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Table S4 (Mantel correlogram)

Ignacio Quintero, Sebastián González-Caro, Paul-Camilo Zalamea & Carlos Daniel Cadena
Table S4. Results of partial Mantel spatial correlograms assessing spatial autocorrelation in precipitation asynchrony (based on Cloud-Cover data) and genetic distance.


Dietrich Gotzek, Heather Axen, Andrew Suarez, Sara Helms Cahan & D. DeWayne Shoemaker
Header file for DIY ABC analysis A.

Appendix 3

Emmanuel F. A. Toussaint, Fabien L. Condamine, Oliver Hawlitschek, Chris H. S. Watts, Lars Hendrich & Michael Balke


Michael Raupach, Olaf Bininda-Emonds, Thomas Knebelsberger, Silke Laakmann, Jobst Pfaender & Florian Leese
COI haplotypes of the analysed isopod specimens.


Christofer J Clemente
Clemente_Supp_data2.csv contains accelerations for bipedal, quadrupedal and transitional strides for each species. Column 1 contain species names, formatted as in the Pyron et al. (2013) phylogeny. Column 2 contains mean acceleration during the stride. Column 3 contains the gait category for each stride as quadrupedal (0), transitional (0.5) or bipedal (1.0).


Tania Escalante, Juan J. Morrone & Gerardo Rodríguez-Tapia
Shapefile for SIG

Google webpage volumes of our predicted set.

Jinhyuk Yun, Pan-Jun Kim & Hawoong Jeong
Google webpage volumes that are annually updated between 2008 and 2013, for the scientific words predicted as future type-II in this study.

Data from: Lichen traits responding to aridity

Paula Matos, Pedro Pinho, Gregorio Aragón, Isabel Martinez, Alice Nunes, Amadeu M. V. M. Soares & Cristina Branquinho


Melanie Roy, Cedric Gonneau, Alain ROCHETEAU, Daniel Berveiller, Jean-Claude Thomas, Claire Damesin & Marc Andr� Selosse
The excel file contains all dataset used for the article, including morphological and physiological data on Cephalanthera damasonium green and albino individuals observed in 2006, 2007 and 2008 in Boi and MON sites. For each excel sheet, the corresponding Table or figure presented in the article is mentionned.

R Scripts

Jarrod D. Hadfield, Elizabeth A. Heap, Florian Bayer, Elizabeth A. Mittell & Nicholas M. A. Crouch
R code for performing all analyses in Hadfield at al. (2013) `Disentangling genetic and prenatal sources of familial resemblance across ontogeny in a wild passerine'

Jiwa data file

Moyez Jiwa, Xingqiong Meng, Carolyn O’Shea, Parker Magin, Ann Dadich & Vinita Pillai
SPSS datasets

Blast Descriptions for contigs from Heteromys desmarestianus kidney transcriptome assembly

Nicholas J. Marra, Andrea Romero & J. Andrew DeWoody
These are the preliminary blast descriptions for contigs from the combined assembly of 454 and Illumina reads pooled from 4 individual Heteromys desmarestianus kidney libraries. Descriptions are from a BLASTx search of the Swiss-Prot database at e<1x10^-6. The combined assembly was conducted in gsAssembler version 2.6 and contigs that were smaller than 100 bp have been removed. This accounts for the gaps in contig names (e.g. contig 2 from the gsAssembler asembly was 25 bp...

Blount et al Nat 2012 fig 6c raw

Zachary D. Blount, Jeffrey E. Barrick, Carla J. Davidson & Richard E. Lenski

Files for validation with realistic synthetic reads

Patricio Jeraldo, Krishna Kalari, Xianfeng Chen, Jaysheel Bhavsar, Ashutosh Mangalam, Bryan White, Heidi Nelson, Jean-Pierre Kocher & Nicholas Chia
Synthetic mock datasets used for validation based on a realistic human stool microbiome dataset. These are NOT real bacterial reads. Those reads are available as example data from the IM-TORNADO pipeline. File includes scripts and raw validation data.

co-infection data

Yung Wa Sin, Geetha Annavi, Hannah L. Dugdale, Chris Newman, Terry Burke & David W. Macdonald


Hajime Ikeda & Hiroaki Setoguchi
Sequences of all samples used in IM analysis.

Zebra finch analyses

Simon Robin Evans, Holger Schielzeth, Wolfgang Forstmeier, Ben C. Sheldon & Arild Husby
ASReml code to run the analyses of zebra finch beak redness described in the main article (when saved as a '.as' file)

16S gene copy number estimates

Maggie R. Wagner, Derek S. Lundberg, Devin Coleman-Derr, Susannah G. Tringe, Jeffery L. Dangl & Thomas Mitchell-Olds
16S gene copy number estimates for OTUs. For analyses in the publication, OTUs with no available estimates were assigned the mean copy number of 2.805725

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