Socio-Economic Interests

Janet M. Calvo
Some states have recently addressed the integration of their non-citizen populations and their socioeconomic needs by expanding the eligibility of professional licensing to non-citizens. Changes made in 2016 in the two states with the largest immigrant populations, California and New York, were extensive and comprehensive. California removed immigration status requirements for licensing through legislation that covered all occupations regulated by the California Department of Consumer Affairs. The New York Board of Regents and Commissioner of...

A Place to Call Home: Defining the Legal Significance of the Sanctuary Campus Movement

Natasha Georgina Newman
The sanctuary campus movement ignited following the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States. The movement has given rise to questions about the protections available to undocumented immigrants in the United States, with specific emphasis placed on the vulnerability of undocumented students. The movement joins a list of sanctuary initiatives, such as the sanctuary city movement of the 1980s, which was plagued by negative rhetoric that taints the political discourse...

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