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Primary Orthostatic Tremor: Experience of Perampanel Use in 20 Patients

Alexandre Gironell & Juan Mar´ín-Lahoz
Background: Primary orthostatic tremor (POT) is a rare disorder for which current treatments are largely ineffective. Following up on our recent report of complete resolution of POT symptoms in a patient using low doses of perampanel, we describe our experience of perampanel in 20 patients. Methods: Twenty patients whose neurologists prescribed perampanel were recruited. Initial dose was 2 mg/day, which was increased to 4 mg/day after the first month. Treatment efficacy was self-scored from +3...

Missing the Forest and the Trees: Lost Opportunities for Federal Land Exchanges

Scott K. Miller
For any land exchange carried out by the Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management (“Agencies”), federal law generally requires the Agencies to ensure that “the public interest will be well served by making that exchange.” To do so, the Agencies must consider the fate of the land they convey and how that is likely to affect the public interest. To help control the fate of the land they convey and the adverse impacts...

Greenwashing 2.0

Eric L. Lane
This Article argues that this period of unprecedented clean tech innovation requires a new paradigm for thinking about greenwashing. Specifically, it is essential that the paradigm shift from almost exclusive focus on B-to-C environmental advertising directed to individual green consumers to an expanded and more nuanced view that also includes B-to-B representations made to commercial consumers. This new paradigm would define greenwashing expansively to include any false or misleading claim regarding the environmental benefit of...

Examining Tribal Environmental Law

Elizabeth Ann Kronk Warner
Since the revolution of environmental law began roughly forty years ago, scholars have wrestled with the complex interactions of the states and federal government, but they have largely ignored tribal governments. Although some scholarship exists regarding the suggested development of tribal environmental law, little is known about the extent to which tribes nationwide have enacted such laws. This Article fills that vacuum by taking a first look at existing tribal environmental law and exploring the...

Why the Commercial Speech Doctrine Will Prove Toxic to the USDA National Organic Program

Todd S. Heyman
This Article argues that the Supreme Court has expanded commercial speech rights too far. The current Court increasingly appears to view the government's power to regulate commercial speech as limited to only proscribing false or misleading commercial speech. Any attempt by the government to restrict truthful commercial speech, even if potentially misleading, is generally treated as unjustified paternalism in violation of the First Amendment. The evolving jurisprudence threatens reasonable economic regulations that restrict speech for...

Development of the Multicultural Gender Role Scale for Asian American Women (MGRS-AAW)

Joanna Min Jee Rooney
In an attempt to address the dearth of research examining the development and effects of intersectional, multiple marginalized identities, the scale developed in this study quantified the cultural variation in gender role expression of Asian American women. The following describes the development of the Multicultural Gender Role Scale for Asian American women (MGRS-AAW). The scale was conceptualized and largely constructed based on existing research: with specific attention regarding the qualitative themes and findings of Corpus...

Making Software into a Program: Columbia University Libraries' Hyacinth User Group

Violeta Ilik, Brian Luna Lucero, Timothy R. Mendenhall, Melanie Wacker & Alexander J. Whelan
This presentation, delivered at the 2019 meeting of the Digital Library Forum, highlights the work of the Hyacinth User Group at Columbia University Libraries. The group has members from many divisions of the library including Application Development, Cataloging, Digital Collections, Institutional Repository and Digital Conversion. These staff members have come together to administer Hyacinth, Columbia’s metadata and content management application. This presentation focuses on two case studies that show the value such an administrative group...

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