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AeroPython: classical aerodynamics of potential flow using Python

Lorena A. Barba & Olivier Mesnard
The AeroPython series of lessons is the core of a university course (Aerodynamics-Hydrodynamics, MAE-6226) by Prof. Lorena A. Barba at the George Washington University. The first version ran in Spring 2014 and these Jupyter Notebooks were prepared for that class, with assistance from Barba-group PhD student Olivier Mesnard. In Spring 2015, we revised and extended the collection, adding student assignments to strengthen the learning experience. The course is also supported by an open learning space...

2014 Poster

Elliott Shuppy
Data management is a timely and increasingly important topic for researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Recent funder mandates requiring data management plans make education about data management critical for any researcher. In this poster I will describe the planning necessary to instruct ecology-affiliated graduate student researchers in data management at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Albert Barberan & Jonathan Leff
Information on how to get the raw sequencing data. Also OTU tables with taxonomic information, fasta files with representative sequences for each OTU, and metadata file.

Combined DES/SD model of breast cancer screening for older women, I: Natural-history simulation

Jeremy J. Tejada, Julie S. Ivy, James R. Wilson, Matthew J. Ballan, Kathleen M. Diehl & Bonnie C. Yankaskas
Two companion articles develop and exploit a simulation modeling framework to evaluate the effectiveness of breast cancer screening policies for U.S. women who are at least 65 years old. This first article examines the main components in the breast cancer screening-and-treatment process for older women; then it introduces a two-phase simulation approach to defining and modeling those components. Finally this article discusses the first-phase simulation, a natural-history model of the incidence and progression of untreated...

Forming competitively balanced teams

Paul A. Rubin & Lihui Bai
This article examines the problem of assigning individuals to teams to make the teams as similar as possible to each other across multiple attributes. This may be complicated by a variety of constraints, including restrictions on whether specific individuals can or should be assigned to the same team. The problem arises in multiple contexts, including youth recreation leagues and academic programs or courses with mandated project groups. A model for the problem is proposed and...

Approximations to optimal sequences in single-gripper and dual-gripper robotic cells with circular layouts

Kyung Sung Jung, H. Neil Geismar, Michael Pinedo & Chelliah Sriskandarajah
This article considers the problems of scheduling operations in single-gripper and dual-gripper bufferless robotic cells in which the arrangement of machines is circular. The cells are designed to produce identical parts under the free-pickup criterion with additive intermachine travel time. The objective is to find a cyclic sequence of robot moves that minimizes the long-run average time required to produce a part or, equivalently, that maximizes the throughput. Obtaining an efficient algorithm for an approximation...

SQSTM1/p62 regulates the expression of junctional proteins through epithelial-mesenchymal transition factors

Matthieu Bertrand, Valérie Petit, Ashish Jain, Raymonde Amsellem, Terje Johansen, Lionel Larue, Patrice Codogno & Isabelle Beau
The epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) is an essential process during development and during tumor progression. Here, we observed the accumulation of the selective autophagy receptor and signaling adaptor sequestosome-1 (SQSTM1/p62) during growth factor-induced EMT in immortalized and tumor-derived epithelial cell lines. Modulation of the p62 level regulated the expression of junctional proteins. This effect was dependent on the ubiquitin-associated domain of p62, which stabilized the TGFβ/Smad signaling co-activator Smad4 and the EMT transcription factor...

Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria reduce adverse effects of salinity and osmotic stress by regulating phytohormones and antioxidants in Cucumis sativus

Sang-Mo Kang, Abdul Latif Khan, Muhammad Waqas, Young-Hyun You, Jin-Ho Kim, Jong-Guk Kim, Muhammad Hamayun & In-Jung Lee
We assessed the role of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) strains viz. Burkholdera cepacia SE4, Promicromonospora sp. SE188 and Acinetobacter calcoaceticus SE370 in counteracting salinity and drought stress to cucumber plants. The control plants had stunted growth, while PGPR-treated plants had significantly higher biomass and chlorophyll contents under salinity and drought stress. The ameliorative effects of PGPR-application were also evidenced by the increased water potential and decreased electrolytic leakage. The PGPR-applied plants had reduced sodium ion...

Bioactive chemical constituents produced by endophytes and effects on rice plant growth

Muhammad Waqas, Abdul Latif Khan & In-Jung Lee
We investigated the bioactive potential of fungal endophytes isolated from the roots of Glycine max (L.) Merr. and Cucumis sativus. Initial screening results showed that endophytes, (Chrysosporium pseudomerdarium, Aspergillus fumigates and Paecilomyces sp., Penicillium sp., Phoma glomerata, and Paecilomyces formosus) were promoting the growth attributes (shoot length, chlorophyll contents, and biomass) of mutant and wild-type rice. To know whether, these endophytes were producing bioactive chemical constituents; the endophytes were grown in potato dextrose, czapek broth,...

Proteomic and phosphoproteomic analyses of NaCl stress-responsive proteins in Arabidopsis roots

Meili Guo, Weixi Gao, Lei Li, Hua Li, Yulan Xu & Chunxi Zhou
Salt is one of the major abiotic stresses limiting the productivity and the geographical distribution of crops. To gain a better understanding of NaCl stress responses in model plant Arabidopsis roots, the protein changes in the abundance (Coomassie Brilliant Blue R-350 stain) and phosphorylation (Pro-Q Diamond stain) were examined using two-dimensional electrophoresis coupled with mass spectrometry (MS). Seventeen unique proteins differentially changed in abundance, phosphorylation, or both in response to NaCl. Nonsynchronous differences were found...

Phytotoxicity induced by Phragmites australis: an assessment of phenotypic and physiological parameters involved in germination process and growth of receptor plant

Md N. Uddin, Randall W. Robinson & Domenic Caridi
This study investigated the possible phytotoxicity induced by Phargmites australis on phenotypic and physiological parameters of recipient plants with identification of major inhibitors in the donor plant. This was achieved using aqueous extracts of different organs and root exudates of P. australis in laboratory and greenhouse experiments with Lactuca sativa as the model test plant. The observed reduced liquid imbibition and altered resource mobilization in seeds of L. sativa, in particular an insufficient carbohydrate supply,...

Cloud-Based Augmentation for Mobile Devices: Motivation, Taxonomies, and Open Challenges

Saeid Abolfazli, Zohreh Sanaei, Ejaz Ahmad, Abdullah Gani & Rajkumar Buyya
Recently, Cloud-based Mobile Augmentation (CMA) approaches have gained remarkable ground from academia and industry. CMA is the state-of-the-art mobile augmentation model that employs resource-rich clouds to increase, enhance, and optimize computing capabilities of mobile devices aiming at execution of resource-intensive mobile applications. Augmented mobile devices envision to perform extensive computations and to store big data beyond their intrinsic capabilities with least footprint and vulnerability. Researchers utilize varied cloud-based computing resources (e.g., distant clouds and nearby...

Glacial geomorphology of the Altai and Western Sayan Mountains, Central Asia

Robin Blomdin, Jakob Heyman, Arjen P. Stroeven, Clas Hättestrand, Jonathan M. Harbor, Natacha Gribenski, Krister N. Jansson, Dmitry A. Petrakov, Mikhail N. Ivanov, Orkhonselenge Alexander, Alexei N. Rudoy & Michael Walther
In this article, we present a map of the glacial geomorphology of the Altai and Western Sayan Mountains, covering an area of almost 600,000 km2. Although numerous studies provide evidence for restricted Pleistocene glaciations in this area, others have hypothesized the past existence of an extensive ice sheet. To provide a framework for accurate glacial reconstructions of the Altai and Western Sayan Mountains, we present a map at a scale of 1:1,000,000 based on a mapping...

Ring maps applied to hydrogeological and environmental studies in alluvial aquifers, central Italy

William Palmucci, Sergio Rusi & Felice Tatangelo
Analysis of hydrogeological data of aquifers requires assessment of multiple variables and this is difficult to visualise in a single map with commonly used techniques. Ring maps are presented in this paper as a useful option to overcome this limitation. Four alluvial aquifers from Central Italy were assessed and are presented as case studies, evaluating the hydrogeological setting, the groundwater chemistry and the distribution of representative contaminants (Boron, Iron, Manganese and Nitrates). The final result...

Neighborhood physical disorder in New York City

James W. Quinn, Stephen J. Mooney, Daniel M. Sheehan, Julien O. Teitler, Kathryn M. Neckerman, Tanya K. Kaufman, Gina S. Lovasi, Michael D. M. Bader & Andrew G. Rundle
Neighborhood physical disorder, or the deterioration of urban environments, is associated with negative mental and physical health outcomes. Eleven trained raters used CANVAS, a web-based system for conducting reliable virtual street audits, to collect data on nine indicators of physical disorder using Google Street View imagery of 532 block faces in New York City, New York, USA. We combined the block face indicator data into a disorder scale using item response theory; indicators ranged in...

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