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Global media and time: A conceptual and historical perspective

Christian Morgner
This paper addresses the role of time and meaning-making in the global mediascape. Particular attention will be paid to the role of past and future narratives, connections of messages with a global outreach and time as a topic of communication. The empirical analysis will use a comparative approach to explore these different dimensions by analysing three global media events, such as, the sinking of the Titanic, the assassination US President John F. Kennedy and the...

Data stories. Rethinking journalistic storytelling in the context of data journalism

Wibke Weber, Martin Engebretsen & Helen Kennedy
This paper addresses the increased use of data and data visualization in newsrooms, which has yielded a new form of storytelling: data stories. In journalism, data stories or storytelling with data are the new buzzwords. What journalists mean by data stories, however, remains blurred. We use the emergence of data stories as an opportunity to describe the changing understanding of journalistic storytelling. Based on interviews with editorial leaders, data journalists, developers, and designers in 26...

Il vestito forma la persona – “clothes make the man”: Fashion morality in Italian nineteenth-century conduct books

Annick Paternoster & Francesca Saltamacchia
Using a corpus of 40 influential conduct books published in Italy in the long nineteenth century, we apply current insights in the role of values for the emergence and maintenance of conventions developed within the pragmatics of politeness to the prescriptive discourse on fashion, because in these sources norms for verbal and non-verbal behaviour are justified in a similar way. We argue that fashion choices are always said to communicate moral values. Most conduct books...

Silvio Waisbord. “The communication manifesto”

Silke Fürst
The communication manifesto is a timely book that calls for more public scholarship in communication and media studies. It aims to develop ideas that further stimulate conversation about our contribution to society and, most importantly, action that strengthens “scholars’ engagement with publics beyond academia” (p. 9). This means not only to communicate and discuss scientific knowledge in and with various publics but also to do research with practical implications and learn from the public.

Come salvaguardare i valori pubblici in un mondo interconnesso? Le sfide per l’Europa. Translated by Eleonora Benecchi

José Van Dijck
Over the past three years, we have witnessed how online digital platforms have deeply penetrated every sector in society, disrupting markets, labor relations and institutions. Five American tech companies (Google-Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft) are now dominating the western world, not just transforming social and civic practices, but affecting the very core of western democratic processes. The digitization of society involves intense struggles between competing ideological systems and contesting societal actors – market, government...

Journalismus aus erzähltheoretischer Perspektive

Karl N. Renner
The essay demonstrates how the narratological theories developed in the field of literary studies can accomplish a better comprehension of journalistic narratives. As they have to accommodate the principles of journalism, these narratives have to be true, topical and impartial. From this point of view storytelling and the inverted-pyramid principle prove themselves as two complementary approaches of journalistic narration, whose stories are all constructed on the basis of real world occurrences and the ideologies of...

Mark Epstein, Fulvio Orsitto, & Andrea Righi (Ed., 2017). TOTalitarian ARTs: The Visual Arts, Fascism(s) and Mass-society

Stefano Bragato
Questo volume presenta venti studi sul tema del rapporto tra totalitarismo e arte nelle società di massa, tracciando un percorso che va dai fascismi storici (Italia, Germania, Spagna, etc.) fino alla codificazione della cifra totalitaria della società consumistica contemporanea (con i suoi attori, le sue strategie, i suoi mezzi di autopreservazione), passando attraverso la riflessione teorica dell’esperienza totalitaria da parte di artisti e intellettuali (tra cui Pasolini, Moravia, Bertolucci, Làzaga, Somuncu). Il tema è osservato...

Journalism from the peripheries. From the Swiss-Italian media system to other local dimensions. ECREA 2018 special panel report

Joy Jenkins
Inspired by the ECREA 2018 theme “Centres and Peripheries” and the conference setting in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, the panel “Journalism from the peripheries. From the Swiss-Italian media system to other local dimensions” explored how changing dynamics in the contemporary news environment affect local news provision in less-examined – or peripheral – geographic areas. Joining moderator Philip Di Salvo, post-doctoral researcher at Università della Svizzera italiana’s Institute of Media and Journalism, panelists discussed forces...

Understanding domestic social media use among Chinese college students under the framework of uses and gratifications

Hua Pang
Although China has the world’s largest population of social media users, little is known what drives Chinese users to adopt the country’s leading media platforms, like QQ, WeChat, and Weibo, and what gratifications are satisfied by using these fastest-growing sites. In light of the literature on the uses and gratifications theory, the study explored the essential pattern of computer-mediated communication phenomena and interaction behaviors in Mainland China. In this exploratory study, 258 college students from...

Zehnder, Matthias (2017). Die Aufmerksamkeitsfalle. Wie Medien zu Populismus führen

Philipp Bachmann
Nous vivons dans l’abondance médiatique : informations et divertissements sont accessibles gratuitement sur internet, sans oublier la télévision câblée, la radio numérique, ou encore les journaux gratuits pour pendulaires. Mais ce Pays de Cocagne ressemble de plus en plus à un royaume de fous, régi selon la formule des trois B : «Blut, Brüste, Büsi», qui pourrait se traduire par « du sang, du sexe et des chatons ». Telle est la mise en garde...

Four facets of Latin America: A study of the German press coverage from 2000 to 2014

Regina Cazzamatta
This paper reassesses the image of the twenty Latin American countries in the German press – the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), the alternative newspaper taz and the political magazine Der Spiegel – almost forty years after the NWICO debates. The study comprises 3831 analysed articles published during 15 years (from 2000 to 2014), a period in which the continent has experienced substantially political transformations. We identified four main categories of foreign...

Girls that wear Abercrombie & Fitch: Reading fashion branding aesthetics into music videos

Myles Ethan Lascity
Teen clothier Abercrombie & Fitch’s mix of shirtless associates, nightclub-like stores and risqué photography by Bruce Weber helped propel the brand into icon status. The brand’s name entered the popular lexicon as a synonym for cool and even received a memorable call out in LFO’s pop song, “Summer Girls.” This paper explores the interplay in aesthetics between A &F Quarterly, the brand’s popular magazine-catalog hybrid, and popular music videos of the time. Specifically, this paper...


Tom Häussler & Sébastien Salerno
This issue of Studies in Communication Sciences (SComS) brings you a general section, two thematic sections – one on political communication and one on storytelling and journalism – as well as news about changes in the editorial team. Geographically, the different contributions in this issue cover China, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. Two studies use a comparative design and two focus on different aspects of online communication. Taken together, the contributions...

Presseförderung als Mittel gegen Medienkonzentration und für die publizistische Vielfalt? Quasi-experimentelle Untersuchung der Schweiz im Vergleich zu Belgien, Österreich, Irland sowie Deutschland

Steffen Kolb & Mathias Oertel
Mass media play a certain role for society in democratic systems. Communication research faces this role by analyzing media performance. Well performing media provide the society with a diversity of topics, opinions, and sources. Mostly economically driven processes of media concentration endanger media diversity by decreasing the amount of independent media companies most probably causing less diverse media content. To counteract processes of media concentration in the field of daily newspapers many countries have established...

The ripple effects of a partisan, free newspaper: Israel Hayom as disruptive media actor

Michael Dahan & Mouli Bentham
During its 10 years of existence, the free newspaper Israel Hayom (Israel today) has come to play a pivotal role in Israeli national politics and to serve as what we define as a disruptive media actor among other, commercial, daily newspapers in Israel. The seemingly innocuous daily newspaper, founded in 2007 and distributed widely, has, since 2011, become the most widely read newspaper in Israel. We suggest that Israel Hayom be viewed as a “disruptive”...

Koenen, Erik (Hrsg.) (2016): Die Entdeckung der Kommunikationswissenschaft. 100 Jahre kommunikationswissenschaftliche Fachtradition in Leipzig: Von der Zeitungskunde zur Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaft.

Mike Meißner
Koenen, Erik (Hrsg.) (2016): Die Entdeckung der Kommunikationswissenschaft. 100 Jahre kommunikationswissenschaftliche Fachtradition in Leipzig: Von der Zeitungskunde zur Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaft. Theorie und Geschichte der Kommunikationswissenschaft, Band 14. Köln: Herbert von Halem. ISSN 1865-3367.Der von Erik Koenen herausgegebene Band, der im Kontext des hundertjährigen Jubiläums des Leipziger Instituts für Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaft (IfKMW) entstanden ist, zeichnet auf einer ersten Ebene die organisatorische Entwicklung des Instituts nach. Auf einer zweiten Ebene wird die Bedeutung des Leipziger...

Il realismo della sorveglianza e le politiche dell’immaginazione: non c’è alternativa? Translated by Philip Di Salvo

Lina Dencik
This article engages with the interplay between data-driven surveillance and contemporary social imaginaries, using research based on the aftermath of the Snowden leaks. Drawing on Mark Fisher’s use of the term “realism” in relation to capitalist realism, I advance the argument here that public debate and response to the Snowden leaks indicate a similar ‘‘pervasive atmosphere” that comes to regulate thought and action, in which the active normalization of surveillance infrastructures limits the possibilities of...

Science communication scholarship in Lithuania: A scoping study

Auste Valinciute
This study analyzes the extent, range and nature of science communication scholarship in Lithuania. The purpose of this study is to explore whether there is a presence of this research field in the Lithuanian academic context and if there exists a body of empirical evidence that can be used to inform practical science communication initiatives. More generally, this study asks: is there a science of science communication in Lithuania? Results indicate the presence of an...

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SComS is an international open access journal of communication research that is jointly edited by the Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research (SACMR) and the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI Lugano). It is published twice a year with the support of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAHS).SComS aims to build bridges between different research cultures, and publishes high-quality original articles in English, German, French, and...

20 Minutes Suisse Romande : géographie économique d’un média helvétique et lémanique

Christian Lamour
The spatial representation by media is based on a series of material and ideational conditions structuring the journalistic profession and its public on a daily basis. Media are also actors taking part into the production of territories by mediatizing a “here” and “there” in which different types of news, institutional powers and cultural identities are portrayed. They are organized by a sum of geographical borders that they reproduce or cause to evolve. Over the past...

Fragmentary narrative reasoning. On the enthymematic structure of journalistic storytelling

Marta Zampa & Daniel Perrin
Journalists worldwide conceive of their work mostly as writing stories, because the narrative mode is extremely effective in delivering information to all social categories. Nonetheless, journalists hardly ever tell a whole story that complies with the criteria contemplated by narratology. Instead, they tell parts of a story and let the audience supply the rest, an operation made possible by the fact that narrative patterns are culturally shared by newswriters and their audiences. In this paper,...

Communicating seduction. Luxury fashion advertisements in video campaigns

Paula Von Wachenfeldt
This study examines the different themes of communication that take place in video ad campaigns deriving from the French luxury fashion houses Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Cartier and Hermès. By using semiology as a method we were able to recognize the themes of adventure, seduction, love and play in the videos. This study explores also how the myth becomes an important meaning-maker of the luxury commodity and fills it with sensations and pleasure. Unlike all...

Taste-making in turbulent times: Vogue and its social networks

Rachel Matthews
Vogue is a long-standing taste-making institution, with a reputation for drawing together a selection of the most fashionable people, places, and products in its monthly magazine. In the mass-communication systems of the twentieth century, expert knowledge conveyed through monthly magazines was important and effective. However, the digital context of the twenty-first century enables instant access to fashion information, influences and influencers, allowing us to be as informed as many experts. The paper uses Actor-Networks (Latour,...

Free daily newspapers: Professional norms, business model and routinized production in the metropolis (Introduction)

Audrey Alves, Loïc Ballarini & Christian Lamour
Free daily newspapers such as Metro and 20 Minutes were published for the first time two decades ago. Today, they are part of the media market and they are read every day by hundreds of thousands of urbanites in metropolitan regions. These dailies are often presented as a symbol of the transformation of the press. But they attract a limited interest from communication scholars. Following the international conference named “The free daily press in Europe....

Speaking of language and culture: A report on the conference “Approaches to Migration, Language, and Identity”

Gian Hernandez
The entwined phenomena of migration, language and identity occupy a unique global position. Global mobility influences how human beings relate to one another on geographic, political, and social scales, and these connections and their individual parts stand in a mutually constitutive relationship. It is of utmost importance that academic discourses on these topics are addressed in ways that help positively shape the effects of global flows. Therefore, Anita Auer and Jennifer Thorburn from the University...

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