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Aaron E. Darling, Andrew Tritt, Jonathan A. Eisen & Marc T. Facciotti
Assembly of Haloferax volcanii DS2 using 78nt paired-end Illumina reads and 50nt mate-pair reads with 6.5kbp insert size. Assembly was computed using REPTILE error correction, IDBA assembler for contig generation, and SSPACE scaffolding.

Data from: Genetic analysis of life-history constraint and evolution in a wild ungulate population

Michael B. Morrissey, Craig A. Walling, Alastair J. Wilson, Josephine M. Pemberton, Tim H. Clutton-Brock & Loeske E. B. Kruuk

Data from: Phylogenomic analysis of transcriptome data elucidates co-occurrence of a paleopolyploid event and the origin of bimodal karyotypes in Agavoideae (Asparagaceae)

Michael R. McKain, Norman Wickett, Yeting Zhang, Saravanaraj Ayyampalayam, W. Richard McCombie, Mark W. Chase, J. Chris Pires, Claude W. DePamphilis & Jim Leebens-Mack

Data from: Different diversification rates between sexual and asexual organisms

Diego Fontaneto, Cuong Q. Tang, Ulrike Obertegger, Francesca Leasi & Timothy G. Barraclough

Data from: Land management practices associated with house loss in wildfires

Philip Gibbons, Linda Van Bommel, A. Malcolm Gill, Geoffrey J. Cary, Don A. Driscoll, Ross A. Bradstock, Emma A. Knight, Max A. Moritz, Scott L. Stephens & David B. Lindenmayer

Data from: Ultrafast evolution and loss of CRISPRs following a host shift in a novel wildlife pathogen, Mycoplasma gallisepticum

Nigel F. Delaney, Susan Balenger, Camille Bonneaud, Christopher J. Marx, Geoffrey E. Hill, Naola Ferguson-Noel, Peter Tsai, Allen Rodrigo & Scott V. Edwards

Data from: Within-season synchrony of a masting conifer enhances seed escape

Devan W. Archibald, Andrew G. McAdam, Stan Boutin, Quinn E. Fletcher & Murray M. Humphries

Data from: An evaluation of the possible adaptive function of fungal brood covering by attine ants

Sophie A. O. Armitage, Hermógenes Fernández Marín, William T. Wcislo & Jacobus J. Boomsma

Data from: Diversity patterns of uncultured Haptophytes unravelled by pyrosequencing in Naples Bay

Lucie Bittner, Angélique Gobet, Stéphane Audic, Sarah Romac, Elianne S. Egge, Sébastien Santini, Hiroyuki Ogata, Ian Probert, Bente Edvardsen & Colomban De Vargas

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