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Richmond et al 2011 Datafile

Elizabeth L. Jockusch, Andrew M. Latimer, Jonathan Q. Richmond, Elizabeth L. Jockusch, Andrew M. Latimer & Jonathan Q. Richmond
This tab-delimited text file contains all of the raw, scored data from laboratory mate compatibility trials conducted on wild caught skinks in the Plestiodon skiltonianus species group. A description of the categories scored during the mating trials (i.e. column headers) can be found in the ReadMe file. The data can be opened as a plain text file and executed in OPENBUGS 3.0.7, the same software used to analyze the data in the paper. Source codes...


Jochen H. Bihn, Manfred Verhaagh, Martin Brändle & Roland Brandl
Relative abundance of ant genera collected from the leaf litter in 23 study sites.

Data from: Social organisation and genetic structure: insights from co-distributed bat populations

Stephen J. Rossiter, Akbar Zubaid, Adura Mohd-Adnan, Matthew J. Struebig, Thomas H. Kunz, Sucharita Gopal, Eric J. Petit & Tigga Kingston


Craig F Barrett, John V Freudenstein, Craig F Barrett & John V Freudenstein
Interleaved nexus alignment file including Flavanone 3-hydroxylase intron sequences. Data are in standard DNA format (ACGT)format. Data collected by Craig Barrett [cfb66@cornell.edu].

Sequences of a candidate gene for Bti resistance in Aedes aegypti

Margot Paris & Laurence Despres
Batch of aligned sequences (Sanger) of exon 2 (1004 bp) of puromycin-sensitive aminopeptidase (AAEL012918) from 11 susceptible individuals (Bora-Bora strain) and 12 Bti-resistant individuals (LiTOX strain)


Casper Nyamukondiwa, John S Terblanche, Katie E Marshall, Brent J Sinclair, Casper Nyamukondiwa, John S Terblanche, Katie E Marshall & Brent J Sinclair

Podocapus lawrencei

Michael G Gardner, Alison J Fitch, Terry Bertozzi & Andrew J Lowe
Shotgun data (in FASTA format) from Roche 454 titanium GS-FLX machine


Sean M Hoban, Daniel S Borkowski, Tim S McCleary, Sunshine L Brosi, Laura M Thompson, Jason S McLachlan, Marie A Pereira, Scott E Schlarbaum, Jeanne Romero-Severson, Sean M Hoban, Daniel S Borkowski, Tim S McCleary, Sunshine L Brosi, Laura M Thompson, Jason S McLachlan, Marie A Pereira, Scott E Schlarbaum & Jeanne Romero-Severson
This file contains the microsatellite genotypes for 11 loci and 904 individuals, in 29 natural populations (forest) of butternut (J cinerea L) across eastern North America. These are the data referred to in the first sentence of the Results. They are data AFTER removal of hybrid individuals, identical genotypes, or individuals with too much missing data. These data are therefore the data used to calculate all statistics in the paper. The data are in GENEPOP...


Claudia Bank, Joachim Hermisson & Mark Kirkpatrick
Multilocus recursions. This file needs to be placed in the current working directory in order to initialize the Mathematica supplement properly.

csv files for Fig. 3

Liang Leng, De-Xing Zhang, Liang Leng & De-Xing Zhang
The same as in "origin .obj files for Fig. 3.rar".


Jun-Bo Yang, Yi-Ping Wang, Michael Möller, Lian-Ming Gao & Ding Wu
This is the matrix of ITS gene barcodeds used in the article.

Supp Fig 6_new

Christine D. Bacon, William J. Baker & Mark P. Simmons
Supplemental Figure 6

Data from: Extensive range persistence in peripheral and interior refugia characterizes Pleistocene range dynamics in a widespread Alpine plant species (Senecio carniolicus, Asteraceae)

Pedro Escobar García, Manuela Winkler, Ruth Flatscher, Michaela Sonnleitner, Jana Krejčíková, Jan Suda, Karl Hülber, Gerald M. Schneeweiss & Peter Schönswetter


Jochen H. Bihn, Manfred Verhaagh, Martin Brändle & Roland Brandl
Spatial coordinates for 27 study sites. Coordinates are reported in Lat/Long decimal degrees, SAD69 (South_American_Datum_1969).

Data from: High-dimensional variance partitioning reveals the modular genetic basis of adaptive divergence in gene expression during reproductive character displacement

Elizabeth Ann McGraw, Yixin Henry Ye, Brad Foley, Stephen F Chenoweth, Megan Higgie, Emma Hine & Mark W Blows
Although adaptive change is usually associated with complex changes in phenotype, few genetic investigations have been conducted of adaptations that involve sets of high dimensional traits. Microarrays have supplied high-dimensional descriptions of gene expression, and phenotypic change resulting from adaptation often results in large-scale changes in gene expression. We demonstrate how genetic analysis of large-scale changes in gene expression generated during adaptation can be accomplished by determining by high-dimensional variance partitioning within classical genetic experimental...

Data from: Cranial measurements of Cynomys gunnisoni

Jennifer L Verdolin & Constantine N. Slobodchikoff
Skull measurements_AMNH_CynomysMeasurements are from specimens of Cynomys gunnisoni housed at the AMNH. Measurements were collected from digital images using Image J and recorded into an Excel spreadsheet. The column headings include: Specimen ID, Location, Year, Occipital condyle, zygomatic width, total skull length, whether skull sutures were fused, length of the upper right tooth row, and basicranial length. All measurements are reported in mm.


Jeff Smith
Raw data (cfu/ml) for plasmid fitness assays against differently-marked ancestral competitor. ____.inital = density immediately after serial passage. _____.final = density after one day incubation.


Jeff Smith
Raw data (cfu/ml) for assays of plasmid population dynamics (Fig. 1 in the paper).


Jeff Smith
Raw data (cfu/ml) for plasmid fitness assays against plasmid-resistant host strain. ____.inital = density immediately after serial passage. _____.final = density after one day incubation.


Jeff Smith
Raw data (cfu/ml) for assays of host population density.

Flowering status data for Dryad

Jill T. Anderson, Cheng-Ruei Lee, Catherine A. Rushworth, Robert I. Colautti & Thomas Mitchell-Olds
These are individual-level data on the flowering success of experimental individuals (Recombinant Inbred Lines and parental lines) outplanted into Colorado and Montana field gardens in September 2008 and 2009. In this file, site indicates the common garden where an individual was planted. Cohort refers to the year in which we assessed fitness (growing season of 2009 or 2010). Family identifies the Recombinant Inbred Line or Parental Line family. Block indicates the block into which an...


Zoé Dumas & Rolf Kuemmerli
This file contains three sheets. Sheet#1 contains all raw data related to the metapopulation analyses presented in Figures 2a, 3a, and 4a of the paper. Sheet#2 contains all raw data related to the individual clone analyses presented in figures 2b, 3b, and 4b of the paper. Sheet#3 contains the raw data related to the classification of clones presented in figure 5 of the paper.

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